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 While the guards were gossiping, Xuefeng was looking left and right interested. Everything here was somewhat new to him. The robes and dresses everyone was wearing, the ancient architecture and local customs.

If he had any questions, he would ask Wuying and she would explain everything carefully. At first, she was somewhat suspicious, because the real Xuefeng never asked her any questions and now he behaved like a little kid who wanted to know everything.

After some thoughts, she blamed it on the injury. People change when they are close to death.

'Before the injury, he was quite dull but now he is cheerful and playful. I prefer this version, it's more interesting.' Wuying secretly thought.

They were walking around the city for half an hour before they finally arrived at the restaurant. On their way here, they didn't grab much attention. Many people were walking on the streets at this hour and they could easily blend themselves with the crowd.

Xuefeng looked at the sign before the restaurant. He saw different characters that the one he knew but because of his new memories he could read them. The restaurant was called Golden Phoenix Pavilion.

He had never been there but from what he can remember, it was the grandest restaurant in the city.

When they entered through the main doors, a young lady came to great them.

"Welcome to the Golden Phoenix, do you have a reservation?" She asked them politely.

"No, we don't." Seeing that Wuying didn't say anything he answered instead.

"Then I'm sorry to tell you, but all of our tables on the first and second floor are taken. You will have to wait for someone to finish their meal." The waitress said apologetically.

"How about the third floor?" Remembering that he saw three floors outside, he asked.

"Uhm, the third-floor private rooms are reserved only for upper echelons in the city." She explained calmly, but a little surprised. This was a common knowledge in the city.

"Oh, so we will take one of the private rooms. Thank you." He thought that being a son of Liu clan leader would be enough as a qualification.

'Did he listen what I just said?' Ciu Ru was getting irritated in her heart but still continued to talk politely.

"Sir, can I ask for your name? As I said, not everyone can eat in private rooms on the third floor."

Many people on the first floor watched them as they sneered.

"Do they think that getting into the third floor is that easy?"

"I heard that yesterday a youngster from Liu clan tried to enter the third floor but even he was denied entry."

"Only geniuses can have a chance. I would love to taste the dishes on the third floor."

"A friend of my cousin said that you can even eat rank 3 wild boar meat there."

Hearing the commotion, even the manager was alerted and moved towards the trio at the entrance.

Before Xuefeng could even tell Ciu Ru his name, a manager came.

"Is there a problem?" Mature woman in an elegant dress with a bold cut in the middle asked.

Before Xuefeng could even tell Ciu Ru his name, a manager came.

"No, Manager Wu. This pair just wants to dine on the third floor." Ciu Ru answered in a sweet voice.

"Oh," she checked out the duo "I don't recognize you, can you introduce yourself?"

"My name is Liu Xuefeng, and this is Wuying." He introduced both himself and Wuying.

Manager Wu frowned as she tried to remember where she heard that name from. After a moment she finally realized and looked at Xuefeng in shock.

"Young master Liu, are you the son of Liu Xiao Bei?" She heard that this man had a son but have never seen him.

"Yes, I am." Admitted Xuefeng.

"Okay, then you can follow me, I will show you the way to your room." Manager Wu moved towards the stairs.

When the disappeared from the first-floor guests view, everyone started talking.

Although they weren't close to everyone dining on the first floor, they were not far either. Almost everyone who wanted could hear them.

"Did you hear what Manager Wu said? This kid is the Liu Clan Young master."

"Are you talking about that trash with broken dantian?"

"Yeah, because of that he doesn't go out often from the Liu clan territory."

"He didn't look like trash to me. He was quite cheerful."

"You know what it might mean? Liu clan leader finally got a rank 3 medical pill for his son."

"You are right, else why would he run cheerfully like that in the city."

"We have to go inform our clan about it. If it turns out to be correct, that's some big news."

"Yeah, let's go. Our city is quite far from here. We need to hurry."

Similar conversations were ongoing in many tables. Many groups who were from foreign cities on a mission, departed from the restaurant to inform their clans about the news. Why? Because everything Liu Clan does in this region is worth mentioning. Especially news about Clan leader only son.

Xuefeng oblivious to the situation on the first floor sat down in his private rooms and ordered a bunch of dishes.

Manager Wu was quite helpful as she recommended some good dishes for them before leaving.

After she left, he looked at Wuying and suddenly remembered what he was missing. He asked her embarrassed. "Did you bring any money, I completely forgot I don't have any."

"Hahaha, I was wondering when you will realize." Wuying laughed at his funny expression.

"You don't go out often, so no wonder you forgot about money. Don't worry, you can just send the receipt to the Liu clan and they will pay for you. You are our Young master after all." She explained.

"Uff, that's good. I was scared for a second." He sighed in relief and sank deeper into the sofa.

When he arrived at the private room and saw that it looked almost the same as Chinese karaoke rooms he felt at ease. At least something was resembling his home.

"Wuying, you know so much about cultivation, do you also cultivate?" Xuefeng suddenly asked. He scanned his memories but can't remember anything about her.

"Everyone in Liu clan is a cultivator. I'm not an exception." She admitted.

"Oh, then what are your spirit artefacts? I have never seen you use them." He asked curiously.

"You know that asking others to show their spirit artefacts is rude?" She told him seriously.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I was just curious." He apologized.

"Haha, I'm joking alright? How about this. I will show you if you can get at least a rank 3 Spirit Artefact during your Spirit Awakening Ceremony." She proposed.

"Well, I still don't know what this ceremony is, but I will try my best." Xuefeng agreed.

"There is too much to explain so I won't bother. Clan leader will probably send someone to explain everything to you tomorrow morning. They know more than I do."

At this moment, a waitress came through the doors and brought various dishes. When placed on the table, delicious aroma spread to every corner in the room.

There were Grilled Pigeons, Cooked Peas & Mushroom Pheasant and Fried bear paws. Those were all rank 1 dishes. They also had one rank 2 greenhorn deer meat and the speciality rank 3 wild boar meat. It was recommended by Manager Wu, so they took it as well.

That day, Xuefeng had the best meal in his life. Every bite he took, he could feel a warm feeling spreading in his body. Although the dishes weren't big, he got stuffed until he couldn't eat anymore.

Wuying only nibbled a bit from every dish and watched as he happily ate.

"You look like you didn't eat for a year." She casually commented.

"I know, but it was so good. We should come here more often from now on." He decided as he massaged his full belly.

"You know how much it will cost?" She rolled her eyes.

"You are always welcomed Young master Liu, everything tasted good?" Manager Wu visited them just as they finished eating.

"Yes, we liked it very much. Thank you" Then he remembered something else. "Oh, you can send the bill to my Father, I didn't take much money with me today." He said embarrassed.

At this, Manager Wu only smiled. She already investigated Xuefeng identity and knew she can trust him.

"No problem, we will take care of it. Also, please keep this gold card. It will give you 20% off in all our shops as well as priority in purchasing. I will take my leave." She gave him a golden card before leaving the room.

Xuefeng took a glance at the card and found two words engraved on the surface of the card.

"Trade Union"