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 Xuefeng couldn't help but stare at the naked Wu as she walked towards the open bath area. Her leg muscles tightened with each step, showing she wasn't just a good manager but actually trained her body as well. If Xuefeng were to touch them, he was sure they would be as smooth and soft as they looked.

'I'm sure she would be down if you asked her. She knows what she wants and her assets are indeed drool worthy. Even I want to smack that booty,' Ming commented playfully, making his mind imagine the exact scene.

'No. I can't do it. If she discovers me, she will think I'm a pervert,' Xuefeng disagreed immediately, smacking himself on the cheeks to abandon his dirty thoughts. 'I do like Wu as a person but I won't do anything unless she officially joins us...'

He was really tempted by her beauty and spicy character but he had to postpone his plans. Imagining the special combo of her and Nuwa pleasuring him together only made him excited. Both were bosses in real life so their personalities would clash for sure, creating a mix even he was looking forward to.

'You have so many beauties as your wives yet you are still looking for more,' Ming snickered. 'Will there be a day you will finally be satisfied?'

'Oh, are you volunteering?' Xuefeng countered. 'I can come to you right now if you want.'

'You won't... Your wives are waiting for you,' Ming called out confidently only to turned silent as Xuefeng questioned.

'Are you sure?'

Xuefeng wouldn't mind to make a move just to prove his point and she knew it.

'I thought so,' Xuefeng commented, hearing no response for a short moment and slowly walking towards the bathing hall. With each step, a new unit of clothing disappeared from his body. Before he reached the baths, he was completely undressed just as one should be.

'I swear, there will be one day I won't hesitate to appear next to you and eat you whole. There is no way you can fight against me once I get serious,' Ming finally responded but Xuefeng didn't think too seriously about it.

'Sure, go ahead. I can't wait,' he replied casually and paused in front of the bath entrance.

He could hear the familiar giggles yet he couldn't see anything as it was fully covered with hot mist. This wasn't what made him stop though. It was the question that Ming asked just before.

Will there be a day he can say he is finally satisfied?

'About your question earlier...' Xuefeng spoke in his mind, already knowing the answer very well.

'I am already satisfied. I am already the happiest I have ever been and I don't think I deserve more. All of you make my life brighter but... even if I'm satisfied, I need to do my best to make my wives satisfied as well. I want them to feel loved and cherished. I feel joy when I know my wives are happy. No matter how many of them I end up having in the end, I will make sure to treat them all like Queens.'

'I know that... I just wanted to tease you...' Ming replied quietly. 'I think you deserve all the love they give you.'

'Thank you,' Xuefeng acknowledged and finally stepped inside, being done with his speech.

One of his goals was making his wives happy and there just happened to be a few that needed to be satisfied.

He couldn't let them wait.

"Ah, if only Xuefeng was here, I would let him clean my back. His massages are heaven defying~"

Just as he entered, he received his first call for help. He couldn't help but let out a smug smile, recognizing Xiao Wen's voice. Even though she wasn't the most domineering wife, she definitely deserved the award for the most shameless wife.

He walked in the direction of her voice, walking without the use of his Spirit Awareness to avoid getting discovered when he heard Lisa asking curiously, "What exactly is Xuefeng doing right now...?"

"He didn't tell us what exactly he will do and we didn't ask as we trust him," Yiren explained, sounding as if she was next to Lisa. "Do you also want Xuefeng's massage like Wen? The way he massage your breasts feels amazing. I don't blame her."

"Me? N- I mean... If he wants to... I wouldn't mind it..." Lisa answered hesitantly, not as shameless as others. "Is it really that good...?"

"Yiren, you took a shower with Xuefeng recently. You are yet to tell us about it," Princess Shan suddenly questioned, her voice mixed with the sounds of the showers.

"Ah... It was the most amazing experience ever... He left my whole body and mind in tremors... At one point, my legs were already giving up from pleasure but he hugged me into his arms so we could keep going. I remember each thrust, all gentle touches and warm kisses that he melted into me. I still have many love bites from that night..." Yiren described in detail.

Xuefeng definitely got surprised, not expecting she would recall that moment so vividly but that made him happy. He wasn't joking when he said this was exactly what he wanted. To give them the best memories he could.

"It must have been amazing..." Lisa muttered in amazement and confessed, "I'm still yet to experience anything romantic in my life. I have been studying alchemy my whole life. Xuefeng is the first man in my life other than my father who ever touched me."

She seemed to be getting more confident and open after Yiren shared her story so casually. Xuefeng listened to each word as he reached Xiao Wen, seeing her silhouette through the mist. She was using one of the showers from the long row together with Princess Shan right next to her.

Each shower was separated with a wall, creating a small creek, just enough for two people to fit inside. He approached them from behind and saw their sexy curves wrapped with water that streamed down abundantly.

He was honestly proud of himself. Each of his wives was a peerless beauty, making him wonder how on earth he charmed them each time he looked at them. They all surpassed his beauty standard by a long shot.

Xiao Wen's hands run across her body, rubbing from her chest down to her bottom, squeezing and pressing on her butt as if doing some self-cleaning while Princess Shan was bent over like an acrobat, rubbing on her toes and legs.

His soldier immediately stood up as he recognized the familiar scene, waking up from the trance faster than he did. Xuefeng just couldn't look away from them. His desire to take them both right there was overwhelming.

Unfortunately, he wasn't a supporter of cloning himself just to satisfy his woman, so he chose to use the rule of first come first served. Xiao Wen was the one to call for help so he walked up to her first.

He reached to the shower without her noticing and turned off the water. He knew she would discover him right after and he wasn't wrong as Xiao Wen instantly caught his hand even without seeing it.

"Shhh..." Xuefeng whispered into her ear as he embraced her from behind, sinking his fingers into her breasts and teeth into her neck, nibbling on her playfully.

"Mhmm..." She nodded in agreement, acting as if she knew he will eventually come.

She dragged one of his hands down towards her lower belly while reaching behind her back, seizing the soldier in duty. He knew she wanted it badly as she led his fingers inside her, letting him stir her walls into oblivion and she did the same for him, stroking him with her soft fingers.

"I want you..." Xuefeng whispered as he bit on her ear and she nodded once again, slowly leaning forward. Just as she wanted it, he wasn't much different.

He grasped her butt-cheeks, aiming properly and suddenly realized something unusual. He was normally untraceable and even water droplets passed through him as if he wasn't there but he lost this trait after he got in contact with Xiao Wen's body.

His body was now covered with water which created a faint outline of him and only after he released her did he return back to normal. He was glad he discovered it sooner than later.

He turned on the shower to muffle Xiao Wen's moans and rammed into her without warning. It has been a while since the two could enjoy each other fully so he decided to take full advantage of this moment.

Too bad, right after he got into motion like an oiled machine, he heard Nuwa's voice in the distance, causing him to freeze.

"So you are saying you didn't do anything with Xuefeng, right?"