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 "This sword is called Dark Fantasy. It's extremely sharp, excelling in breaking through defenses. Its special ability is 'Fantasy Mist.' It can create a black poisonous mist the size of a small city, that will make anyone who breathes it hallucinate," Wu explained, passing the sword to him.

Xuefeng was quite satisfied, swinging the sword a few times until Ming pointed out, 'Not bad. It's actually a God Rank sword. Its ability is impressive but cultivators who mastered Air Element can easily create a barrier around their faces, allowing them to breathe. No matter how strong the poison is, if its easy to counter, it's useless.'

Knowing the swords' weakness made him completely lose interest, but he didn't mind that, wanting exactly that.

"Can you show me the next one?" Xuefeng asked with a smile, passing the sword back.

"Naturally," Wu nodded and kept the Dark Fantasy into the ring, pulling out the next one.

It was milky white, the color of ivory with a slim build. If there was an attractiveness scale for swords, this one would definitely be categorized as sexy.

"This one is called Infinity Blade. It's more styled for fancy movement and Sword Arts as it's light and slim, allowing you to perform almost all of them. It's special ability spawns infinite number of blades. Once you pierce the sword straight into the ground, the area in a diameter of hundred meters will be impaled with swords coming out of the ground," Wu described, looking really sexy as she carried the sword.

"Oh, cool!" Xuefeng called out, excited for this one.

He already imagined himself flying high in the sky only to smash down at the approaching army killing them all with one strike. Unfortunately, Ming was there to ruin his excitement.

'Nice! It's actually a top tier God Rank sword. Too bad it's ability is mostly useless for you. All high stage battles in the Heaven Realm happen in the sky instead of the ground so I can't see the battle you would actually use it even once. Also, you might accidentally kill your friends as swords are aimless. It can only be useful if you are going for hunting and fight Spirit Beasts.'

'Hmm... It would be useful for the Hidden Realm expedition then,' Xuefeng wondered. 'But in the long run I agree.'

Just as he returned the sword to Wu, Ling sighed, lamenting about her own knowledge, 'Ah, I wish I could help you just as Ming can...'

'Ling, you already helped me a lot when I came into this world. Without you, I would probably die in the first week. You are irreplaceable,' Ling cheered her up. ' If you want, you can help me with training when we return.'

'Okay~' Ling immediately agreed, sounding more happy.

He knew she wanted to be more useful to him which he loved about her.

'Xuefeng, ask her to show you the Dragon Edge one. Anything that has something to do with True Dragons can be really overpowered as they are the strongest race in existence. Of course, it can only be the name that's connected in this case.' Ming suggested, moving the testing forward.

"I like this one. It would be useful for our expedition," Xuefeng praised. "How about the last one?"

"I'm still yet so see it so I'm also excited. Let's experience it together," Wu replied, keeping the Infinity Blade.

He felt bad for taking something that was supposed to be hers but knowing Wu, she will want him to have it so he was conflicted. The better the sword will be, the worse he will feel while taking it for himself.

"Alright, I'm ready," Xuefeng announced, squeezing her hand.

Wu nodded and brought out the last sword. It slowly materialized in her hand and her face changed when it finally appeared. She let go of his hand and grabbed the handle, struggling to keep it straight.

"It's so heavy!" Wu called out, looking at Xuefeng in desperation for help and he quickly took over the sword.

It was indeed heavy, all of his muscles tensed but he was able to lift it. The long sword was blue, having similar color to Drakos' scales and the blade looked as if made of one big dragon scale, having an unique pattern on it.

He sweated just from holding it but he still give it a swing out of curiosity.


An invisible shock wave hit their ears as it broke out from the edge of the sword and smashed into the wall, shaking the whole building. All three of them were left dumbfounded, looking at the sword in shock.

Even Manager Kong seemed like he didn't expecting it, all of his papers now flying all around the room.

"What the heck? I didn't even use my Spirit Qi, just casually swung it..." Xuefeng questioned confused, placing the tip of the sword on the ground to give himself a break.

'Impossible...' Ming muttered in his mind, her voice just as surprised as his was. 'Someone actually made a sword out of a real Dragon Scale?'

"A casual swing of it almost destroyed this room. How powerful would be a proper strike?" Manager Kong wondered out loud before gazing at his daughter. "Wu, you have to own this sword! Your grandpa probably spent fortune on it!"

"Me? I can't. How do you expect me to wield it when I can't even lift it? The sword is too heavy for me, no matter how powerful it is," Wu rejected and decided, "Xuefeng can lift it just fine so I will give it to him."

"That's not a valid reason to reject such a powerful sword," Manager Kong argued, but Xuefeng didn't join their battle, conversing with Ming instead.

'Is it really made from Dragon Scale? Wow...' Xuefeng muttered, staring at the blade in astonishment. 'Dragons must be really powerful.'

Drakos was so small yet his body was really strong already. Xuefeng couldn't imagine how powerful Drakos would be if he returned to his old size.

'Yeah, it's definitely a Dragon Scale. And a scale of a powerful dragon at that,' Ming confirmed excitedly, 'Even though it separated from his body, it still carries his power inside of it. I'm actually amazed.'

'Xuefeng, you have to get this sword,' Ling urged. 'Even though it's heavy, we can improve your physique. It doesn't have a spirit inside to give it an ability but just the sheer offensive power it has is like the ability itself.'

'I second that. I can't tell what rank it has but it is definitely the best of those three,' Ming agreed, giving him little choice.

'Alright, I will try.'


At the same time, back in Liu Clan palace, Drakos was chilling on the balcony when his eyes snapped open and he gazed in the distance.

His body shivered as if something was calling out to him.

"How come I can feel my body...? Wasn't it completely destroyed...?" Drakos asked himself confused and immediately launched in the sky, following the scent he just felt.

The closer he got, the more sure he was that he wasn't wrong.

A part of his body appeared in the city! It was impossible but he couldn't deny it, his whole body reacting to it.

"Whoever has my body part, you are dead!"