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 A week earlier, after Xiao Feng vanished from the Trade Union Information Pavilion, he appeared back in his study room. Little Yu was still there waiting for her master to arrive and give her next orders.

"There really is a boy she is searching for. You can withdraw a breakthrough pill from the treasury as a reward. Call Xiao Wen over." He patted Little Yu on the head and ordered.

"Thank you, master!" She bowed and ran excitedly towards the door. A breakthrough pill can help her advance on the spot as long as she was a peak of her stage. It was a precious panacea and her happiness was understandable.

Few minutes after she left, the door opened once again and a lady in a black leather outfit entered. Usually, you had to knock when you were entering Xiao Family Master study but this lady wasn't in favour of that custom.

The lady was around twenty years old and was, of course, a beauty. Although unusual one as her long hair was in a deep shade of red. Her black outfit couldn't hide her curves and even underscored it for a better view. Her two big personalities looked like they would burst out in any second.

"How are you doing?" Xiao Feng asked warmly. He didn't use his usual cold and deep voice which made Xiao Wen suspicious.

"I'm fine, I just finished taming my Rank 6 Flying Tiger and planned to leave the palace to take it for a test fly." She told him her plans reluctantly.

"Well, then that's perfect as I have a mission for you." Xiao Feng smiled mysteriously.

"No! I knew something was wrong when I saw you smiling. I'm not going anywhere. Every time you send me on a mission, I barely survive. Last month you wanted me to kill all members of Sand Bandits. You told me there were only a thousand of them and the strongest was in Spirit Overlord stage but when I arrived at their headquarters, I was met by at least 10 thousand and their leader was a fucking Spirit Emperor!" Xiao Wen lashed at Xiao Feng causing him to feel embarrassed.

"Okay, I admit the last time was my bad. But this time it will be different." He tried to defend himself.

"That's what you said the last time and the one before that too." She rolled her eyes at him.

"Hmmm, what if I tell you the mission is related to your sister?" Xiao Feng turned around and looked through the window as if waiting for her to ask for more information.

Yes, you didn't read wrong, Xiao Tianshi wasn't the only daughter of Xiao Family Leader. Not only her talent didn't lose out to Tianshi but she was also much stronger in terms of battle experience and Spirit Arts.

She didn't want to live in the spotlight so not many people knew about her being the main family princess and only thought she is a hired Master. Xiao Feng always wanted to have a son, so when Xiao Wen was born, he didn't announce it to the world.

Only when his wife gave birth to another daughter did he give up. They introduced Tianshi to the public, but because Xiao Wen didn't want that kind of attention, she was left alone, hidden in the shadows.

She was a great practice and battle maniac, which caused a lot of headaches for her father. The main problem was that he couldn't find a stable teacher for her as every time a new one managed to tame her, she would grow stronger and defeat him.

After a few attempts, he started sending her on a crazy missions to temper her, but she always came back successfully completing the job. Of course, he wouldn't send her to death as there was always an expect protecting her from the shadows.

But even that expert wasn't enough as one day she found out she was being observed by him and later he came back to the capital beaten black and blue. He sometimes wondered if she was his real daughter. Even he wasn't that fierce when he was younger.

"What? Did something happened to shishi?" She dashed towards her father, turning him around before asking anxiously.

"She is fine, but while you were away there was a small incident." He told her about Tianshi suicide attempt because she didn't want to marry Tang Taizong. Suddenly a flaming punch flew straight towards Xiao Feng face.

His body teleported instantly dodging the punch as he expected that kind of reaction.

"It's all your fault for forcing her into this stupid marriage!" Xiao Wen shouted at her father. The fire was burning on her fists as she stared angrily at her father.

"Calm down I already cancelled the marriage agreement. Look at the picture on the table." Xiao Feng didn't mind her screams and pointed towards the table.

"Who is that boy?" She calmed down hearing him and looked at Xuefeng face. Although it wasn't a perfect drawing, she could discern how the person looked from it.

"Today she sneaked out of the palace and issued a mission to the Trade Union Information Pavilion to find that boy. She mentioned something about the cliff and what he did for her there. She doesn't know where is he but I do. Coincidentally, Manager Kong received an information about a boy today morning. Guess where he is at the moment." Xiao Feng explained further.

"I don't know, tell me." Xiao Wen asked impatiently.

"He is a Young master of Aurora Country Liu Clan which is located in Eastern Region. You can read the report yourself." He gave her the information disc he took from Manager Kong and waited to see her reaction.

"Black Talent... Six Petals Lotus Flower... Heavenly Tribulation... Wow, he really is interesting, how did Tianshi meet him?" She asked confused.

"Well, that's what you are going to figure out when you meet with him. I want you to test if I can allow Tianshi to meet with him." Xiao Feng finally told the details of the mission.

"What? Why me." She didn't expect her father to try sending her to the corners of the world just like that.

"You are the only one I can trust to carry out this mission." He tried to persuade her.

Just as she was about to reject again she stopped as if she heard something in her mind and changed her mind.

"Okay, I will go. I am free now anyway." She picked the picture and put it into her ring.

'Why did she change her mind so fast? Usually, I have to beg her for ages.' Xiao Feng got suspicious but at the end, he didn't mind.

"You should still inform Tianshi that you know about the issue. How about you tell her that you found him and you will let her meet him if she masters Heavenly Steps Spirit Art in the next month? You always complained about her laziness, but she is the only one who is compatible with this art. This boy might motivate her to work harder." Xiao Wen proposed.

Hearing her, Xiao Feng eyes lit up and thought it was a great idea. "It might actually work! Even if she doesn't reach the full mastery, she would definitely improve. Haha, you are brilliant my dear." He complimented her scheming mind.

"Then I'm letting off. It will take me at least a week to get there. I will bring the news back in a month." She said before heading out of the study.

"Good luck sweety." Xiao Feng humour improved after Xiao Wen advice.

'Humpf... Don't underestimate girls in love. If she really cherishes him, she will surprise you in a month.' She thought before leaving.


"Manager Wu, I'm ready. We can go meet up with him. Thanks for helping me." Xiao Wen arrived yesterday and found Manager Wu, who was the one who sent information to the Trade Union Headquarters.

"Yes milady, are we taking your flying tiger too?" Manager Wu asked politely. She didn't want to offend the master in front of her.

"Yeah, you can sit down on it with me, she doesn't bite." She rubbed the fur of a giant white tiger before hopping on its back.

Manager Wu looked at the female tiger who was almost 5 meters in length and sat down on her behind Xiao Wen. Hopefully, the tiger liked all females, so she wasn't in danger.

White tigress stretched out her wings and jumped into the sky. With few strong movements, she was already high in the air and flew towards the direction of Liu Clan.