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 She didn't wait for his answer and started licking it again. She wanted to taste this wonderful liquid again. She didn't have parents and only talked about intimate stuff with Xuefeng mother when she was younger. In the heat of the moment, she didn't connect the two with each other and focused on her goal of helping him.

Xuefeng was speechless seeing her servicing him once again even without him asking. This time she was much more skilful and brought him pleasure from the beginning of her assault.

'She probably realised that your seeds are a great nourishment.' Ling suddenly commented.

'What?' Xuefeng couldn't focus his mind with Wuying head going up and down, devouring his sword deep into her mouth.

'Each time I use my Fate Qi to relieve you from tiredness, I also nourish your body. Every part of it is now filled with leftovers of my Qi. Even your seeds were affected. If you want, I can help her achieve a breakthrough through your seeds, but you need to send them straight into her core.' Ling proposed. She wasn't disgusted by their actions in the slightest as she treated is as a way of cultivation.

'Can you even do that?' Xuefeng asked doubtfully and moved his hand on top of Wuying head to help with her movements.

'If I wanted to do it through a simple touch it would be hard but if you send my Golden Qi into her core and she quickly absorbs it, we have a chance.' Ling explained.

'Okay, I will try.' He acknowledged.

"Wuying stop for a minute." He brushed her hair away and halted her actions.

"What? I'm still not done." She pouted while still continuing to stroke his staff. She acted as if someone stopped her from playing with her favourite toy.

"How about, we try something different that will allow you to feel good as well?" He picked Wuying up and placed her on the bed.

"Like what?" She asked curiously and thought 'Can something taste better than that thick liquid?'

"What if I said I can help you break through to the next stage, would you believe me?" He asked as he looked at her exposed curvy figure.

"Really?" She wouldn't believe him earlier but now after tasting his mysterious liquid, she found it possible.

"Yeah, all we need to do it is to connect our bodies, here." He moved his finger from his belly towards her uncharted region. She instantly realised what he meant and blocked it with her hands.

"Nooo, it won't fit there, it's too big." She cried worriedly.

"Look, it is covered all over with your saliva, so it will slide inside without problems. I promise it will feel good." He smiled gently, pulling her hands away and she reluctantly let him into her garden.

Xuefeng took her thin lace underwear off and saw a cleanly shaved area around her cave. He looked at her with surprise as he didn't expect her to do it.

"I don't like having hair there..." She said embarrassedly when she noticed his gaze. She couldn't believe they were actually doing it. After she thought for a while she finally remembered everything Xuefeng mother told her. On one hand, she wanted to be mad for being lied to, but on the other, she didn't want him to stop.

"It's fine, it looks beautiful." He watched some adult videos like every teen of his age on earth, but everything was still new to him.

He played with his sword outside her cave to explore the terrain before slowly entering into dragon's lair.

"I will go slowly..." He said but realised that the whole dragon slid right in without much obstruction. He didn't think it would go so smooth and checked Wuying face for any signs of pain.

"Ahh... I forgot I broke the barrier there during training once..." She moaned feeling his long staff penetrating deep inside her. She noticed his glace and said afraid he will misunderstand.

"I believe you. Just lay down and enjoy yourself." He knew it was possible with the intense training she was doing.

He started rhythmically move in and out causing Wuying to moan from time to time. Wuying thought it would be painful but after a few minutes of intense battle, she felt her mind going blank from pleasure.

"Xue...feng... anymore... than this ... and I will... go crazy..." She tried to talk but Xuefeng attacked intensively causing her to pause every second.

He smiled at her plea for mercy and flipped her into another position. If he had the chance he wanted to try everything. She first lied on the side then landed on all fours as he pounded her from behind reaching even deeper inside of her.

"Ah... ahh... I can't anymore..." She collapsed on the bed panting but Xuefeng didn't stop as he was also close to his limits. He grabbed her two round buns and intensified his offence.

"I'm going to burst soon. Prepare to absorb the Qi inside it." Xuefeng shouted as he felt a warm current travel through his body towards his crotch region.

"W-what?... aaaahhh!" Wuying asked without a breath but then felt a hot stream shot inside of her lair. Her mind went blank and her muscles tensed. Just as he delivered his seeds, she also achieved her peak.

The passage tightened sucking all the juices from his staff. He gave her last few pushes before pulling out. His body dropped next to her feeling tired from his intense work. His dragon was shining from leftovers of Ling Golden Qi.

After Wuying came to herself, she recalled Xuefeng words and quickly sat down cross-legged. Her muscles were still tight, but she forced herself to move. The Qi from Xuefeng seeds were easily absorbed into her dantian and she moved it towards the barrier.

When Golden Qi met with the barrier, it penetrated it with one loud bang crushing it completely. Her own Spirit Qi which she accumulated over the years gushed out and expanded her dantian territory.

She opened her eyes and turned towards Xuefeng who was lying tired next to her. She saw shining staff which was getting smaller than it was before. She leaned over and cleaned it from the Golden Qi before laying on him placing her head on his chest.

"Thank you." She said after a while.

"No problem." Xuefeng guessed the breakthrough was successful.

"But don't think, I forgot how you lied to me." She turned her face towards him and informed him with devil smile.

"I'm going to sleep, it's getting late." She didn't question him about the Golden Qi as she thought he will tell her himself. She tried to stand up and return to her room, but she was stopped by Xuefeng who pulled her back.

"Come here, tonight you will sleep with me." He hugged her closely leaving her no other options than to comply.