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 "So you are really one of them..."

Wu muttered surprised after hearing Xuefeng's explanation.

"It's not just me. Tianshi, Yi, Xiao Wen and Yiren are the same. They also have a Fate Spirit inside them. I still want to find Fate Spirits for everyone else," Xuefeng added, hovering above the capital.

He didn't want to share such stuff to anyone else so he made sure there was no one around them when he started.

"I heard about it from my grandpa. My father also mentioned it. When I first met you, I kind of knew you are one of them but now it's confirmed," Wu nodded, their faces almost touching together. "Your achievements were just too good for them to be performed by someone normal. You needed to have something special. This was the main reason I kept close relations with you all this time."

"So it wasn't for my perfect looks and muscular body?" Xuefeng joked with a grin but Wu replied seriously, "No, it wasn't. Back then I was only interested in business but the more I saw and thought, I realized you have exactly what I search in a man. Although you are younger than me, age doesn't matter for us cultivators as out lives are long enough."

"To be honest, you don't look old at all. I thought you are still in your twenties when I first met you." Xuefeng complimented honestly. "I find you really beautiful and sexy."

This comment brought out a smile from her and she replied as she caressed his cheek, "I figured you liked it. After all, you have not let go of my butt since we left the palace. Is it really that nice?"

"It is really soft and squishy. I like it," Xuefeng admitted shamelessly and gave her another squeeze, using more strength than usual. "I grab it because I can. Didn't you tell me to do it whenever I want?"

"I indeed said that and I don't mind it at all. I asked because I wanted you to admit it," Wu explained with a smile, booping his nose playfully. ��I forgot to tell you that I'm an all or nothing woman."

"What does that mean?" Xuefeng asked curiously, watching her teeth bite on her bottom lip.

He knew she did it on purpose to entice him yet he couldn't help but step into her trap.

She neared his face, staring deeply into his eyes and muttered alluringly, "It means when I set my mind on something or someone, I never give up. I will either ride or die, there is nothing in between."

"So you are saying you want to ride...?" Xuefeng repeated, his mind already creating naughty scenarios of the two of them.

"Mhmm, I do..." Wu confirmed, rubbing the tip of her nose against his own.

She knew they were all alone in the sky. There was nothing and no one who could disturb her.

"Well... There just happens to be a free seat in my wagon. Do you want to ride with me?" Xuefeng asked, playing along with her.

"I would love to, but all the seats next to you are taken... Can I ask ride on you?" Wu pleaded softly and kissed him on the cheek, whispering into his ear, "I promise I don't take a lot of space..."

She returned back to the front but Xuefeng's answer didn't came in the form of words but instead, he leaned forward and gave her what she wanted this whole time, hinting him with her body language.

Her response of tightening her arms around his head confirmed his guess. She wanted to experience his lips so he fulfilled her wish.

"Mhmm..." Wu let out the sound of pleasure, clearly liking his lead when he suddenly folded his wings, letting them free-fall.

Their lips stayed connected, bodies tangled together as they began to tailspin with their heads down. It was the best feeling Xuefeng liked to enjoy while flying so he wanted to share it with Wu. He always wanted to go skydiving back on Earth but his parents forbid him. Now he was flying with his own wings and beauty in his arms.

Wu was fully dependent on him, not even using her Spirit Qi to support herself so when they approached earth at such speed, she naturally tensed. She squeezed his neck tightly as if scared she will fall yet how could he let anything happen to her?


Just when they were about to hit the ground, Wu exclaimed, closing her eyes to face the impact and Xuefeng finally spread his wings again, catching wind into his wings. He flew in between of the buildings and bounced back in the sky, leaving only a small golden trail behind him. They were so fast that he doubted anyone saw them clearly.

"Did I just hear scream from your mouth?" Xuefeng teased when he finally stabilized their flight, slowing down.

"You are a bully..." Wu muttered cutely, hiding her face in his neck.

"Hehe, I thought you will like it. Did you?" Xuefeng asked with a giggle, rubbing her back with care. He didn't expect she would be so scared.

"I didn't..." Wu muttered again, almost as quiet like a mosquito.

He pretended he didn't hear her and called out, "Oh, you liked it? Let's do it again then!"

"No!" Wu cried out immediately, pulling away to face his face. What she saw was a playful smile of his as he was obviously joking.

"Why is your face so red?" Xuefeng teased, seeing the rare rosiness on her cheeks.

Wu pouted and showed her cute tongue, calling out upset, "Bully!"

"Haha, I hear that every day," Xuefeng replied in laughter and assured, "Don't worry, I would never cause you any harm. You should trust me more."

"It's not that I don't trust you. Anyone would get tensed when they fall head-first to the ground. It's not like I'm the weird one," Wu explained herself, hugging him again. "Don't fly too fast now..."

"Alright, we will fly safely from now on," Xuefeng agreed, finding her really cute all of a sudden.

He realized he still had a lot to discover about her as there were many sides of her she didn't show yet.

"I liked the kiss," Wu expressed as they gradually flew down towards the Trade Union Headquarters. "I thought you will never kiss me."

"Why would you say so?" Xuefeng questioned curiously. "Isn't that normal?"

"Yeah but everything happened so fast. I thought you might need time. After all, you are a person who wouldn't kiss someone they don't have feelings for," Wu answered happily. "If you kissed me, it means you like me which makes me happy. Thank you."

"It is hard not to like you Wu," Xuefeng said honestly. "Also, you already joined our group which means you are my woman. I would never let another man into our group which means I'm your only choice. You can only be mine."

"Mhmm, I understand," Wu nodded, giving him a kiss on the cheek and suggested as she laid her head on his chest. "Let's go to the Trade Union."

If Xuefeng ever decided to travel with a male friend, this would only create many problems. Unless he was gay, he wouldn't be able to hold himself back with so many beauties around him. Another thing was, Xuefeng liked his privacy. He didn't want to wonder if his male friend is watching whenever he wants to kiss or hug his wives.

As they were approaching the building, Wu stopped clinging to him, reverting back to businesswoman Wu and pointed out, "I'm still yet to tell my parents about us. I wonder what they will say."

"Wait, we are meeting your parents now?" Xuefeng asked surprised. "You didn't tell me earlier."

"Oh, my bad. I thought it was obvious. My father is in possession of the best gear in the Trade Union. If we want to get you a nice sword, we can only go to my father," Wu explained calmly. "The Spirit Artefacts we display to normal customers can't compare to our top gear."

"I hope you don't mind?" she added.


Xuefeng took a deep breath, not expecting he would have to meet with her parents so fast. He wasn't mentally prepared for that but he still shook his head.

"I don't. Let's go in."