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 When Yiren returned back caring the cute fluffy rabbit, Xuefeng saw Drakos following after her, showing a fearful expression as he looked at her.

"You will not break me... You will not break me..."

He repeated some kind of mantra as he entered, distancing himself from her.

Xuefeng couldn't help but ask, really curious of her methods, "What do you do to him?"

"Oh, I just forced him to be nice," Yiren replied simply, displaying her rabbit. "I asked him to be nice to Fluff for at least one minute. He choked but he somehow said some nice words. I think there is still some room for improvement."

"Just wait... When I regain my power I will find you and eat you alive..." Drakos muttered as he stared at the fluff hatefully, blaming it all on him.

"Little Blue!" Yiren warned hiding fluff from his view, "Do you want another session?"

"I was just joking, okay? There is no way I would ever think of a roasted bunny. Not possible," Drakos defended himself and seeing Yiren's glare, he suddenly excused himself, "I think I will go for some hunting, be right back!"

He disappeared from the room in a swish, causing Xuefeng to laugh.

"Haha, I think he is a lost cause. It's best if you hide your Fluff from him. He is still a dragon," Xuefeng advised and patted her on the head, "Now join others in your training. You are yet to master your elements."

"Yes~" Yiren agreed happily and walked up to the bed, sitting crossed legged with fluff on her lap.

His other wives followed suit, settling themselves next to Yiren and got ready to continue their training. Tianshi seemed to have a different idea as she pulled on Lisa's hand and pleaded, "Lisa, would you mind helping me with my training?"

Lisa seemed surprised by the proposition but she quickly accepted, "Oh... Sure!"

Having everyone working together and being friendly to each other was exactly what Xuefeng wanted. Their group wouldn't work well if there were any internal conflicts so he wished to avoid them.

"Alright! Let's go outside then," Tianshi called out happily and reported to him, hugging and kissing his lips sweetly, "I will train with Lisa for a while. I need to test my arts and I will finish cultivation later."

"No problem. You know what's best for you," Xuefeng agreed without any problems, knowing she got some secret arts to master.

"Mhmm, you are the best," Tianshi muttered and pulled Lisa a bit closer, right in front of him, "Let's go Lisa."

Lisa seemed a bit flustered but she looked up at him and also gave him a hug, "Bye Xuefeng~"

The two hopped away towards the balcony and flew out cheerfully. Xuefeng only waved them off and when the two left his sight, he gazed at the only woman left still standing.

Wu was patiently waiting for him to finish and asked him before he could speak, "Are you going to train as well?"

"I was about to ask the same question," Xuefeng replied, not really sure what Wu needed to train. "I was thinking of training my swords arts."

Ming already mentioned about it before and he was yet to train all the moves, not mentioning about mastering them. If he wanted to bring out the most power out of those arts, he would have to spend some hours to perfect them.

"How about I join you?" Wu suggested, looking really eager to spend more time with him.

Xuefeng didn't really mind, replying, "I mean, sure. You can be my sparing partner if you want to."

"I would love to," Wu nodded and shamelessly wrapped her fingers with his own as if it was natural between them. "You have a really soft hands."

"Yours are much softer," Xuefeng complemented back without shying away, and pulled her towards the balcony as he called out to the girls, "I will go train with Wu. I will come back and check on you soon so no slacking, okay?"

"Okay~��� His wives agreed in unison, focused on their own job.

Once couldn't master all elements as simply as he did but thanks to the Wisdom Trees and their unlimited supply of Elemental Essences, they could still speed up the process. As long as they mastered at least one additional Element, it would give them more advantage in the Hidden Realm later.

As he pulled Wu outside, he listened to Ming who began telling him about the arts she prepared for him.

'The Swords Arts I taught you earlier were only the basic movements but now I will teach you the seven main Swords Arts of the Sword God. They were his pride and joy, allowing him to conquer anyone he wanted so I'm sure you will love those,' Ming hyped before finally explaining.

'If they were just normal Sword Arts, I wouldn't bother telling you about them but Sword God was the first to implement Elemental Qi into his Sword Arts. You will need to master your Ether Qi first before we start. I asked Ling to start working on it for you.'

'Right, I still have this one last Element to master and then I should have all nine, right?' Xuefeng questioned before counting it on his own. 'Yeah, I only need this last one. I always wanted to test what will happen once you have all nine elements.'

Ming was quickly to ruin his dreams, 'Nothing will happen for you actually. Don't you already have Fate Qi? You will be able to create Fate Qi using all nine elements but that's pointless for you. To regain your lost Qi you will use Fate Qi again so it's like an endless circle. If you were a normal human tho, that's a completely different story.'

'Then what I was excited for this whole time?' Xuefeng questioned, suddenly feeling stupid but he didn't receive a reply as Ming reminded him, 'Your new wifey is calling to you.'

He quickly regained his consciousness and looked at Wu, realizing he got distracted with Ming.

"Xuefeng, are you there?" Wu asked with a smile, squeezing his hand.

He wanted more smiles and she seemed to be following his wish.

"I'm sorry, I spaced out.What did you ask?" Xuefeng apologized. "I was talking with my Spirit for a moment."

"I was asking if you already got yourself a better sword. I recalled you are still using that old one you got in the Eastern Region," Wu repeated, not minding his clumsiness.

"No, I didn't find time to exchange it for something better. I wanted to make my own but I doubt I will have the time to learn Artefact Crafting before we leave," Xuefeng admitted. "Do you want to help me choose one?"

"I was about to say that. We can visit Trade Union to get you a Sword you deserve," Wu suggested and asked curiously, "By the way, you said something about Spirits. You have a Spirit?"

"Oh, right. You don't know anything yet," Xuefeng realized she might have been clueless about Fate Spirits. "Yes, the few of us have Spirits called Fate Spir-"

He wanted to enlighten her a bit, knowing she would be part of them now, but she suddenly approached him and placed her finger on his lips, stopping him. She hugged his neck gently and pressed her chest against his own.

"You can explain it to me on the way... What do you think?" Wu proposed, not really giving him the chance to reject.

With her sexy body glued to him, there was very little chance he wouldn't embrace her. His arms moved in their own and he held onto her slim waist, securing her in place.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" Xuefeng asked calmly, feeling her fingers brush into his hair.

"Is it working?" Wu didn't deny it.

He didn't reply but instead spread his wings, ready to launch. She definitely asked for it herself so he didn't restrain himself, slipping one hand onto her bottom and squeezed to feel her texture.

Seeing her smirk, he cleared his throat and explained himself casually, "Cough, I just don't want you to fall. I need to make sure I support you well."

"Of course. I understand," Wu nodded and leaned over to whisper into his ear.

"You can do it whenever you want from now on..."