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 \"Mei-mei, I'm sorry for not visiting you often... I was kind of busy lately.\"

Xuefeng immediately realized what happened based on her actions and apologized genuinely. Recently, most of his time was consumed by his wives, fights with Royal Family and training. He didn't have time to casually play with Little Mei.

Unfortunately, she was still too young to understand it.

\"You said you will visit me often but you didn't come once.\" Little Mei muttered, looking at him with betrayed expression.

\"And I also told you can visit me whenever you want. Didn't I?\" Xuefeng replied with a smile.

Little Mei unexpectedly blushed and said shyly, \"I did... Yesterday evening. I thought you will be free but then I heard some loud noises so I didn't disturb you...\"


Xuefeng cleared his throat and praised, \"It's good that you didn't. I was kind of busy at that time...\"

He didn't know how to explain it to her and looked at his parents for help. They both laughed loudly and his mother changed the topic.

\"Little Mei, you have been bugging us to call Xuefeng for dinner. Are you happy that he came?\" Mu Lan asked with a playful smile.

\"Waaaah, I didn't!\" Little Mei denied immediately but her red face exposed her.

\"Are you sure?\" Mu Lan repeated, pushing her further. \"I thought you had something you want to share with him.\"


Little Mei swallowed hard and everyone heard it.

\"What is it?\" Xuefeng followed curiously, leaving Little Mei no choice.

\"I advanced to Spirit Overlord Stage...\" she muttered shyly, looking at Xuefeng's face to see his reaction. Naturally, he was amazed.

\"Already? Whoa, you are really working hard,\" Xuefeng called out proudly and patted her as a reward. \"I knew you had it in you.\"

She leaned to him as if she wanted more pats and added, \"I also mastered Air Element yesterday.\"

\"I'm really proud,\" Xuefeng praised genuinely and turned to Wu Kong. \"Did you take good care of Little Mei as I ordered?\"

He has been watching them unhappily but when he heard Xuefeng's question, he immediately cheered up and nodded, \"Yes! I am always protecting her.\"

\"Good. Keep it up,\" Xuefeng showed his thumbs up. \"I will be gone for a while so make sure she is safe and doesn't slack while I'm gone.\"

\"Yes, I will!\" Wu Kong exclaimed in excitement but Little Mei wasn't really happy about it.

\"Are you leaving again?\" she questioned in confusion. \"You just came back...\"

His parents were also interested as Liu Xiaobei asked more specifically, \"When are you leaving?\"

Most of their plans revolved around him after all. It was Xuefeng that was the icon of their Clan.

\"Probably in three of four days. I'm not really sure,\" Xuefeng replied uncertainly and recounted his plans. \"We just finished conquering the Trials and we are yet to use all the rewards we got so we will focus on that tonight. I still need to settle some matters with my wives and then there is the Royal Family issue. I won't leave until we finish with them.\"

The topic quickly changed from his cute talk with Little Mei to political matters.

\"I heard everything from Wuying. Do you want to take over them in the next three days?\" Liu Xiaobei questioned seriously as he took a sip of his wine. \"I talked with Xiao Feng and we are ready whenever you are.\"

\"Oh, really?\" Xuefeng was surprised, thinking he would trouble his father with this decision but it turned out the opposite.

\"Yes. While you were fighting publicly, we were preparing in the shadows. We already contacted eighty percent of Royal Family businesses and their managers. After recent events, almost all of them decided to join us once the Ruler is dethroned. We made really generous offers to all of them so it wasn't a surprise they would bend. We think the last twenty percent is just a matter of hours. We already sent them offers. Wuying helped us organize everything.\"

Xuefeng turned to look at Wuying across the table and saw her humble smile. \"How did you...?\" Xuefeng asked curiously, knowing she has been with him the whole time.

Wuying shrugged and replied simply, \"I don't need to be present to send out orders and decide on matters. I can spend time with you and communicate with my team at the same time.\"

Xuefeng couldn't help but get amazed. He already loved her dearly but he decided to appreciate her more and reward her later, knowing how hard she worked.

She knew that his gaze meant so she only winked at him and spoke to his father, \"I already sent my men to ask for confirmation from both Spirit Stone Mines' owners and the few big restaurants that were hesitating earlier.\"

As she reported, Xuefeng felt her soft leg touch his own. It crept upwards, rubbing on his calf and then thigh, moving deeper with each second. He stared at Wuying, trying to find her expression change but her speech wasn't even disturbed as her toes landed on his crotch.

She rubbed it in a round motion, teasing him as she continued, \"After today's incident, there shouldn't reject us anymore. We already guaranteed safety for their families and promised to reimburse them double if they suffered any losses during our battle with Royal Family. The approval from the Trade Union to support us and become our main supplier of goods also convinced many shop owners. Manager Wu was really helpful with that.\"

He was forced to pull closer to the table and cover his lap with the tablecloth to hide her shameless act.

\"Cough, what about the public? Do we have enough supporters?\" Xuefeng questioned as he cleared his throat, pretending nothing weird was happening. \"I was preparing the public to accept us and I think it's working really well.\"

His erection was already awakened and growing, not able to handle the teasing. Even though he said no to any activities, Wuying still found a way to start the avalanche. He couldn't stop her, knowing she deserved a reward and also because he sat right next to Little Mei. He didn't want to ruin her innocence.

\"We are ready. We made sure that all your activities were spread to every citizen's ears. We are also opening two more shops with your clothes and lingerie so more people can know us. Our product is loved by all women.\" Mu Lan was the one who answered, trying to involve herself as well. \"If we can claim the women, we can also claim their men. After all, everyone knows that woman is the boss in any relationship.\"

She looked at the women by the table and asked with a smile, \"Isn't that right?\"

Tianshi was the first to reply, showing both sides of the coin, \"Men wouldn't be able to live without their women but at the same time, we wouldn't be the queens without our kings.\"

\"Tianshi knows what's up. You should hang out with her more and learn how to appreciate your husband.\" Liu Xiaobei suggested with a grin but only received a smirk from Mu Lan. \"Don't worry, I will appreciate you really well tonight. I want to hear how you beg me to forget about it.\"

\"Ehem, so we are good to proceed to the last step?\" Xuefeng hurried them, his arousal already reaching the peak. He couldn't just leave it alone to settle down on its own.

\"Yes. Together with Xiao Family, we have enough manpower to secure the Capital from entering into chaos.\" Liu Xiaobei nodded, returning to the topic. \"The only question is when. We need at least a day to prepare.\"

\"How about the day after tomorrow then? The sooner the better,\" Xuefeng proposed.

\"Sure,\" Liu Xiaobei agreed without hesitation, just in time when the food was served. \"Let's discuss the details as we eat.\"

Xuefeng exchanged a sneak glance with Wuying, sending her a message with his eyes to which she replied with the same. She deserved a reward and he couldn't just stay like this for the whole dinner.

\"Ehem, Wuyin-\" He tried to excuse the two of them for a moment when a sudden hand fell onto his thigh, squeezing it, making him pause.

He followed the direction of the hand and saw Tianshi's smile. She extended her hand further and grabbed his crotch firmly, asking him out loud, \"Xuefeng, can I ask you and Wuying for a second? I need to tell you something in private.\"