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 "Yi, what took you so long? You were away for like twenty minutes."

As Yi returned to the group, she was naturally questioned by them, especially the curious and cheerful Lisa. She seemed to get infected with Yiren's positivity as the two were the loudest which was quite a transformation. Wu, on the other hand, was much more reserved and mature, rarely talking as if she liked to watch instead.

"I sorry you had to wait. I sensed Xuefeng when I was looking for the towel so I went out to greet him. We had a quick... moment together, so I was late," Yi explained honestly as she clumsily entered the pool.

One could easily see she had trouble walking and her thighs shivered as she moved, still showing the signs of her ecstasy. The girls quickly picked up on it and smiled knowingly.

"Is he still here?" Nuwa questioned with hope but Yi shook her head. "He said he will wait for us in the bedroom instead. He wants us to relax first and take our time."

Xiao Wen and Princess Shan exchanged glances but they didn't say anything, keeping their session with Xuefeng private.

"Anyway, congratulations Yi. You finally got your first time," Nuwa called out, smoothly changing the topic. "How was it?"

Based on everyone's face, she wasn't the only one who wanted to know.

"It was amazing..." Yi replied, going back to that moment in her mind. "He was so gentle and sweet with me. The pain disappeared almost immediately, replaced with pleasure. It felt really good... I'm still shaking from it."

"Mhmm, it indeed feels great. You will slowly get addicted to it. Once you do it, you can never forget it and only wish for more," Xiao Wen confirmed, bring Princess Shan nod as well.

"I think I'm already addicted... I can't help but think about our second time," Yi commented, rubbing her cheeks that suddenly warmed up. "I think I'm really in love with him."

"Hehe," Xiao Wen giggled and patted her. "We all are."

"So sex indeed feels really good... I guess I will only find out after I try it," Lisa muttered to herself, showing a curious expression.

"Nuwa, you said you want to talk about something once Yi is back," Wu suddenly reminded, making everyone calm down and look at her.

"That's right. Now that everyone is here, we can finally have a serious talk between us. It's about you two," Nuwa announced while looking at both Wu and Lisa, "Can you guess what it is about?"

Wu wasn't really surprised and guessed, "Probably about Xuefeng and us joining the group."

"Indeed. As you already can see, there is a lot of us now, already nine. The bigger our group is, the more difficult it is for Xuefeng. It is already hard for him to handle us all," Nuwa pointed out, gazing at everyone.

"As our group grows, the requirements to join it has to grow as well. In this world full of danger, just loving each other is not enough. Xuefeng doesn't have time to protect us all the time. All of his wives need to be strong and be able to support him whenever he needs us."

She locked her eyes with Wu and asked, "What can you bring to the table when you become Xuefeng's wife?"

Lisa visually tensed when she heard the question, staring at Wu to see what she will say. Meanwhile, Wu was chilling, placing one leg on the other as if she already expected such a question.

She opened her mouth and recounted in a clear voice, "I'm a daughter of the Earth Realm Trade Union's general manager and the first granddaughter of Heaven Realm Trade Union founder who control the trade across many Realms. Aside from the prosperity of Liu Clan in Earth Realm after the cooperation with Trade Union, I can provide free living space, free cultivation resources and connections in all major cities of almost all human-occupied Realms. My trading and managing skills are top notch as well. About my stage and battle capabilities, I'm confident I can defend myself well enough. Since Xuefeng upgraded my Spirit Talent, I have been training non-stop. I think I only need one or two months to reach the peak of Monarch Stage and master my fifth element."

Everyone blinked a few times, wondering if she was joking but Wu kept her coolness, staying serious the whole time. None of the girls thought she would actually go all out like this.

If they were to compare with her, would any of them even have a chance? Only Nuwa who had her own army of three hundred Monarch Stage experts and her own race could somehow compare with Wu.

They looked at Lisa who was as dumbfounded as they were, not knowing what she had to pull out to actually outdo Wu.

"Uhmm..." Lisa hesitated. "I'm a Rank 9 Alchemist... I can make pills..."

Being an alchemist ranked this high was actually a big achievement yet after Wu she didn't have the same impact as she wished.

Lisa couldn't handle the pressure and cried out, hugging to Wu who was sitting next to her, "Waaah, how can I compare with you..."

"What are you talking about? Aren't you better than me?" Wu questioned confused. "You became the youngest Rank 9 Alchemist in the history and earned the respect by working hard. On the other hand, everything was given to me at birth. It was why I decided to move to Eastern Region to earn the respect on my own, without relying on my father."

"Thank you..." Lisa acknowledged that only to hear another question from Nuwa which made her pause.

"Are you ready to put Xuefeng's safety over your own?"

Wu thought about it for a moment before expressing, "Yes, if I know for sure that my life can be exchanged for his own. If there is someone stronger trying to kill us, all of us would be dead anyway so I might as well try to save him at least. I wouldn't foolishly jump in front of him to block a deadly strike when there is a chance of winning. My death would only make things worse."

The girls nodded unanimously to that response, feeling the same. If they died in front of Xuefeng, there was a big chance he would lose his composure.

Only Lisa was left and she seemed to take her time. In the end, she shook her head and replied honestly, "I feel like I want to say yes but I can't. I think I need more time with Xuefeng to be sure. I want my answer to be fully one hundred percent but its not yet."

The seven judges looked at each other as if they had conversation with their eyes and Nuwa suddenly announced their decision.

"We will tell Xuefeng we don't mind you two joining our group. Everything else is on you."


When Yi said Xuefeng moved back to the bedroom, she wasn't lying. He was laying on the bed, thankful that he had Ling who could regenerate his body. He knew he would become a walking zombie.

He didn't return with Yi as he didn't want to oversaturate his sexual life. At some point, too much was too much. If he forced it too much, it would feel like a chore. He wanted to enjoy every session with his wives.

"I wonder how long they will take-" Xuefeng pondered while looking out of the balcony when he saw a blue dragon landing hurriedly, "Drakos? Where have you been?"

Drakos didn't reply to his question right away, his expression grim.

"Xuefeng, I think we might have a problem."