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 'Ah... The hot water can be really relaxing...'

Xuefeng thought as he sat in one of the many baths. They were spread throughout the bath hall allowing people some privacy as they bathed so he picked one of them for himself. He needed to soak himself as a break after his quite intense session with Xiao Wen and Princess Shan.

He already knew that once he appears next to Nuwa, he would be seized by her immediately. Once he gives her the chance, he wouldn't be able to escape for a while so he made sure to relax beforehand. His wives were chatting in another pool so he decided to have some time for himself before he joins them.

Unfortunately, he wasn't really lucky with his bath choice as he sensed someone was coming, hearing some gentle footsteps getting closer.

'Sigh, I didn't finish my break... Let's see who is calling to wor-' Xuefeng lamented as he turned around to see who it was but got surprised seeing the person.

Yi walked in between of the baths, looking left and right as if she was searching for someone. He figured she was looking for him but then she sighed dejectedly when she couldn't find him.

She approached his bath, taking her towel off and entered, coincidently sitting right next to him. Yi looked down at her body and squeezed her breasts, showing a disappointed expression.

"Am I lacking something...?" Yi whispered, her voice as thin as a mosquito. "Maybe I'm not attractive enough... Xuefeng... When will you look at me the way you look at Tianshi?"

Hearing the comments about her body, Xuefeng naturally felt bad. She was one of the top beauties in the Capital yet she felt insecure because of him. He couldn't blame her for thinking like that. She was the only woman in their current group that he still didn't physically connect with. How could she feel his love if he didn't show it to her directly.

Although he didn't, with so many naughty nights one would think that is how he showed his love, through physical connection. He opened his mouth to express himself when he halted, hearing Yi wasn't done.

"I'm patient... I will wait till you finally love me... But please... Don't let me wait for too long... It hurts... I want to be fully yours... I want you to be mine..." Yi continued her monologue, unknowingly causing Xuefeng to shiver. "I will be a good girl like you want... I will never leave you... Just love me too... Please..."

"Yi..." Xuefeng finally muttered, unable to stay quiet anymore. His indecisiveness caused her to feel rejected yet she never complained, smiling as they stopped at kisses. If she knew what effects she would have on him if only she expressed herself earlier, she definitely wouldn't wait so long.

Her eyes widened when she heard him and instantly looked around, searching for him. "Xuefeng...?" she muttered weakly, looking as if she didn't believe what she just heard.

He didn't tease her for too long as his body returned to normal, slowly appearing in front of her view. She covered her face in disbelief, her fingers visually shaking.

"Did you...?" Yi asked, unable to finish the sentence but he easily figured what she wanted to ask.

"I heard everything..." Xuefeng replied in a whisper and reached out, caressing her arm. "I'm sorry."

Yi shook her head and rejected, "No... I didn't say it to make you feel bad or apologize... I-"

Xuefeng stopped her words right there by putting a finger up to her lips and repeated himself, "I'm sorry for making you feel like that... I care for you."

Her eyelashes trembled, clearly touched by his words. He didn't stop at that and slid his fingers down onto chest, caressing her bare breasts.

"You a beautiful, remember that. There is nothing I dislike about your body. I love it all," Xuefeng expressed honestly, brushing his other hand into her silver hair.

He made her look into his eyes, showing his loving gaze and added, "I will make sure you can see my love with how I look at you. Can you see it?"

He closed the distance between their faces and stared at her with a soft smile, their noses barely touching.


"I can..." Yi replied, a single tear of happiness watering her cheek.

Xuefeng leaned over and licked it away before savoring a part of her, warming her lips. He could feel her heartbeat speeding up with each advance and retreat, each caress and whimper.

"Let's do it..." Xuefeng suddenly whispered and attacked her tongue right after so she wouldn't reject him.

She deserved his love. If the only way to prove he cared for her was through making love, he would do it.

Yi panicked at first but then she responded with similar passion, embracing his head in a tight squeeze. They twisted and tumbled on the surface of the pool until he sat her down on his lap, leading her through her first experience.

He led her hand down to his lower belly and she regained her confidence, already recognizing the object of her desire.

"Let me help you..." Yi wished, wrapping her fingers around his sleeping soldier, already familiar with this process. Watching and taking part in daily activities in bed taught her many things, especially how to please him properly.

"I should let you do it more often... Your fingers are really skilled..." Xuefeng muttered as he witnessed how fast she got him ready. "But now, let me take over. The King has to serve his Queen from time to time."

"Mhmm..." Yi didn't argue, letting him lead her.

He lifted her up and placed on the edge of the pool, going down in between of her legs. Her legs trembled when he started sucking and twisting his tongue inside her but he had to make sure she was ready.

Xuefeng could see her anxiousness as he started playing around her entrance, rubbing and teasing her so he assured her gently, "I will be gentle. Just relax."

She smiled at that and nodded, giving him a go signal.

He was about to slowly connect with her when he froze, both him and Yi looking in the same direction. The cause of it was Lisa who questioned out loud, "Where did Yi go? She was here just a moment ago."

Yi glanced at Xuefeng in panic and he gave her an eye signal to talk to her. He didn't plan to stop when they were this close.

"I'm here. Sorry, I need to exchange my towel." Yi shouted back right when Xuefeng pierced inside her without any warning, "I will be back soo- Ahh~"

She moaned softly and quickly covered her mouth to stop herself. Lisa seemed to pick it up and asked concerned, "Are you okay?"

"Y-yes... I'm fine. I only slipped..." Yi explained, locking her lips tightly as Xuefeng slowly penetrated further.

"Be careful. There is water everywhere," Lisa warned and assured, "We will wait for you, don't worry."

"T-thank you..." Yi replied and embraced him, whispering hurriedly, "I'm fine... You can move..."

He could see she was just pretending she was fine so he didn't listen and instead started slowly, walking out of the pool while caring her to the changing room. With each step he thrust deeper inside her but she seemed to get used to it quickly, breathing heavily into his ear.

Although the place wasn't as comfortable, he created a small cloud on the floor, placing her on it and surrounded them with a soundproof barrier.

"Now you can moan as you wish..." Xuefeng whispered as he laid on top of her. "I want to hear them all."