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 'Do you think you guys can sneak out on your own? You keep forgetting that I know the future.'

Tianshi voice resounded in his mind, at the same time as she grasped his erection through his pants, squeezing it as if measuring how hard it was. Wuying's foot was pushed down but she didn't stop rubbing, giving him a completely different sensation.

'I know that you wanted to reward Wuying for her work but I also did well today. I want to join you guys,' Tianshi demanded firmly, giving him no chance to reject him.

After all, how could he say no when Tianshi literally held him hostage, not looking like she planned to release him without a definite yes as an answer.

'I don't mind. I already figured she would find out sooner or later when I started teasing you.' Wuying also joined in the conversation, brought in by Tianshi. 'It will be more fun if Tianshi joins us.'

Xuefeng didn't need to hesitate at all, knowing there was only one choice.

\"Dad, we will be back soon. You guys start eating now,\" He called out to his father before sending the message to Tianshi, 'Tell everyone I will pay everyone back tomorrow.'

He could feel his wives' questioning gazes but there was nothing he could do. He couldn't take everyone with him else he wouldn't be able to come back to dinner and he also couldn't just leave his soldier like that. He believed he could finish pretty quickly if it was just the two of them. Tianshi kept the iron hot for hammering so he felt confident to start right away.

\"No problem, food won't grow legs and run away,\" Liu Xiaobei replied as he started putting food on his plate. His mother only smiled mysteriously and followed her husband.

'Done,' Tianshi reported after a moment and the girls seemed to calm down. He didn't know what Tianshi told them but if even Nuwa turned silent it had to be effective.

He was just about to teleport away with Tianshi when Little Mei grabbed onto his arm, stopping him.

\"Xuefeng, come back soon...\" Little Mei pleaded cutely. \"I want to spend more time with you...\"

\"Don't worry, we will be quick,\" Xuefeng assured her with a pat and suddenly disappeared from the dining hall.

Wuying followed them right after and all three appeared back in their room. Seeing his change of expression, Tianshi and Wuying ran away but before they could escape him, Xuefeng seized both of them into his arms.


Both of them escaped as he grasped their butts firmly as if he was about to punish them instead of giving a reward.

\"What is so important that you want to talk about?\" Xuefeng asked Tianshi but he didn't let her speak, letting her explain it through the taste of her lips.

He knew what they wanted but he still had to scold them for how they teased him, giving him no choice in the matter. Unfortunately, he underestimated them yet again.

Tianshi immediately went on offensive with her tongue and invaded his mouth as if it was her home, twisting, biting then taking his breath away. She wiggled, tracing and stroking the top of his fighter, tickled the side, slid through the bottom only to withdraw, tempting him to follow her.

Xuefeng didn't know where her passion came from but she succeeded, making him yearn for more. He lifted them both effortlessly, his daring fingers sinking in their juicy curves and walked towards the bed that was only a few steps away. Too bad, he forgot there was another tease, waiting to torment him as well.


His loving wives synced as if they were communicating with each other and grasped his ears fiercely, jolting him awake with joy. His heavy cry got suppressed by Tianshi's lips as she continued to taunt him, gripping onto his lush hair to control his hungry instincts.

Wuying didn't stay idle, leaning onto his neck, biting and nibbling on his skin, raging with the tip of her tongue that felt like a needle poking his tensed muscles. She kept grazing his pulsing veins with her fangs as if ready to pierce and drain his blood to the last drop yet she shifted away, stimulating his long earlobe instead, sucking and swirling with the tip.

\"There is always a way to avoid no sex ban...\" Wuying whispered, her heated breath melting his mind. \"We just need to make you want it more than us...\"

He quivered, his body trembling and heart tightening. How could he resist such a temptation? His love for them surged with each day and it never seemed to stop.

He wished to explore more, flooding and filling their bodies with his love like water invading river with an open dam. He gave them his whole world, living for them yet he wanted to give more.

\"You smell delicious...\" Wuying murmured as she extended her hand, gently stroking the bulge in his pants. \"We want to taste you...\"

He craved for them as well, immersing himself in the sweet and fresh fragrance, succumbing to their untamed desires.

Once he let them go, the two went wild, freeing him from the restraints of his clothes in the matter of seconds. His jacket was thrown back and two snakes stormed under his shirt, eagerly ripping it apart before claiming the honey underneath.

One kiss after another, two mouths crept to the bottom, grazing and toying the crevices of his muscles while leaving a bite mark on each patiently carved panels.


His belt got blasted apart with one flick of Wuying's finger, exposing him completely but they didn't continue, standing back up instead.

\"Hmm?\" Xuefeng questioned, thinking they would bring him on a magical journey but the girls ignored him, exchanging another series of kisses with him.

Each of them shamelessly pleaded for one, acting void of any restrictions. Their hands already entangled around him, one stroking the other kneading, making him addicted to their touches.

He was completely at their mercy which had to stop before it's too late.


\"Ahh!\" Both of them cried out as he slapped their butts and tossed them on the bed, climbing as well right after.

\"We don't have time, yet you tease me endlessly. Do you think I can't see your ploy?\" Xuefeng scolded, pouncing on them like a lion.

\"Haha,\" they laughed, trying to escape from him but he caught them by the legs and pulled back.

They had no choice but to surrender to him.

\"We have been bad. Please punish us.\" Wuying begged playfully, taking off her top in front of his eyes and squeezed her bare breasts as she gazed at him seductively.

She didn't give him the chance to reject as she took his hand and placed it on her chest, letting him violate it roughly.

\"Mine too,\" Tianshi called out from the side, seizing his other hand for herself, her sexy body fully naked. They were both plump yet tender, making it hard for him to let go.

Before he said anything, he saw them slowly bent their back, once again trailing down on his body with kisses but this time, he felt warm tongues wrapping around him at the rights spot.

He tangled both hands into their hair, one black, the other brown yet both soft and silky smooth before leaning back, letting them do their magic.