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 Xuefeng absorbed all nine Elemental Liquids together with everyone and even though the quantity didn't increase by a lot, the quality definitely improved. He also unlocked the last three elements but he was forbidden to use them until Ling finishes creating the three Pseudo Wisdom Trees that they were lacking.

He finished cultivating first thanks to his Spirit's assistance so he had to somehow spend his time as he waited.

\"They are much bigger than I thought,\" Xuefeng commented, gazing down at Ming.

\"Mhmm, they are bigger and softer than normal ones,' Ming nodded. \"Do you want to touch them? You will be the first after a lot of time.\"

\"Can I really?\" Xuefeng asked excitedly. \"What if I use too much force?\"

\"Don't worry. You can squeeze them freely and nothing will happen. They have been with me for a while already and they are still fine,\" Ming assured him and placed them on his palms with a smile. \"Can you feel it?\"

\"Yeah... They are really soft. I like them,\" Xuefeng praised. \"They can actually be a natural stress reliever.\"

\"You can come and play with them anytime you want... I don't mind,\" Ming proposed when the doors to their bedroom opened abruptly.

\"What are you two doing?!\" Ling called out, storming to the room. \"Here I'm working hard to create the Pseudo Wisdom Trees and you are-\"

She paused when she was finishing her sentence, seeing the confused faces of Xuefeng and Ming.

\"We are what?\" Ming asked. \"I'm showing Xuefeng my jelly shells collection. Do you want to squeeze them?\"

She was naturally fully clothed and reached out with a pink shell on top of her palm.

\"They are really nice to touch,\" Xuefeng recommended innocently.

\"I thought you two are doing something naughty...\" Ling admitted the truth, feeling stupid. Although it was her own world, she didn't scan it every second to know what they were doing.

\"Huh? How come?\" Xuefeng questioned. \"We were debating about various arts when Ming decided to show me her collection so I got curious.\"

\"Well, the way you talked- never mind. Let's forget about it,\" Ling tried to explain but decided against it, knowing it was just her imagination that was dirty.

Only when she mentioned it did Xuefeng realize how suggestive their conversation was. He approached Ling and pulled her into his arms, grasping her sexy body.

\"Don't worry. If I wanted to do something naughty, I would definitely call you so you can either join or watch,\" Xuefeng assured, patting her butt with a smile.

\"Dummy...\" Ling pouted but still kissed him, not giving up on just an opportunity. Her mother already watched them kiss before she didn't mind it.

\"So you thought Xuefeng was playing with my breasts, right?\" Ming questioned as she walked up to them from behind and grazed his back with her nails. \"You know, if you want to see, I can show them to you anytime. They are much bigger than my daughter's.\"

\"Mom!\" Ling called out with a warning in her voice and quickly defended herself, \"Xuefeng said mine has perfect size!\"

\"That's because for men every size is perfect. It doesn't matter how big or how small. They just like them all,\" Ming explained with a shrug. \"Isn't that right, Xuefeng?\"

Ling looked at Xuefeng, wanting to confirm this statement but he only rolled his eyes, not willing to argue.

\"Don't listen to Ming. She is just provoking you,\" Xuefeng commented and smoothly changed the topic. \"Did you already finish with the Wisdom Trees?\"

\"Yes, they are ready to use,\" Ling replied and received an instant reward as he kissed her deeply.

\"Shall we go back to cultivating? I will come back and spend the night with you after we are done,\" Xuefeng proposed to which Ling immediately agreed, nodding with delight.

He gave her one last bite and let go, turning to Ming. \"Be a good girl,\" Xuefeng commended.

\"Is there a reward for that?\" Ming asked playfully but she didn't expect Xuefeng would suddenly go on the offensive.

He closed the distance between them and grabbed onto her chin. \"Reward?\" Xuefeng repeated, looking into her eyes from an inch away.

The cocky Ming instantly froze, looking like she didn't know what to do.

This brought a smile onto his face as he pulled away from her and booped her nose. \"I don't think you are ready for any rewards yet,\" Xuefeng expressed.

He didn't let her come back and simply disappeared, returning to his body. If he stayed, he would see Ming's flushed cheeks as she touched them as if to check their temperature.

To Ling's enjoyment, Ming muttered to herself.

\"Why do I feel like a teenager again?\"


Beep, beep.

As she was cultivating, Wuying heard the notification coming from inside of her Storage Ring and her eyes snapped open. She looked around and realized it was already morning as the sun rays filled the bedroom. Everyone seemed to be still in the middle of cultivation so she stayed quiet as she pulled out the communication crystal.

Wuying stood up like a shadow and walked out to the balcony to the take message.

'Miss, the women you informed us about just entered the clan. We confirmed their identity. We will lead them to the lobby and wait for you.'

One of the guards reported to her as she wished. She was supposed to bring the girls up to their bedroom for the girls' meeting. Instead of flying out immediately, Wuying returned back inside and climbed on the bed, crawling on her fours towards Xuefeng who sat cross-legged without moving.

She paused in front of his face, watching the example of the perfect calmness on his face and took a big whiff of his natural smell. It was a refreshing and clean fragrance, being a bit of fruity, that she just loved to bath herself in.

He knew she was there yet he stayed still which made her happy. She liked to wake him up with a passionate kiss, performing such duty for a while already and that time wasn't different. Just when she melted into his lips, he responded with a soft nibble. His eyes stayed closed as he reached out and held onto her face, pulling it closer.

\"Mhmm... Good morning my love,\" Wuying greeted sweetly when their gazes met.

There were times where she also liked to be gentle and show her loving side. Only he could bring it out from her.

\"Good-\" He tried to respond but Wuying closed his lips with her own.

\"Shhh... You will disturb them,\" Wuying shushed him quietly, pointing at her sisters with her eyes. \"You can wake them up like I did... They will love it.\"

\"What about you? Are you going anywhere?\" Xuefeng asked in a whispered. \"I saw you left to the balcony.\"

\"I will go bring both Lisa and Wu upstairs. They already arrived. I felt to listen to the report,\" Wuying explained as she claimed another kiss and finally pulled away. \"You can wake everyone up before I return with them.\"

\"Alright, go to them. I will handle the rest,\" Xuefeng acknowledged, letting her go.

Her surroundings turned into shadows as she entered into her formless body and passed through the floors, heading down to the lobby.

'Soon, there might be two more sisters joining us... Is there enough love in his heart for us all...?'