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 Xuefeng's words struck like lightning, stunning the whole crowd. Who wouldn't panic after being placed in front of a decision like that? A decision that very likely determined their close future.

If they chose to stay with Royal Family and they ended up like Tang Family, they would probably end up with nothing. Even their lives could be in danger. On the other hand, choosing Xiao Family and Liu Clan who looked much stronger in every way possible could give them a huge boost once they defeat the Royal Family.

If Xuefeng asked anyone the same question a few weeks ago, they would most certainly end up laughing in his face and disagree without hesitation. This was only because the Tang Family was there to balance the forces. This was no longer possible.

\"Don't worry! You don't need to decide right now,\" Xuefeng followed up after a short moment. \"Return to your family and discuss it with your close ones in private. Spread the news to your friends and whoever you meet. If you wish to join our alliance with your business, your strength or your wisdom, visit Xiao Family's or Liu Clan's palace by tomorrow.\"

He no longer looked at the crowd after his announcement, leaving the decision to them and looked at Big Johny instead. His smile triggered another avalanche of emotions on Big Johny's Face.

\"Rebel! He is starting the revolution! Don't listen to him!\" Big Johny cried out to the crowd, trying to save what's left. \"Royal Family has been stable for thousands of years! Two puny clans can't defeat the imperium that Royal Family created! We have the support of all four regions who are ready to send armies to support our cause.\"

Xuefeng didn't give him the chance to recover as he immediately countered, looking at Big Johny pitifully, \"Oh, really? Is Royal Family so weak right now that it needs help from outside to survive? That's really pathetic.\"

\"We don't need anyone's help! Royal Family is united, no matter where it comes. We are all together, both in misery and fortune,\" Big Johny replied back. \"We do not fear bullies and never will! Two families grouping up just to fight us, the Imperium?! Are you so afraid you can't battle us solo?!\"

Big Johny smirked, looking as if he already won. Part of the crowd was bought by his words, but Xuefeng prepared a simple comeback.

\"You think this is a game? It's obvious we fight as one. My father is Liu Clan Leader. My father-in-law is Xiao Family Leader. Our families already become one through marriage.\"

As he spoke, he pulled Xiao Wen into his arms and kissed her deeply. She was a notable figure in the Capital so everyone knew her.

He didn't let go of her and called out to the crowd, \"You all can go back home safely. We will protect you against Royal Family Guards so you don't have to worry they arrest you. Anyone who joins us will be protected, together with their families.\"

'There is no way he eats the bait, right?' Ming commented amusedly.

Just as she spoke, Big Johny glanced at the crowd who was preparing to disperse and called out in warning, \"Anyone who betrays Royal Family will be accused of treason! Anyone who spread the words of a rebel will be considered one as well and dealt accordingly.\"

\"Hahaha, do you really think people are dumb?\" Xuefeng burst out laughing. \"We offer everyone a choice yet Royal Family use threats and violence on their own citizens. Do you want your wives, your husbands and your kids to live in fear or do you want to be free and happy? I guess the choice is obvious now.\"


The crowd started madly discussing, creating a massive buzz. Big Johny's face immediately turned ugly, seeing he was losing control.

\"No! We don't-\" Big Johny started but was cut off by a female voice from the crowd, chanting loudly, \"Free and happy! Free and happy!\"

With one person, another followed and soon everyone started shouting.

\"Free and happy!\"

\"Free and happy!\"

\"Free and happy!\"

A moment later, Wuying, who sneakily disappeared earlier, suddenly appeared back near Xuefeng and winked at him.

\"Bastard!\" Big Johny cursed, seeing the scene happen in front of his eyes and called out to his men, \"We are withdrawing!\"

Unfortunately, his timing was the worst.

\"Who do you think you call a bastard?\"

A cold voice reached him as his body froze mid-air.

Nuwa flew up from the ground and soon appeared in front of Xuefeng. \"My love, did this ugly man trouble you?\" Nuwa asked lovingly. \"I, your faithful wife, will punish those who dare curse you.\"

Big Johny was completely immobilized, his arms twisting as he got pulled forward by Nuwa's Spirit Power.

Xuefeng wanted to comment on her interference but ended up ignoring it and simply greeted her, following her style, \"Welcome back, my dear wife. How was your trial?\"

\"It was good. I got first again,\" Nuwa replied happily as she pointed at the leaderboard. She beat Big Johny's score by tens of thousands of points but that was to be expected.

What surprised Xuefeng was that she didn't receive the perfect score, allowing him to beat her if he tried hard enough. Nuwa seemed to figure out what he thought about as she muttered while pursing her lips, \"Don't think it's so easy. This trial was actually harder. If you can actually beat me this time, you deserve it.\"

She winked at him and turned around, her attitude changing one hundred and eighty degrees. \"I asked you a question! Are you deaf?!\"

Big Johny only moved with his eyes, showing panic.


Only then did Nuwa realize something.

\"Oh wait, I blocked his mouth too,\" Nuwa commented and clicked with her fingers, giving his head some free movement. \"There you go. Do you have anything for your defense?\"

She gave him the chance to get himself out of it yet Big Johny didn't take it, crying out to his men, \"What are you waiting for?! Help me!\"

Royal Family Guards tensed up, looking really hesitant to act. None of them moved, leaving Big Johny speechless.

\"I said come to help me! It's an order!\" Big Johny cried out but his men turned their heads away, avoiding his gaze.

\"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Do you think your men will help you? You can't even defeat the weakest of my guards. Do you think they stand a chance?\" Xuefeng snickered, already predicting such a situation would happen. The moment Big Johny lost for the first time, he could see the unwillingness in Royal Family Guards' eyes.

Although Xuefeng helped his man win just to be sure his plan worked, they didn't know that.

Having no one who can save him, Big Johny claimed, \"You won't dare kill me! Killing me will start the war! You are not ready for a war!\"

Xuefeng only smiled, finding it amusing. There were many things he dared and didn't, but this one definitely didn't belong to the latter.

\"Tell your woman to release me and we will forget about this. I will speak to the ruler on your behalf,\" Big Johny tried to convince him with another method but that only made Xuefeng laugh.

\"How come all Royal Family leaders are so delusional?\"


With one crunch, Big Johny's eyes froze still and his body lost power. Everyone in the crowd held their breath, not expecting they will actually kill him.

The truth was, Xuefeng was also surprised, still not done with his speech.

\"Nuwa? What was that?\" Xuefeng questioned confused.

\"Whoops. Did I read the wrong script? I thought it's time to kill him,\" Nuwa explained, putting on an apologetic smile. \"Did you need him for anything?\"

\"Nevermind. It's too late,\" Xuefeng shook his head and called out to the Royal Guards, \"Go back to your Ruler and say I killed him. He shouldn't blame you guys.\"

The Royal Family Guards looked at him surprised and bowed in gratitude, \"Thank you, Sir!\"

Seeing them fly away, Nuwa asked curiously, \"Why did you let them off so easily?\"

\"You will see really soon,\" Xuefeng replied with a mysterious smile.

\"I will report it to father,\" Xiao Wen announced as she pulled away from him. \"He needs to be ready in case the Ruler decides to act like an idiot and attack us.\"

\"Me too,\" Wuying agreed, taking out the communication crystal as well.

\"Don't worry, he won't,\" Xuefeng assured them. \"He needs loyal people for that.\"