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Xuefeng let out a sigh of satisfaction, quickly overwhelmed with their skills.

\"You got much better... I can tell,\" Xuefeng praised them both, gently supporting their hair so they wouldn't get in their way. \"Your tongues are so...\"

He couldn't find words to describe it, closing his eyes in enjoyment. It was a completely different sensation when two hungry tongues tried to force him into yielding as they roamed with untamed wildness.

\"Well, you make us do it for you almost every night. We will naturally get better with time, hehe,\" Wuying replied with a giggle and continued licking, wrapping her tongue happily.

She joined Tianshi, sucking and playing with the head with their tongues randomly touching. They pushed each other around as their warm tips teased, wriggling on his sensitive spots. He couldn't help but twitch as they kissed from both sides, sucking passionately while stroking with their soft hands.

\"I don't force you to do anything. You guys are the ones who asks for it first.\" Xuefeng acted innocent but he quickly proved them right as his hips moved on their own, making Wuying unable to respond with her mouth suddenly full.

She knew exactly what he wanted so she let him do as he please, supporting him by swallowing his erection even deeper. With each thrust of his hips, he ravished her throat while her tongue twisted and wiggled around his base.

He didn't think he could ask for a better service but Tianshi proved him wrong by lifting herself up and pressing his face against her chest. He immediately sucked on her bare breast before his teeth sank into her with wolf-like sharpness. In revenge, she rubbed his ears, twisting and stretching which made him shiver.


With such double treatment, the spark in him immediately lit up but he held himself back, pulling out just in time.

\"Hehe, are you about to come already?\" Wuying commented playfully, looking proud of herself.

She continued to stimulate him, swiftly sliding with both hands until the surge was unbearable and he was ready to explode. Wuying seemed to be waiting for just that, stroking with her tongue extended, already prepared to devour his seeds.

His eyes were already closed when Tianshi suddenly released his head and dove down like an eagle.


He heard Wuying's cry when he felt wet and warm sensation consume him right before bursting out.

It turned out Tianshi shamelessly swallowed her reward, timely seizing the opportunity. Tianshi's mouth kept filling up with the golden liquid while Wuying watched her in disbelieved.

He recalled how each night there were battles for his seeds with girls going crazy as if they were the most delicious meal. When he asked them about it, they told him the taste was addicting and the boost in cultivation was just the bonus. This was they main reason why they preferred to savour it instead.

\"Wuying, don't be mad. I will make sure there is more,\" Xuefeng assured her, seeing the sad expression on her face. He normally went on for a few rounds so it wasn't a problem.

Unfortunately, Wuying didn't plan on giving up and ignored him.

Right when Tianshi pulled away, Wuying grabbed his erection and licked the tip clean, stroking to squeeze the last drop yet there was obviously very little left.


Tianshi swallowed, making Wuying turn to her, staring with a viper's gaze.

\"How dare you leave nothing for me. Give me my share!\" Wuying called out merciless and jumped on Tianshi like a viper on its prey.

She grabbed her arms and their lips overlapped together, shocking Tianshi.


Xuefeng watched from the side as they tumbled on the bed, their naked bodies rubbing against each other in a heated embrace. It was a great show to look at so thinking about the all fellow men out there, Xuefeng didn't stop his wives to appreciate the sight in their stead.

Wuying won after a few spins, ending up on top of Tianshi and seized her tongue, trying to recover the most she could. They aligned perfectly on each other, their butts aimed directly at him as if inviting him to take an action.

Naturally, Xuefeng would never reject such a proposal.

He sneaked up to them from behind and smacked Wuying's bottom, grasping both cheeks firmly.

\"Ah!\" Wuying's moan escaped her mouth and Tianshi seized this moment to escape from her grasp, pulling Wuying away.

Xuefeng peeked from the side and saw them stare at each other, breathing heavily.

\"You didn't have to do it...\" Tianshi muttered, wiping her mouth from the excess saliva.

\"You stole my share so I got it back.\" Wuying replied with a shrug. \"We were supposed to split fifty-fifty.\"

\"Ha! I know you wanted to take it all for yourself,\" Tianshi exposed Wuying's plan. \"I only stole from the thief. It's not a crime.\"


\"No more arguing,\" Xuefeng stopped the argument, slapping Wuying's butt once again. \"Sisters should get along else they won't receive a reward.\"

He has been teasing Wuying as they talked, ready to thrust inside her at any moment but he still bluffed. Just as he thought, his beautiful wives didn't risk it and disagreed at the same time, \"No!\"

Wuying even reached out behind her and grabbed his hand, pleading, \"I want it.\"

He didn't let them wait anymore.

\"Yes!\" Wuying cried out in excitement as he pulled on her arm and rammed inside her without hesitation.

Her legs quickly bent under his pounding and spread wider, letting him shove it more smoothly. His fingers sank in the relaxed softness of her bottom as the creaks of the bed mixed with her moans. Each beat made her fall lower until she finally laid her full length on Tianshi, sending sparks throughout their bodies that rubbed.

Wuying's muscles quivered as she suddenly clung onto Tianshi who returned the hug. Even through they just had a small conflict, they were still sisters who supported each other. Both cried into each other's ear as Xuefeng switched every second thrust, slipping inside Tianshi only to return to taste Wuying, trailing back and forth.

The more he toyed with them, the greater his desire to succumb in the whirlpool of passion which they entered every night yet he knew it was impossible this time. Everyone was waiting for them yet he was back in their room, melting his way through his first wives' fleshiest parts.


The moment Wuying's heavy breaths intensified and her voice leaked, Xuefeng went on merciless offensive, pumping rapidly. Each time he smacked her butt, getting more rough and untamed, Wuying tightened and squeezed harder. After so many intimate times with them, he knew exactly what each of them wanted.

Wuying liked to be fully dominated until she surrenders, forced into submission with his raw power while Tianshi preferred it sweet and lovely with his moves more delicate.

\"Hehe, are you about to come already?\" Xuefeng repeated her text from before, feeling she was reaching her limits and stormed violently one last time.

\"Xuefeng!\" Wuying screamed his name and finally exploded, her body pulsing as if lighting struck her.

\"I love you...\" She confessed weakly and hugged Tianshi as if to cheer her on.

She rolled to the side, her belly still quivering with each breath but there was only joy on her face.

Xuefeng was still not done as he immediately fell onto Tianshi without losing his momentum and sucked on her lips, connecting their bodies into one. Slow but firm movement with quiet whimpers, suppressed by their passionate kiss. She loved to have him all to herself but he didn't blame her, also preferring it this way.

Even though it was often impossible, when times like this happened, he could give her his all, making the moment more meaningful.

'Give it to us outside...' Tianshi proposed, her words quiet as if her mind was corrupted by her heady orgasm that came out of nowhere. 'We can share...'

His wives held hands this whole time, making him feel warm on the heart.

'As you wish.'