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 Xuefeng expected that he would have nightmares after Li Kun event, but after yesterday night activities with Wuying, he slept the whole night without any problems.

"Xuefeng, wake up, it's morning already." Wuying sweet voice stopped his dreams and he opened his eyes. For a second he thought that he doesn't recognize the person hugging him as Wuying looked much different from before.

Her complexion was perfectly smooth and her peaks even softer. She looked at him with a loving smile and leaned kissing him on the lips.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" Wuying asked as she played with his hair.

"I feel great. Having you wake me up like this is like a dream come true." He caressed her cheeks gently.

"Sweet talker. I also feel amazing and it's all thanks to you." She sat down on him, exposing her naked body for a view.

Seeing her like this, his passion from yesterday was awakened once again. He also sat down, hugging her into his arms and attacking her round buns. His dragon was once again ignited and hardened before poking her from behind.

"Ahh... we can't right now. Manager Wu is probably waiting for us in the Clan already." She moaned lightly before trying to stop him from going further.

"Then let them wait. You are so pretty, I can't stop myself." He kissed her once again acting smooth.

"Mhmm, let me use my mouth instead, it will be faster." She suggested and started without waiting for his permission. She lay on his body with her butt sticking towards his face and licked his firm sword.

She moved with her hands twisting around the shaft and sucked on the head with her tongue licking the tip. Her movements were much smoother than yesterday, causing him to lie down powerless.

"I can't be the only one to feel good." He saw her sexy rear that looked like a pair of steaming thanksgiving turkey breasts and couldn't help but want to taste it.

He grabbed it with both hands and dived for a mean.

"Mhmm." Wuying moaned with her mouth full when she felt Xuefeng tongue attacking her forbidden garden. Her actions slowed down from the new sensation but she quickly recovered. She started racing with Xuefeng about who would be the first one to give up.

She intensified her offence and swallowed his staff deeper and deeper. In the end, she was the one who won as Xuefeng reached his limits shooting a huge load of Mysterious Liquid into her throat. She accepted everything and licked everything clean not leaving a drop left.

"Uhmm, it's so good. I couldn't forget it's taste after the first time." Not only she felt full of energy, but also her physique was improving with each dose.

She pulled her body away from him and stood up from the bed. They could fool around the whole day, but this was not the time.

Seeing her improved figure he nodded with satisfaction. If she improved like that a few more times, she could even beat Princess sexiness. She entered into their bathroom to take a bath, so he followed her to tease her more.

While they were playing around, Xiao Wen was preparing to land in the Clan Territory when she received an information in her mind.

'I can feel a faint sign of Fate Qi in this clan. There is definitely a Fate Fragment Holder hiding here.' A male voice told her.

'That's perfect, we can kill two birds with one stone.' Xiao Wen got excited.

'Unless my theory is correct and this Liu Xuefeng is the one with Fate Fragment. So far, my prediction is not wrong.' He called out proudly.

'Meh Lang, you are always playing with your foretelling. Lead the way, we will check it out first.' She was eager for a fight after a week of travelling.

'You are the one who is playing, I was never wrong.' Lang pouted but still instructed her towards Liu Xuefeng courtyard.

"Lulu, land in between those buildings near the pond." Xiao Wen patted her white tiger and pointed towards their destination.

It roared as if acknowledging the order and dived down.

'That person will find about us when we land. Its fragment is only on a second upgrade so his detections skills can't compare with mine.' Lang informed her before landing.

'Don't worry, if he hides in such a place, he shouldn't possess many skills.' She said confidently.

Just as Xuefeng left the bathroom with a towel around his waist he heard a loud thud from the outside and Ling cry 'Xuefeng, we were discovered! A Fate Fragment Holder just landed in the courtyard and he is super strong! You have no chance to run away.'

If he has something in his mouth he would spill everything in front of him from the shock. His heart froze and he looked towards the doors. Before he could tame his thoughts, he heard light footsteps signifying that the person was getting closer and closer to his room.


The doors flung open revealing a person in a black outfit. Long red hair was flying in every direction creating the atmosphere of meeting your worst nightmare. He backed away, but then saw the face of the person and his movements ceased.

He looked like he saw a ghost. The Fate Fragment Holder was a female and her face looked almost identical to Tianshi. If not for the red hair, he could make a mistake with differentiating them.

'Damn, you were right, again.' Xiao Wen cursed in her mind. She recognized Xuefeng as the man on Tianshi picture. Now she couldn't kill him.

"Who would have thought that I would meet my own. I'm Manager Wu niece, nice to meet you." She approached him and proposed a handshake. Seeing him not responding she tilted her head checking if he was alright.

"Are you fine?" She asked confused.

"Y-yes, it's just that you remind me of someone, so I was a little shocked." He reached with his hand and shook her hand.

"I'm Liu Xuefeng." He introduced himself.

"I'm Xiao Wen." She presented her name.

"Are you going to kill me?" He asked with a smile, not a smile.

"Not yet, we will see later." She also smiled.

Suddenly, from the shaking of their hands, his towel unwrapped itself and dropped to the ground showing his respectable equipment.

"Kyaaa..." Xiao Wen face instantly reddened, punching him with a cry and sending him flying. His body stopped on a wall creating cracks on the whole length.

"Ups..." She muttered when she saw him dropping to the ground and spatting a mouthful of blood.