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 "We are back," Wu called out as they returned to the office.

She looked much calmer compared to her previous mood where she wanted to beat her father up. She returned to her normal calm and dominant Wu, making Xuefeng happy. This is how he liked her the most.

They walked with their hands wrapped together, treating each other like equals. Although Wu liked to cuddle into his arm, she seemed to resist her urges well.

"Welcome," Manager Kong greeted, looking up from his papers. "I wanted to ask before, but what was the reason you came? Was it to introduce Xuefeng to me?"

"I was about to talk about it. We initially came to get a new sword for Xuefeng yet this whole mess happened," Wu explained, rubbing her temples in annoyance. "You don't mind, do you?"

Although she wasn't mad anymore, she still had to pretend to get Xuefeng a better deal.

Just as they thought, her father agreed immediately, "Of course not! A sword? I can gift him one of the best we have. I gathered a few Rank 9 swords over the years."

"Thank you," Xuefeng acknowledged, knowing how precious such Spirit Artefacts were.

Despite their differences, he was still getting a free treasure so he was naturally thankful. They already talked about their plan before returning and Wu promised him the best sword they had.

Manager Kong took off one of his rings and passed it to him, offering, "Here you go. You can choose any one you like. I won't charge you anything."

Xuefeng inserted his consciousness inside the ring and was surprised to see twelve multi-colored swords, all looking very powerful. He could sense a deep Spiritual Power coming from each of them. It was a sign of a high ranked Spirit living inside of the swords.

He was actually impressed but Ming had another opinion about them.

'Meh,' she muttered not interested. 'They are decent but you definitely deserve something better. Swords like those can be bought cheaply in the Heaven Realm. If you want to be competitive in Heaven Realm, you will need to get something better later on.'

'Those swords should be the best of the best in the Earth Realm. At least they are better that the Black Flames Slayer I'm currently using,' Xuefeng replied, grateful about any upgrades. 'Tell me which one I should pick.'

He trusted his experts choice, knowing both Ling and Ming combined were more experienced than anyone.

Before he received an answer, Wu reached out for the ring and asked curiously, "Can I see?"

"Sure." Xuefeng guessed she will tell him something more about them so he didn't mind, passing her the ring.

He didn't expect that Wu will frown and glare at her father right after inspecting the ring's content.

"Dad, what is the meaning of this?" Wu asked sternly. "Those are not the best swords we have. Where is Infinity Blade or Dark Fantasy? Bring out both of them and add my Dragon Edge together with them."

"Absolutely not," Manager Kong disagreed immediately. "Those two are Trade Union's top two treasures gifted to us by your grandpa and Dragon Edge is a present for you. I'm supposed to present it to you right before your ascension according to your grandpa's instruction."

Wu didn't seemed to accept a 'No' as an answer as she countered without fear, "Do you want Mom to know that you tried to kill her future son-in-law?"

Manager Kong's face paled as he stood up and called out, "Don't you dare bring up your mother-"

Wu cut him off before he finished and pulled out a Communication Crystal, reporting in a dramatic fashion, "Mom! You won't believe what Dad just did! Sniff... He and grandpa tried to kill Xuefeng when I came to introduce him! Xuefeng almost died in the process! How could he do it to me?!"

If one closed their eyes, they might think Wu was in total dismay yet upon opening their eyes, they would clearly see Wu was acting, smiling as she talked.

Even Xuefeng was in shock, not expecting she was such a good actor.

"You..." Manager Kong almost choked, not knowing how to respond.

"Alright, it's recorded. Should I send it?" Wu asked with a teasing smile, playing with the green crystal in her hand.

It was a pure blackmail but Wu didn't seem to care, doing whatever she can to get what she wants. It was his fault for messing with her.

Manager Kong gave Wu one last stare and admitted defeat, "Fine, you win..."

He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled out a string with a ring hanging on his neck. It was a wooden Storage Ring, looking so plain and old that no one would expect that it has some top Spirit Artefects inside of it.

"Is my Dragon Edge inside of it?" Wu reminded before her father passed it to her. "It will be mine either way so I can do whatever I want with it."

Her father sighed and nodded, "Yes, it's inside. Your grandpa will kill me once he learns about it. He is still bound to fight Xuefeng to get the bracelet off of him."

"Don't worry about Grandpa. Before he learns about it, we will already be in Heaven Realm and he will have other stuff to worry about. Especially me kicking his ass," Wu assured, walking back to Xuefeng with the ring.

"Thank you, Wu," Xuefeng acknowledged her effort, already thinking how to pay her back later.

"It's not a problem. You deserve the best," Wu replied humbly, rubbing his cheek with care and took a step back. "Let me introduce you to all three and you can pick which one do you like."

She pulled out the first sword and the room instantly got darker as if someone blocked the sun rays from the window. The sword in Wu's hand was long and wide, being purple in color. It released a constant dark mist around it which made Xuefeng quite intrigued.