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 "Congratulations on your breakthrough," Xuefeng called out happily as he hugged Wu and suggested, "We should hurry back to the palace so you can stabilize your stage."

"Oh, alright. I'm still in shock," Wu agreed, looking confused. "I thought I will need to use pills to speed up my cultivation yet I guess it will not be necessary any longer..."

As Wu said it, she looked at him excitedly. Xuefeng could only shrug as he knew very well what this gaze meant. He already saw it many times from his other wives and all of them wanted the same thing.

"You are welcome," Ling whispered as she finished covering the tracks of their deed and patted his pants in the form of goodbye. "I will go back inside. Call me when you start training."

She didn't wait for his reply and instead helped herself, stealing a deep kiss from his lips before disappearing, sinking back into her world. He noticed Ling has been more interactive, trying to push her presence out as if to make sure he doesn't forget about her which looked cute to him.

With Ling gone, Wu quickly claimed back her original position, giving her access to all of him. The way she looked at him, Xuefeng knew she had many questions to ask so he didn't wait any longer.

"Alright Drakos, pass me the sword," Xuefeng called out, canceling the cloud sofa.

The way Drakos handled the sword was concerning so he wanted it back. Just as he thought, Drakos looked really reluctant to give it back, caressing its surface with care.

"How about you let me play with it for some time?" Drakos proposed but Xuefeng didn't have time to banter.

"Do you want to have another session with Yiren or you will give back the sword? I need it for training now," Xuefeng gave him an ultimatum, changing Drakos' decision on the spot.

"Fine! But make sure you take care of it! If you lose my scale I will beat you up," Drakos threatened and eventually gave the Dragon Edge back.

Xuefeng didn't wait and put it inside his dantian before the sword's weight affected him before slowly gliding back to the Palace.

"You are quite naughty, not even sparing your Spirit..." Wu commented on their way back. "Is she one of your wives too?"

"Yes, she was one of the first," Xuefeng replied honestly. "She will always by my side, bound to my soul and I'm the only man she can ever have until I die. The least I can do is give her my love and affection. For me she is not just a spirit, she is a woman just like you and deserves to feel loved."

Reaching down onto Wu's butt, he squeezed it boldly and added, "Your man is really naughty indeed. Is that a problem for you?"

"Not at all. I'm just inexperienced so if you want to do anything with me, you would have to teach me everything..." Wu whispered into his ear, leaving a subtle kiss on his neck. "I'm already yours so I don't mind if you touch me more intimately. I actually like it. Just make sure to be patient with me. Everything you do is a first time for me so I might be a little clumsy."

"Don't worry, I will make sure to teach you well," Xuefeng assured, returning her to a normal embrace, seeing some cultivators passing by in the distance. "There is no way to avoid it anyway. If I want to dual cultivate with Ling, we have to connect which leads to intimacy. I wouldn't feel right to use her help without showering her with my love."

"So you are cultivating with everyone through sex?" Wu questioned curiously. "I wondered why everyone is so eager to become one with you. I guess not only it feels good for them but it also brings them benefits."

"You sound interested," Xuefeng pointed out and Wu quickly nodded, confirming, "Why wouldn't I? Connecting pleasure with boring cultivation sounds so appealing. I can also enjoy my time with my man. What's more, with just one time, I was able to breakthrough. Isn't the choice obvious?"

"Well, if I could I would help everyone but unfortunately, I'm not a machine. I can't spend whole day in bed with you girls, even if I want to. I'm even limiting my Dual Cultivation with Ling so that I don't ascend before everyone else. If I wanted to cultivate quickly, I would spend a week or two with Ling and reach the peak of Monarch stage in no time," Xuefeng explained, surprising Wu.

"Amazing... Even with the best pills, I would still need a month or two to reach the peak. Ling is really awesome," Wu commented amazed and asked suggestively, "So you are saying that you can help us cultivate... It's your seeds that cause the boost in cultivation, right...?"

"That is correct. They are filled with highly concentrated Spirit Essence so you get that boost from consuming them," Xuefeng described shamelessly, sounding as if he was promoting and asked, "Did they taste good?"

"Mhmm, they did. I initially thought they would be gross but I'm actually a fan... Gosh, I'm slowly becoming a pervert," Wu seemed embarrassed as she hid her face in his neck but still asked without caring about her image, "So can I come to you to drink more whenever I want from now on...?"

Her question had a double meaning which Xuefeng caught quickly. He didn't think Wu was asking while thinking about her cultivation but more to confirm their relationship.

"Sure. You will be with us the whole time anyway. As long as I'm not busy I always use my time on my wives," Xuefeng agreed, already accepting her.

"Okay, thank you..." Wu replied as she hugged him tightly, turning silent.

They were already nearing Liu Clan Guard patrols so it was probably a best idea. He didn't want to hurry anything with her so he was glad Ling's teasing turned out well. He would hate it if Wu got a bad expression of him.

As they landed on the balcony, they saw all the girls still sitting on their spots, busy cultivating their elements so he walked up with Wu, placing her on the bed.

"What about you?" Wu asked as she sat down cross-legged, ready to cultivate the stored essence.

"I will train my Sword Arts on the training grounds. If you are done, you can come visit me. When others finish cultivating they will show you the way," Xuefeng explained and received a nod from her.

He planned to get going when Wu caught his hand, stopping him.

"You forgot something..." Wu whispered as she looked at him with a soft smile and leaned forward, patting her lips as a hint.

Xuefeng was surprised how quickly she adapted to her role, already demanding kisses but he was happy to comply, giving her lips a taste.

'Am I already addicted to the game and flirting?' Xuefeng wondered, staring at Wu as he walked away.

Each time a new women appeared in his life, it felt like a new adventure, making him excited. Each land he discovered was vast and full of treasure, waiting for him to explore it further.

He didn't know that after he left, all girls simultaneously opened their eyes and glanced at Wu with curious gazes.