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 'Ancient Lands is a hidden Realm of a dominant race that ruled the Heaven Realm hundreds of thousands years ago. For some reason, they decided to create their own Realm and move there, taking all of their cultivation secrets with them. We tried to convince them to come back as their Realm wasn't that stable yet they didn't listen. Unfortunately, their stubbornness brought them doom. '

Ming described calmly as if it happened not long ago, yet Xuefeng could barely imagine how could one person live for hundreds of thousands or even a million years. Unless he had someone with him that would spend this time with him, he didn't think he would survive.

'I often forget you are so old when you look so young,' Xuefeng commented, recalling Ming's curvy body but Ming got offended, complaining, 'Hey! Did you just call me old? I'm still young!'

'Yes, yes. You are still young.' Xuefeng confirmed, noting down to never call any women old and asked to change the topic, 'What happened next?'

'Humph,' Ming snorted and continued. 'Their Realm partially collapsed, killing all of them in the process. We interfered, repairing the Realm but we were not able to save anyone. What did survive tho were all of their techniques and treasures. They were still intact. To give you a perspective, all Godly Treasures, together with your Elemental Bracelet came from the Ancient Lands. Each time there is at least a few that gets taken out.'

Before he didn't understand why everyone was so eager to join this Holy Tournament which basically guaranteed death but now it all made sense. Having a Godly Treasure equaled immense power that could completely destabilize the power struggle between many clans or families. It is only natural many of them send their youths to take part in that Holy Tournament.

If one could survive and get a Godly Treasure or even two... He didn't want to imagine.

'After fixing it, we closed the Ancient Lands and set it to open every ten thousand years. For most cultivators, they have only one chance to enter it in their lifetime so it's only natural that they will join. I actually respect that they didn't send Wu there unless they were sure she has the chance of survival. Most Families just throw all of their youths in hope at least one of them return and treat it as investments. Talents can be born again but Godly Treasures are impossible to recreate,' Ming added, giving her opinion on the matter.

Xuefeng's mind cleared a lot after Ming's explanations.

As they chatted, Wu and her father were silent. Wu was calming herself internally as she stared at her father. Each time she looked at him she was getting angry. She didn't know how Xuefeng could be this calm when someone just tried to kill him.

It was the first time she was in a relationship with someone so the moment her own family was threatening to kill her man, she didn't know what to do other than protecting him. This was the first time she broke her character like this, acting completely like not her which quite scared her.

She used to never rely on anyone yet now she had Xuefeng as support which felt weird to her.

"Xuefeng, can I ask you for a second? I need to talk to you," Wu called out, unable to fix those issues on her own.

Although she asked, she didn't wait for his response and simply grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the room. Before they left, she called out to her father sternly, "Don't you dare leave. We will be right back."


The doors closed and she placed Xuefeng by the wall next to it, locking his head between her hands. The guards who were ordered to return in five minutes were just walking back when they left. She only gave them one look and they didn't ask anything, doing a group one-eighty before giving themselves another five-minute break.

"What happened? " Xuefeng asked, rubbing her arms on full length. "You look troubled."

"Because I am. Xuefeng, I'm confused. Why am I the only one who is getting mad? It was you who got threatened to get killed, not me. I got carried away by my emotions yet you showed none of them," Wu explained her problem, thinking it was best to communicate in relationship. "Maybe I'm over-thinking but-"

"Wu," Xuefeng called out her name sweetly, cutting her off. "I understand you, First kiss me and then I tell you."

She didn't hesitate and bend her elbows, leaning forward to kiss him but right when their lips touched, he seized this opportunity to embrace her waist, pulling her closer.

She was in control just a second ago yet Xuefeng quickly changed it, taking it away from her. Her back pressed against the wall as he lifted her leg, squeezing it just as his lips dragged on her own. He wanted her to calm down earlier yet now he was sucking her breath away, causing her chest to beat faster.

"Mhmm!" She alarmed him and pushed him away with her forehead, separating their lips with little to no distance. "Tell me."

She grabbed his hair to stop him as they were in public but that didn't stop him.

He forced his way in, seizing another kiss from her before demanding, "Promise you won't get mad at me."

"When you say that, I get even more worried," Wu muttered, rubbing her slim nose against his own. "Tell me. I won't get mad."

Xuefeng pulled away even so slightly, allowing her to see his face clearly and confessed, "What if I told you that I don't really care what happens with me as long as those I love are safe? I will walk through fire, jump into darkest abyss or climb the coldest mountains if that means I can save you. Didn't you already realize? You all are my world. Without you, I don't want to live on this world."

He leaned forward right after he finished, kissing her passionately as if his life depended on it. No matter how much she pulled, he didn't care, claiming one bite after another till he was satisfied.

"Power? Fame? Riches? If I can't share it with my loved ones then I don't want it," Xuefeng concluded, finally giving him a break to breathe.

"But that's wrong..." Wu replied, not agreeing with his mindset. "You should-"

Xuefeng cut her off once again as he questioned, "What is wrong? That I care more about my wives than about myself? Maybe. But that's how I am and I don't plan to change myself."

"You asked why I didn't get mad," Xuefeng continued. "If your family tried to kill you, I would destroy the whole Trade Union and kill anyone that stands on my way. So what if they tried to kill me? I don't care. As long as you are safe, they can say and do what they want. They threaten me, I will just laugh at their face, knowing they don't stand a chance anyway but if they do the same to my loved ones, I don't leave anything to fate. I will crush them before they can even have the chance to try."

He wasn't joking. She knew he really meant it.

Each word he spoke struck her like a lightning, sending shivers down her spine. She didn't agree with it yet why did she feel warm inside her chest? She finally understood why every woman fell for Xuefeng after knowing him well.

In the world full of dangers, he made her feel safe. She felt as if she could give her life to him and he would protect it with his own. Before she decided on it, she was already hugging him, not knowing what to say.

"If I killed your grandpa's avatar, his real body would get hurt and his resentment to me would be even bigger. If he uses Trade Union power to kill me, I can only run. I know my strength well. This way, there is a hope he will honor our deal and fight with me fairly which is exactly what I want," Xuefeng explained, returning the hug.

He kissed her neck, giving her time to digest what he just said and she finally expressed herself.

"I will make sure you can depend on me just like I can rely on you. I will be the one to care for you for once. I promise."