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 "I like this Sword," Xuefeng announced, stroking the surface of the dragon scale. "It's a little heavy but I should be able to get used to it."

He didn't straight up say he wanted the sword but both his words and gaze hinted that he did.

Wu grinned when she heard that and immediately replied with a nod, "Deal, it's yours. I will take Infinity Blade instead. I like it better. It's light and slim, great for a beginner like me. I don't want to struggle with that heavy monster."

"Wu, you don't understand what you are giving up..." Manager Kong continued his rant, not giving up. "Your grandpa went through a lot and offended many people to secure this sword for you. He did all of it so you can become strong and powerful, capable of taking part in the Holy Tournament. If you ignore all that and give it to Xuefeng, it would be like spitting on his face. Once he learns about it, he will definitely use full force to take it back."

Wu wasn't bothered, already having her comeback prepared.

"Spitting on his face? Wasn't he the first one to do the same by trying to kill my man? Anyway, I already decided. I can't use Dragon Edge and I like the Infinity one. Case closed," Wu concluded, pulling out her white beauty before passing the ring back to her father.

"You look really sexy with it as well," Xuefeng commented, looking her up and down.

He genuinely thought that Dragon Edge didn't suit her as much as Infinity Blade did. She was an elegant lady so a scaled sword that depended on brute force wasn't good for her.

"Do I?" Wu asked with a smile and started posing with her new sword, showing all of her good angles. "How do I look?"

Xuefeng was about to compliment her when the room suddenly trembled as if an earthquake shook the whole building. Before they knew, the doors to the office got blasted open and to Xuefeng's surprise, it was Drakos, the blue dragon that arrived uninvited.

"WHO DARES TO STEAL MY-" Drakos roared at them but paused mid-sentence, looking at him surprised, "Xuefeng? What are you doing here?"

"I think I should be the one asking this question," Xuefeng replied with an awkward smile, looking behind Drakos.

The guards protecting the office were like pancakes, all laying on top of each other, totally unconscious.

"I came here to get a new sword. What about you?" Xuefeng questioned, showing off his new Dragon Edge and commented on the side, "By the way, it's nice that you didn't break the wall to get here."

"Oh, no problem. I didn't want Yiren to scold me again so I only knocked them out. They should be awake in a bit," Drakos replied distracted before shaking his head as if trying to regain his focus.

"This sword!" Drakos pointed out at Dragon Edge. "Where did you get it?!"

He realized he was asking the wrong person so he turned to Manager Kong and repeated, "Where did you get it?! Tell me the truth or your death will be painful!"

"Whoa... A talking beast..." Manager Kong muttered in a daze. "Is this the same one that destroyed the Royal Palace?"

Naturally, Drakos didn't take it lightly and Xuefeng quickly moved to stop him as the small dragon started to curse, "Bish! Who are you calling a beast?! I'm a mighty Dragon! The Legendary Drakos! Call me beast one more time!"

"He is Wu's father so try not to hurt him," Xuefeng explained before Drakos slipped out of his grasp. "And he doesn't know anything about this sword. It was brought in here from Heaven Realm by Wu's grandpa. Why you ask?"

Xuefeng wondered why would he even come here when he looked at the two of them at the same time.

The color of the blade matched his scales!

"Is the sword yours now?" Drakos asked instead of replying and didn't walked for an answer, acting like the sword was already theirs. "Let's go. We will talk outside."

"We will be leaving now. Thanks for the warm welcome," Xuefeng called out to Manager Kong as he kept the sword in his dantain and pulled on Wu's hand, following after Drakos.

Drakos didn't bother walking all the way back to the entrance and this time he broke the corridor's window with one kick and flew out of it.

"Put it on Liu Clan's tab," Xuefeng called out to the guards who were starting to wake up and embraced Wu's waist as if it was natural. "Ready?"

"I got to ask," Wu said as she hid her new sword and asked with a playful smile, "Is life around you always this chaotic?"

"Hah, battles, explosions, but most importantly my beautiful wives because I'm never let them leave my side. Are you sure you can keep up?" Xuefeng replied as he lifted her up and walked up to the window.

"I think I can," Wu nodded, wrapping her hands around his neck and whispered, "There is one thing you forgot to mention."

Xuefeng jumped forward, spreading his swings and swung a few times to get above the buildings before finally asking, "What is it?"

"There is something that comes as a result of having multiple wives to handle. Don't think I was blind and didn't see you were there in the bathroom the whole time. You did it with Xiao Wen and Princess Shan before Yi, am I right?"

"How do you know?" Xuefeng questioned, not hiding himself with it. After all, she was already his so it didn't matter.

Too bad, it was just a trap.

"I didn't, but now I confirmed it," Wu replied with a smug. "It means you also saw my body, right?"

"Indeed, I saw everything," Xuefeng admitted honestly and grasped her butt to assert his dominance. "It's not that nice to trick your husband. You know what happens with naughty girls?"


The sound of butt being slapped resounded high in the sky but Xuefeng's hand wasn't the one who enjoyed the juiciness of Wu's flesh.

It was the opposite.

"Your butt is quite nice but mine is softer," Wu commented, smirking into his face.

"Did you just smack my butt?" Xuefeng asked as if to confirm before he takes a solid revenge on her.

"Yup, you think you are the only one who can spank? This was the payback for watching me naked without my permission. What if I wasn't accepted by your wives? My body was violated by your eyes and I lost my innocence just like that," Wu pointed out, pulling on his ear as her own revenge. "Just so you know, you are the first man I ever kissed or allowed to touch me."

"You know that pulling on my ears just makes me horny?" Xuefeng informed, causing Wu to rub it even more and ask, "Like this?"

Feeling pleasure from her soft hands, Xuefeng realized something. "I think my body already accepted you... If not, I would feel irritation when you do this."

Wu's eyes widened and she immediately followed up, looking like she wanted to know more, "Your body did but what about your heart?"

They started into each other's eyes for a moment, hovering high in the sky when Drakos suddenly flew down, annoyed.

"What are you doing lagging behind for so long? You two lovebirds can play later. Give me the sword, I can't wait any longer."