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 As she reached the lobby level, Wuying saw two beauties protected by two Shadow Guards. They chatted with each other but although cheerful, she could see they were a bit nervous. Wu was more skilled in hiding her feelings but Lisa's anxiousness was clearly visible.

\"Miss,\" the two guards bowed when they saw Wuying appear to which she nodded, ordering, \"You are free to go. Thank you.\"

\"Yes,\" the acknowledged and disappeared without hesitation, leaving the three of them alone.

\"Good Morning, Wuying,\" Wu was the first to greet as she approached her and gave her a hug.

The two already knew each other well as they worked with each other even back in the Eastern Region.

\"Mhmm, morning Wu. You look great in this outfit,\" Wuying responded with the same, hugging her tightly. \"Are you trying to seduce Xuefeng with your outfit today?\"

\"Haha,\" Wu laughed, clearly in a good mood today but she left the question unanswered. \"Thank you.\"

Wuying knew it was after all pretty obvious.

Wu wore a short black dress that coiled around her tightly like an armor. It was made of black leather yet was really soft to the touch. It was sleeveless and the skirt was short but she wore long gloves and boots made of the same material. Her sexy and smooth thighs were bare, exposed to men's gaze. Wuying knew what man did Wu wanted to attract.

Though, the best part in her outfit weren't her legs but rather her chest that even Wuying fell victim of checking out. Her cleavage was deep, reaching the middle of her belly while the leather held her breasts firmly, teasing with the bit of an inner side-boob. If Xuefeng wanted, he could easily slip his naughty hands inside.

\"Are you maybe Lisa?\" Wuying asked as she turned to the other guest. \"Xuefeng mentioned you will come as well.\"

They only invited Wu for the girl's meeting while Lisa was invited directly by Xuefeng so they didn't exactly know each other.

Lisa still seemed a bit awkward but she walked up and bowed politely in a greeting, \"I'm Lisa. Please, take care of me.\"

Compared to Wu who was dripping with sex appeal, Lisa's wardrobe was much more reserved. The only exposed part of her body was the head while the rest was covered by an expensive-looking long skirt dress. It seemed like she wanted to look more feminine for Xuefeng.

\"Of course, I will. We all care for each other,\" Wuying assured, returning the greeting. \"I heard you are supposed to have a workshop assigned to you. Don't worry, I will later personally find something nice for you.\"

\"Thank you. I'm an alchemist by trade. Xuefeng proposed to move me into the Clan Palace and I accepted,\" Lisa explained, acting friendly.

\"Mhmm, he told us,\" Wuying nodded and linked her arms with their own. \"Come, I will bring you upstairs.\"

\"Xuefeng is waiting for us.\"


While the three were slowly walking up the floors, Xuefeng was performing his husband's duty, waking everyone with gentle kisses. It was a hard task to move around on the bed, trying not to wake everyone. He noticed that although it was big, they seemed to lack space when everyone sat down.

'Do I need to get a bigger bed?' Xuefeng wondered as he leaned over and attacked his first target.


She happened to be the closest to him so she was the easiest to strike. He grabbed her gently by the chin and planted her reward for working hard.


Tianshi let out a pleased sound as her eyelashes flickered and opened, gazing at his face.

\"Good morning my wife. You worked well,\" Xuefeng greeted quietly, copying Wuying's style. He wanted to be sneaky, yet he didn't expect she would throw herself at him, tipping him over with his neck hugged tightly.

The bed shook as they fell together, making everyone bounce up and down.

Xuefeng immediately realized his plan failed.

\"Good Morning handsome,\" Tianshi muttered as she continued what he started, nibbling and parting his lips. \"You always know how to make me happy fresh in the morning.\"

He felt movement on the bed and Yiren's voice reached him right after, \"Tianshi... You are taking Xuefeng all to yourself again...\"

Before he knew, another pair of lips melted into his own and Yiren's soft chest smuggled into his own. Tianshi made enough space for her so the two of them could fulfill their morning desires.


Xuefeng let out a helpless breath and lifted them both as they plundered kisses from his neck, sucking and teasing. They sat down on his thighs, rubbing as they moved and soon two more pairs of soft breasts joined them, pressing on his back.

\"Good morning hubby,\" Princess Shan whispered into one of his ears, giving it a gentle kiss while Xiao Wen explored the other side. \"Good morning~\"

He knew they would be swallowed soon if he didn't do anything as their hands were already stripping his shirt off while the other tried to enter into his pants.

\"I know you all want more but right now I only give away kisses.\" Xuefeng halted their advances. \"Wu and Lisa arrived already. They are coming upstairs right now.\"

He lived every man's dream life yet he had to postpone their morning activities this time. The girls definitely didn't want to hear it but he didn't give them the choice.

