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 'Why do I feel like a stalker...?'

Xuefeng found himself feeling weird as he walked behind his wives, heading towards the baths. If he were to follow them all the way, wouldn't that mean he would end up seeing all of them naked? He wasn't worried about his wives but the two candidates that were yet to officially join their group.

'What if we don't even up together?' Xuefeng questioned in his mind. 'No one knows what will happen in the future-'

He contemplated what to do when he paused, gazing at a certain beauty's back.

'Tianshi...' Xuefeng muttered.

No one else knew the future other than her and she was the perfect person to help him.

He didn't hesitate and sneakily approached her from behind. She was thankfully walking at back, giving him easier access to her. He reached out for her hand but Tianshi moved first, catching his own firmly.

'I knew you will come.' Tianshi's voice resounded in his mind. 'What troubles you?'

'Well, I feel bad for spying on you without Wu and Lisa knowing,' Xuefeng confessed honestly, knowing she would understand.

'So you don't want to join us?' Tianshi questioned simply. 'I thought you wanted to know more about them.'

'I want to go but at the same time, I respect them a lot,' Xuefeng explained vaguely but Tianshi seemed to understand.

She rubbed his hand and assured him, 'Don't worry. Let me handle it.'

He couldn't figure out what she planned but whatever it was, she needed to act quickly as they already reached the baths.

\"My Queen, Princess,\" two Elvish guards standing in front of the baths bowed their heads to both Nuwa and Yiren before looked at Wuying, reporting, \"Miss, we cleared the baths as you wished. They will be to your disposal for as long as you wish.\"

\"Thank you. Make sure no one steps inside else they won't leave alive,\" Wuying ordered and invited everyone inside, \"Everyone, come inside. We have the whole bath for ourselves.\"

\"Yey~! Come Lisa. It will be fun,\" Yiren exclaimed, being first to move and she dragged poor Lisa inside, giving her no time to reject.

Everyone else followed after them, making Xuefeng anxious.

'Tianshi?' Xuefeng asked but she kept him in the dark, pulling him inside without saying anything.

The door closed behind them and Xuefeng found himself in the bathing lobby with various bathing accessories they could take. From then on, the lobby was separated into two other rooms, namely male and female changing rooms.

Tianshi took a towel for herself and dragged the confused Xuefeng into the female changing room, together with everyone. There were tens of wooden shelves for them to choose from but that wasn't Xuefeng concern. He could see everyone was already preparing to undress.

He squeezed Tianshi's hand and thankfully, she stopped teasing him.

\"Wu, Lisa.\" Tianshi broke through Yiren's giggling and chatter. \"Can I ask you a question?\"

Everyone paused, especially Lisa and Wu who looked at her. \"Of course,\" Wu replied casually, looking like someone who had nothing to hide. \"I will answer honestly.\"

\"Xuefeng is not here but if he was with us, would you mind it at all?\" Tianshi asked with a curious gaze, releasing his hand beforehand so he wouldn't be caught.

He rolled his eyes, not expecting she would simply ask them for permission. Couldn't he do the same much earlier and actually be present without hiding? He wanted to slap his forehead for not thinking about the same but that would only make a sound.

He stared at Wu, awaiting her answer and noticed she wasn't flustered at all compared to Lisa who blushed, looking down shyly. Their answer could actually be taken as a confession of some sort. If they didn't like him even a bit, they wouldn't be willing to expose themselves like this.

Naturally, they could lie, but Xuefeng knew them well enough to know they wouldn't.

\"I already confessed my feelings to him before coming here,\" Wu replied first. \"That being said, no, I wouldn't mind bathing with him. If he wanted more, I wouldn't hesitate as well. You and I both know the way he treats women is not from this world. When I stay by his side or let him embrace me, I feel the safest I have ever been. I know that once he accepts me, he will always protect and love me. It's something any woman desire and so do I.\"

\"So true...\" Yiren commented, nodding wholeheartedly. \"Whenever Xuefeng hugs me, I feel like I'm melting... I can understand.\"

Tianshi didn't comment aside from agreeing with a nod and turned to Lisa.

\"What about you?\" she asked friendly, putting her towel on the shelf.

Lisa had her time to prepare but being called out, she got flustered once again. It was after all quite hard to confess in front of other people.

\"I think I would be really shy at first but if it was Xuefeng asking me... I wouldn't reject.\" Lisa expressed honestly after a small pause. \"Though, it's good that he let us have this moment to meet without him. If he was here right now... I would only look at him and our meet would be disturbed... I really wish to get to know everyone better.\"

\"Don't worry, we will have plenty of time to chat. Nothing gets people closer than a hot bath,\" Tianshi assured and slid her flower dress off, displaying an elegant white set, \"Shall we get in?\"

Lisa's eyebrows rose as she stared at her breasts but she quickly looked away, blushing. It was evident that it was the first time she was in such a situation.

\"Let me help you take off your dress~\" Yiren suggested immediately, hugging her from behind to which Lisa tried to politely reject yet failed miserably. Everyone started chuckling at them as they also started stripping to their underwear.

Xuefeng was there to witness it all, feeling much better after hearing the two's agreements. It also got him into thinking, much more than the usual.

'See, I settled it for you.' Tianshi reported back to him. 'You should stay hidden but at least now you know they don't mind.'

'Thank you.' Xuefeng gave her a sneak kiss as a reward. He was indeed much calmer, allowing him to look freely without feeling guilty.

His interest got piqued as the sexy Wu reached towards her chest and slipped her hands inside, slowly pulling the leather to both sides. The dress seemed to hook on her nipples, dragging two softies to the sides but she kept pulling until they finally bounced back.

'She had no bra this whole time...' Xuefeng commented surprised, blinking as if trying to recreate a picture in his mind that he could save for later.

Two bare breasts of Wu jiggled right in front of him but she wasn't done, tracing her hands down on her waists and bent her back, displaying her butt for him to see. The dress lowered by inch with each second, revealing the heart-shaped bottom until it finally dropped.

Only when she straightened up did Xuefeng realized he zoned out for a second. The body that was completely naked in his mind turned out to have a lace thong that matched her lips in color. She emitted with fire from head to toe.

'Impressed?' Tianshi suddenly asked to which he nodded instinctively. 'Very... Uhmm, I mean, she is indeed sexy. Just as I thought from her build.'

He returned to himself, leaving his short trance and realized everyone else was wearing their towels. He missed the group show as he got distracted with Wu.

'It's okay to look. You can't avoid it anyway,' Tianshi gave him justification and suggested while taking off her bra. 'You can touch too if you want~'

Xuefeng was weak to such temptation and before he knew, his hands squeezed tightly. Tianshi turned towards the shelf while temporarily covering them with the towel as she pretended to wear it. He twisted and stroked before giving one of them a bite, sucking blissfully.

'I feel so spoiled...' Xuefeng commented, feeling as if it was his birthday yet again.

Tianshi only smiled and finally wrapped her towel around her chest.

'I told the rest about you. They are looking forward to the bath,' She announced and walked away, calling out, \"Wu, let's get inside.\"

\"Coming,\" Wu nodded, following after the rest.

He planned to wait until everyone is inside when Wu suddenly stopped right in front of him, making his heartbeat enter the race. Her nostrils moved as if she smelled something and began sniffing.

She glanced directly at his invisible face as if she was on a hunt but hearing another call from the girls, she moved on, walking barefoot into the bathing hall.

'Oof... I need to be more careful around her...'