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 "Don't worry, unlike him, I can wait. I'm not leaving any time soon," Wu muttered, kissing him on the cheek and pulled away, hovering right next to Xuefeng on her own.

Just because she used to fly with him, it didn't mean she couldn't do it on her own. Getting more skin-ship between the two of them was just a good method to improve their relationship.

"You are not leaving at all," Xuefeng corrected her as he grabbed her hand, caressing it lightly before adding thankfully, "Alright, give me a second."

He pulled out Dragon Edge, barely holding it upwards with two arms so he used Spirit Qi to boost his strength.

"Is this really your dragon scale?" He asked as he passed the sword to Drakos. "Don't ruin it. Even if it was yours in the past, it became a sword that I want to use now."

"Idiot, of course I wouldn't destroy my scale. It's still my body after all," Drakos cussed as he snatched the sword from Xuefeng's hands.

Even with his small build, Drakos easily lifted the sword with one hand, swinging with it like it was nothing. Xuefeng wasn't even a bit surprised, knowing Drakos true strength but Wu was gawking at the funny scene in front of her. The sword was after all triple the size of his own so it looked like a child swinging an adult sword.

"My scale... So beautiful..." Drakos muttered as he hugged the sword, stroking it's surface. "I need to kill the bastard who dared to ruin my scale and lower it to become a mere sword."

"What happened with your old body?" Wu asked curiously. "I don't think I know the whole history."

Wu was still new so she didn't know most stories with caused Xuefeng note down to summarize everything to her later.

"Oh, you want to hear the story of this Legendary Dragon? If you beg me like this, I guess I have no choice but to give in and recount this Legend's story," Drakos replied with a smug, his chin high in the sky and pointed at Xuefeng. "I didn't share the whole story before so you should listen to know how great I am."

Seeing his high and mighty act, Xuefeng rolled his eyes and Wu seemed to realize she made a mistake by asking, looking at him hopelessly. Xuefeng only shrugged, knowing it would be impossible to stop Drakos anymore and instead created a small sofa out of the clouds nearby, hardening it just enough for them to sit on it.

He sat down first and extended his hand to Wu who gladly took his offer, sitting on one of his legs. Xuefeng swiftly embraced her, planning to use this time to the fullest when another woman appeared, claiming his second leg.

"Ling, you came out," Xuefeng called out surprised and quickly reacted, not limiting himself to only Wu.

"Mhmm, I wanted some huggies and kisses..." Ling muttered, cuddling into his chest and extended her neck backwards, leaning for a long awaited kiss.

Xuefeng naturally didn't reject her, giving up to her desires.

Unfortunately, they weren't alone where they could continue undisturbed. Wu didn't let them ignore her as they engaged in a passionate kiss and bit on his ear to get his attention.

"You didn't introduce me..." Wu pouted, causing him to immediately pull away, letting the two face each other.

"Wu, this is Ling, my Fate Spirit. Ling, this is Wu, your new sister," Xuefeng introduced the two, calming Wu down.

"I thought so. Nice to meet you Ling, please take care of me," Wu called out, reaching out for a handshake but Ling leaned over and hugged her instead.

Having two hotties hugging each other on his lap was definitely alluring, especially when their soft bottoms rubbed against his thighs with each of their moves. After a moment, they both looked at Xuefeng in surprise, looking up and down between his eyes and lower belly.

Xuefeng embraced their waists, pressing their butts against his crotch to hide the evidence and asked as if nothing happened, "What? It's normal, isn't it? How can I not get horny with you two sexy bombs on my lap?"

Just as he asked, Drakos shouted angrily, "You three! Are you even listening to me?!"


Xuefeng felt like he forgot something and it turned out to be Drakos who already started his history lecture yet he didn't register a single word.

"I'm sorry, we distracted Xuefeng for a moment," Wu apologized for everyone and pleaded sweetly, "Can you please start from the beginning?"

"Fine, only because you asked so nicely. Let me grace you with my greatness once again," Drakos replied, closing his eyes as he started again.

"It all started when the King of Dragons, my father, tried to kill me because he didn't like some of my deeds. I had to fight him and after the heaven-defying battle, I managed to defeat him, even injuring his vitality. Too bad, the rest of the Dragon Race didn't like that and wanted to get their revenge on me. All those bastards chased after me, trying to kill me but they were not able to take this Legendary Dragon down. In the chase, I injured many of them and I can tell many are still healing their wounds from that battle even after all those years."

"So you managed to escape in the end?" Wu asked curiously, getting a quiet praise from Ling, "Nice, the more we stall, the longer we can cuddle with Xuefeng."

Wu seemed to know exactly what they were doing as she then leaned on his chest and whispered to him while grazing his lower abs with her nails, "We will take this as a compliment..."

"Only as a compliment...?" Ling asked with a gentle smile and suggested, "I think we should help him..."

"Hmm?" Wu murmured in question but Ling didn't reply and instead acted.

She embraced Wu's arm in the middle, connecting their shoulders to delete the gap between them and reached out behind her back with the other hand, grasping his soldier firmly.