\"Come here,\" Xuefeng reached out for Xiao Wen and drowned into her lips before inviting Princess Shan as well. \"You too. Everyone gets one kiss.\"

Knock, knock.

His lips were still locked with Princess Shan when a gentle knocking resounded in the bedroom. All four hugged onto him as they gazed at the doors. He didn't push them away as he also looked, expecting to see the two new faces.

This was their natural form. If Lisa and Wu wanted to join them, they had to get used to it.

\"We are back,\" Wuying announced as the door opened but Xuefeng has already focused on someone else already.

He couldn't lie to himself as Wu's outfit immediately drew his eyes. He finally glanced at her face with hardship and he has drowned once again, this time by her sharp red lips, looking juicy.

'Another demoness came to tempt me...' Xuefeng thought, knowing himself well. 'Hard times ahead... Hard times...'

\"Welcome girls! We just woke up so give us a moment,\" Xuefeng called out. \"Treat this place as your home.\"

He returned to his wives that were still glued to his body and patted their thighs. \"Chop, chop, you are all awake. No more kisses for you,\" Xuefeng ordered. \"We have guests.\"

\"Sigh...\" The girls pouted but still listened, pulling away from him. They left the bed and walked up to newcomers while Xuefeng walked to the last two souls.

Yi was quietly waiting for her kiss, sitting quietly on the edge of the bed so he tilted her head backward and gave her an upside-down kiss. She was the most obedient from them all which he liked about her.

\"Thank you for the kiss,\" Yi said happily, not being too greedy and joined the rest.

Only Nuwa was left to please and he didn't need to wait for her. She stood up first and sneak jumped on his back, shamelessly wrapping her arms around his neck and legs on his waist.

\"Carry me,\" Nuwa pleaded and whispered, \"I will be extra good today.\"

Xuefeng was about to argue but her proposal was really tempting. She was supposed to be a good girl now for the next month but he knew very well it was impossible to tame her so easily.

\"You promise?\" Xuefeng asked seriously as he looked behind him and he received a kiss with a nod.


It was honestly a good trade so he didn't mind. As long as she doesn't bully either Lisa or Wu in the first day, he was fine with anything.

He jumped off the bed with Nuwa on his back and approached the girls.

\"Did you introduce yourself already?\" Xuefeng questioned and all eyes fell on him.

\"Yes. We will slowly get to know each other. Don't worry,\" Wu assured, looking at him confused. \"The one at your back should be Nuwa?\"

He didn't need to ask as Nuwa hopped off his back on her own and walked towards Wu. They stared at each other for a second as if comparing their alpha-ness until Xuefeng coughed and Nuwa reached out with her hand.

\"You must be Wu. Nice to meet you,\" Nuwa greeted with a smile, letting Xuefeng sigh in relief.

If only those two domineering females didn't fight, everything else would go smoothly.

Xuefeng had to release the tension so he entered between them and gave Wu a friendly hug. \"I hope you have a good day today,\" Xuefeng said warmly.

Wu accepted the hug, prolonging it as she grasped onto his back. His hands were rubbing on her back but he stopped himself, pulling away first. He was surprised how smooth and soft her leather dress was, but he couldn't touch her up endlessly.

Wu seemed to figure it out as she commented with a smile, \"It's okay. You can touch freely. It's a rare armor made of rank nine Spirit Beast leather. It's one of the kind.\"

\"I would rather not,\" Xuefeng rejected and replied honestly, \"If I touch too much, I won't be able to stop myself.\"

It was naturally a compliment to her so her lips curved into a smile.

Xuefeng didn't forget about Lisa and pulled her into his arms as well. \"Lisa, I'm glad you came.\"

\"Well... I promised so I came...\" Lisa replied shyly, being a bit overwhelmed. He figured she was a bit introverted but he didn't change the rules just for her.

\"Anyway, I have some matters to do outside so I will leave you all to yourself. Don't kill each other please.\" Xuefeng joked as he slowly distanced himself from the group and waved as he walked towards the balcony.

He heard their cheers as he created his Golden Wings and flew away, disappeared from the line of sight. He turned invisible when no one saw him and returned back, landing soundlessly.

Xuefeng entered back inside and heard the girls discussing their plans.

\"How about we all take a bath together? We can reserve the Palace's public bath all to ourselves,\" Wuying proposed, brushing her fingers through her hair. \"It has been a while since I took one.\"

'Yes!' Xuefeng immediately agreed for them, thankfully in his mind, cheering for this option a lot.

He looked at both Lisa and Wu who had to agree to this decision first. Lisa was a bit hesitant but Yiren hugged her from the side, assuring, \"Don't worry, it will be fun! We don't bite.\"

Only after seeing Yiren's cheering smile did Lisa agree with Wu following right after.



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