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 'Nuwa... I hope you remember our promise...'

Xuefeng muttered in his mind, having a bad premonition. He was happier when it was Yiren who chatted with Lisa instead. When Nuwa started a conversation, it only meant she had a certain goal in mind which usually didn't end well.

"Well..." Lisa hesitated for a moment. "He was the one who made the first move..."

"Oh, he did? Tell us in details, please," Yiren pleaded anxiously, joining her mother in questioning. "Did you two kiss already?"


Xuefeng took a deep breath, knowing this was not going in a right direction but there was nothing he could do to stop it. Anything he did was already done so he just let the nature take its course as he turned his focus back on Xiao Wen.

Even though he stopped, she continued for him, grabbing onto his arm for support and moved up to her liking. It wasn't exactly fair for her if he left her without finishing the job yet right now they were in a dangerous position. Just one look at Xiao Wen was needed to know what was going on.

A faint silhouette was fiercely grasping onto her soft layers of fat on her butt and her entrance was spread fully apart as if she wanted to show herself to the world. At that point, Xuefeng could as well appear on the scene normally knowing there wasn't much difference and that's exactly what he did. He could only hope that both Lisa and Wu wouldn't use any methods to scan the room.

A part of him was still curious about the situation behind his back so he listened with one ear.

"Xuefeng indeed took my first kiss... But that was the cause of a misunderstanding..."

Lisa's first words made Xuefeng sigh in relief. She seemed to be planning on telling the whole truth which was better than avoiding certain details.

"He thought I was planning on following my sister's example and leave to Heaven Realm... so he forced out the pill I had in my mouth... with his tongue..." Lisa recounted before crying out, "Ah! It's so embarrassing..."

"Hah, don't worry, there is nothing embarrassing about it. We have all been through this," Yiren assured her with a giggle when Nuwa asked once again, making Xuefeng anxious.

"Do you think you started liking Xuefeng because of this incident, because he was the one that took your first?"

To his surprise, Lisa didn't sound flustered this time as she replied almost immediately.

"I was thinking the same which is why I decided to accept his offer and follow him here. I wanted to be sure of my feelings before I give my life to him. Even before the kiss, I found out I like him a lot and I just couldn't wait to see him. I wouldn't meet with him if I didn't like him even a bit."

"Are you sure?" Nuwa asked only to hear a confident confirmation, "Yes."

The tension in the air increased but Yiren was quick to blow it away.

"Mom, why are you scaring our cute Lisa," Yiren complained. "Come here sweetie. This big sister will give you a hug."

"Uhmm, sure..." Lisa agreed hesitantly, not knowing what trap did she walk into.

Xuefeng didn't need Tianshi's foretelling ability to know the future scene that was about to unroll.

He turned out to be right as he heard Lisa's follow up suggestion, "Since Xuefeng is not here, how about I help you clean properly? I have this really nice product that makes a lot of bubbles. You will for sure like it."

"I- I think I'm goo-" Lisa tried to politely reject yet Yiren didn't let her, cutting her off mid-sentence. "No, no, don't worry. I really don't mind. It's completely normal between us sisters."

Xuefeng couldn't help but turn his head, trying to look through the mist yet it was too thick. He channeled his Spirit Qi into his eyes to improve his vision and finally saw the outlines of their bodies. Yiren was behind Lisa as they sat at the edge of the pool and Lisa was squeezing her towel while Yiren tried to take it off.

"Yiren, wait... I can really do it on my own..." Lisa commented more firmly but Yiren didn't give up. "What if Xuefeng appears here and wants to have some sexy time with us? You need to be properly cleaned for that."

"But..." Lisa seemed like she couldn't find words to fight that argument.

"Trust me. We have done it hundreds of times," Yiren assured once again and finally took Lisa's towel off.

He sharpened his vision to the maximum yet she immediately covered her chest while squeezing her legs tightly before he could see anything. Lisa was fully red when she turned to Yiren and pleaded shyly, "Please be gentle... It will be my first time..."


Xuefeng sucked in deep breath, finding her cuteness almost matching Yiren. He didn't know why his first thought was to move and replace Yiren in this activity. There was something alluring in the concept of being the first to claim her innocence.

Yiren poured some type of liquid on Lisa's back and began rubbing it in, spreading it throughout Lisa's body. When she reached to the front, she pulled on Lisa's hands and commented, "Come on, don't be shy. Let go with your hands. I need to reach everywhere."

"Ahh... Don't rub so hard..." Lisa cried out her complains causing brainstorm in Xuefeng's mind. He was being attacked from two sides with Xiao Wen requiring attention and the girls' scene being displayed live in his mind.

Ah... Ah... Ah...

Xiao Wen moans and tightening with each of his thrusts didn't help with regaining his focus. He realized he has been going hard on her the whole time, pounding without mercy to the point she was already close to her limits. Whenever she was about to reach ecstasy, she shivered all over her body with her muscles twitching from pleasure.

He threw the cute duo to the back of his mind and reached out to Xiao Wen's arms, pulling her up into his embrace. She straightened up as he wished, still connected with him and embraced his neck, leaning fully on his chest.

With one hand he held her waist in place and he wrapped the other around her face, facing her eyes into his own. He wanted to watch her expression when she finally surrender to the pleasure.


She wanted to cry out at the brink on her sanity yet he seized her lips forcefully, swallowing her lovely moans with greed. She wiggled in his arms as she climaxed but he held her in place, continuing to slide wildly until her eyes begged him to stop, to give her a little break.

"Wen, can you lend me some-"

He just pulled out, his soldier still ready to slay when Princess Shan peeked from her shower. She froze, not expecting Xuefeng was feasting right next to her this whole time. He didn't hesitate and pulled her in, quickly adding her to the menu.

Xiao Wen was gasping, staring at him with a loving gaze as he pinned Princess Shan to the wall, lifting her leg and flooded inside her without losing any momentum. She was smart to cover her mouth before that to stop herself from screaming.

Xuefeng was already reaching his own peak yet he dragged it further, seeing the awakened drive in Princess Shan's eyes. She trembled each time he tingled her end, pulsing and twitching inside her as she stabbed his shoulder with her nails.

His ear was being bitten by Xiao Wen which made him struggle even more till he finally exploded, unable to resist any longer.


"Ahh..." Princess Shan couldn't stop herself anymore and let out a soft moan, her eyes rolling with pleasure. The cause of it was Lightning Qi which he mixed with his seeds, making her insides tighten, squeezing him to the last drop.

She wasn't the only one who had to cope with a sudden outburst of pleasure as Yiren had to go through the same, sharing everything Xuefeng felt. She shivered and fell powerless on Lisa's back.

"Yiren... Are you okay?" Lisa asked confused when Yiren stopped moving, waiting for the climax to end.

"Hu..." Yiren breathed heavily and replied as if nothing happened, "I'm good... I just felt like hugging you..."