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 (+18 content, warning! If you don't want to read about sexual scenes, skip this and the next chapter)

Xuefeng opened the door with a kick before walking towards the bed. Wuying heart was pounding with her imagination was running wild as she didn't know what to expect. She expected him to just kiss her a couple of times more, but he suddenly picked her and didn't give her a chance to reject.

Xuefeng also wanted to vent his stress somehow. From the earlier incident with Li Kun, he was hiding his emotions trying to escape from reality, but from time to time the image of a rolling head on the ground was coming to his mind and didn't want to go away.

He threw Wuying on the bed before throwing himself on her like a panther on his prey. His lips found its target and breached her defences without much effort. Wuying through away her worries and jumped into the abyss of pleasure. She didn't know what would happen but now she didn't care. As long as it's with him, she could do it.

Her hands wrapped around his neck and played with his golden hair. Her legs also moved flexibly around his waist trapping him in her embrace. She will not let him leave until both of them were satisfied.

"Mhmm" Wuying exclaimed when something slimy forced its way into her mouth. She recognized it as Xuefeng tongue and followed its movements playing with it around. After a moment of practice, she started to enjoy their little battle.

They rolled around the bed entangled in each other making a mess of the whole bed until they finally found their position. Their lips separated to let their lungs catch a proper amount of air. Wuying was laying under Xuefeng body, with her clutches in a total mess.

Xuefeng took off his shirt showing his well-developed muscles. A body transformation like that which happened in a week would be quite odd on earth, but with Ling Fate Qi nourishment, it wasn't a problem.

Wuying was expecting that it would be the end, but seeing him take off his shirt, she realized it was only the beginning. She watched with her flushed face as he took off her clothes one by one until she was only left with a thin undergarment.

He didn't ask for her permission before attempting to reach the summit of her tender peaks. He first started to caress them slowly before pinching her two sensitive spots.

"Ahh... be gentle..." She moaned uncontrollably before covering her face from embarrassment. She called out quietly out of worry, but the more he fondled with them, the more pleasure she felt. Even if he used slightly more strength, she couldn't help but moan from enjoyment instead of pain.

This realization caused her to redden even more, but she didn't want to stop their moment.

"Ah..." Suddenly a loud moan escaped from her mouth as she felt a different sensation from her chest. She reached with her hands and encountered Xuefeng head that was earnestly sucking on one of her summits. His tongue was running around in circles and sometimes poking it from the left and right.

"Mhmm." Wuying was enjoying his acts without carrying about her image anymore. Feeling an urge for another passionate kiss, Wuying pulled him away from her chest before flipping him on his back. Their naked chests met without any barriers between them as she followed her desires.

Their lips touched again and Wuying tongue got into action before Xuefeng could react. She was really enjoying playing with him like that. As Wuying moved on top of his body, she felt something hard and long poking her in the abdomen.

She reached out with her hand to move it away but it went back into the same place again. Without thinking much about it, she tried to grab it harder but it still didn't want to move from its place.

Noticing something was out of order she stopped her assault and sat down to check it out. After looking down, her brain finally started working and she realised what that thing was. What she didn't know was why it was so big and hard. She recalled the scene when she peeked at Xuefeng bathing and it definitely wasn't like that.

"...Does it hurt?" She asked worriedly.

"What?" Xuefeng didn't understand what she meant.

"... I mean, does it hurt when it's like that?" She pointed at his manhood asking again.

Hearing her again, he finally realised that people in this world didn't have huge access to a knowledge about intimate stuff like teenagers on earth had. He thought it was funny, seeing the Wuying worried face.

"Not now but it will hurt if we don't do anything about it. It usually calms down when you massage it." He said with a pained expression.

"Oh! Why didn't you tell me earlier? How can I help you?" She asked seriously.

"Take it into your hand and massage it for a bit." He proposed.

"Okay." Wuying thought she somehow hurt him in the process of their fun and didn't think he would lie to her. She started gently massaging his crotch area with a focused expression. Although he was wearing pants, he could still feel her kind touch.

"Mhmm, It's working but I don't think, we will finish by tomorrow if we do it like this. How about we try skin to skin massage?" Xuefeng hurt expression lightened a bit but he still had a hint of pain on his face.

"Uhm..." Her face flushed with a deep shade of red imaging herself touching his thing with her bare hands.

"You don't have to help me, I can just go to sleep and it will go away through the night," Xuefeng said and tried to stand up but was pressed by Wuying hands back into his original position.

"I will do it." She cried with a determined expression while thinking 'If I want to be with him, what is a small massage.'

She grabbed his pants and pulled them down abruptly. What she saw after was a straight spear that was trying to pierce the heavens. She reached with her hand and grabbed it softly.

"It's hot..." She was amazed by how warm and hard it was. It didn't even fit into her hand.

Xuefeng was also satisfied with the equipment he inherited from his predecessor. He put his hand on top of hers and started moving up and down.

She learned the moves after a few strokes and repeated it. Seeing his joyful expression, she was glad she could help him. She started experimenting by adding new elements like a stroking with a twist and later even using two hands at the same time.

She thought it would be bad, but after a while, she thought it was fun.

"How about you put it in between your boobs and massage it with them?" He watched her playing with his staff aggressively causing him to slowly reach his limit and suggested another solution.

"Like this?" Wuying didn't question him this time and listen to his orders. He moved to the edge of the bed and she sandwiched his friend with her ample bosom. She moved up and down copying her earlier movements. It brought him another wave of enjoyment.

Seeing her like that, he tried to push her a little bit further.

"Can you lick it on the tip?" He thought she will reject his request but soon felt a warm tongue covered in saliva licking tenderly on his dragon head.

"Ahh... feels good..." He moaned with ecstasy.

He didn't have to teach her anymore as she figured the rest alone. She started from licking all around the head but then realised that it would be more efficient if she just put it in her mouth and moved with her tongue inside.

She did as she thought and swallowed the whole tip. Xuefeng sat down and brushed away her hair watching her focused face. With each movement, his sword was going deeper and deeper as she finally stopped using her chest and focused solely on her mouth.

Her tongue was wrapping around the shaft as she sucked it deep down her throat. If he didn't know her, he would think she was quite experienced in this kind of activity.

"I'm going to burst soon," Xuefeng warned her before he reached his limit but she didn't quite understand and continued relieving him from pain.

"Ahhh..." He finally couldn't withstand her actions and shot thick juices straight into her mouth.

"Gurgle..." She received the whole load without moving back and even started to choke from the generous amount of it.

She was surprised when she noticed it tasted quite sweet and also had a lot of weird energy inside of it. She swallowed everything down her throat and even licked the staff clean wanting more. Wuying suddenly felt as all her tiredness from today was gone. It was a wonderful feeling.

She looked at Xuefeng dragon who was still up and hard as ever and asked: "It's still like this, how about I help you massage it again?"