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 If it was a Ruler of the Realm, the people gathered on the plaza wouldn't dare to disrespect him but not many cared about Big Johny. He couldn't stop a big crowd so almost everyone laughed.

'I'm sorry dude, I have nothing against you but you were unlucky. Blame Royal Family,' Xuefeng thought as he disappeared yet again from the scene. 'You just appeared in the wrong place and at the wrong time.'

He pitied him, feeling like an asshole but quickly realized there were no underhanded methods in war. Big Johny was after all an enemy. By humiliating him, he gave a blow to Royal Family as well.

Naturally, this was just a provocation. What would happen next was no longer in his hands.

Xuefeng reappeared near his wives and saw them still covering their eyes.

\"I have such good wives,\" he commented happily as he walked up to each of them and gave them a kiss while uncovering their eyes.

\"What did you do?\" Xiao Wen asked curiously, looking around the laughing crowd. \"Did you actually took off his pants in front of everyone?\"

They could guess what happened based on Xuefeng's taunting words from before and the crowds' laughter.

Xuefeng didn't confirm and ordered, \"If he attacks, don't help me. I will fight him on my own.\"

\"What if he orders his men to join?\" Princess Shan questioned worriedly, not bothered by Xuefeng's motives. \"We will join you when they do.\"

\"I don't think he will. The only way to regain his pride is by beating me. Don't worry, I already have a plan,\" Xuefeng assured. \"So far it's working really well. I won't be able to stay here forever so I need to get rid of Royal Family before we depart to Heaven Realm.\"

Xuefeng turned to the enemy and saw Big Johny curse at his men or the crowd, giving him some more time. He wanted to explain why he acted like a douche.

\"I want to help my father take control over Earth Realm but Royal Family stands on our way. We can't get rid of them in one swoop as their roots are way too deep. Once we destroy them, the whole Capital will turn into chaos. People still need a leader and we will give them one,\" Xuefeng pointed out. \"If we ruin their credibility and slowly sway the public, they will be done much faster and cleaner. This will also give my father more time to prepare and Liu Clan to flourish in the Capital.\"

He was afraid they will think he turned into a bad person but his worries seemed to be unnecessary.

\"Xuefeng, we know exactly what you are doing. You don't need to explain.\" Wuying squeezed his hand to calm him down. \"We will always stand behind you no matter what you do.\"

Xiao Wen and Princess Shan confirmed with a nod, cheering with supportive smiles.

\"Your father also knows what you are doing and he is already preparing,\" Wuying added. \"He will inform you when he is ready to take over the capital. He and Xiao Feng have already been talking in private.\"

\"Oh, really?\" Xuefeng was pleasantly surprised. \"That's great. I wanted to talk to him after I finish my plan.\"

\"Hehe, I guess your father doesn't want to leave all the fun to you,\" Wuying giggled and suddenly pointed behind him. \"I think Small Dicky is mad mad.\"

Xuefeng turned to look at him again and this time Big Johny's anger was targeted at him. He seemed to realize he couldn't stop the crowd either by words or force, only making the matter worse. He had to do something else and the solution was him, just as Xuefeng predicted.

\"Bastard! It's all your fault!\" Big Johny cried out, flying forward in between their groups.

This was exactly what Xuefeng was waiting for and he moved a few meters forward as well. Xuefeng glanced down at the crowd and announced, \"Guys! Don't laugh at Small Dicky. Let's keep it all a secret. Don't tell anyone about it, okay? Definitely don't tell it to your friends, neighbors, family and most definitely your grandma. Her heart might not take it.\"


The crowd burst out laughing even more. There was no way they wouldn't tell everyone about this. Xuefeng sounded as if he was really concerned about Big Johny which made his words even funnier.

He started it in the first place!

Big Johny was already as red as a tomato, no longer able to hold back his anger. He pulled out a shiny sword and aimed it at Xuefeng, crying out, \"You and I can't live under the same moon! Even if I have to die, I will fight you!\"


The crowd got excited, seeing a battle was about to break out. Such stuff was the peak class entertainment so no one wanted to miss. The whole plaza was already packed with passersby stopping to watch the show.

Xuefeng smiled at first but then laughed, \"Haha! You want to fight me? Do you think you are that important? Even your Ruler is not worthy to fight me.\"

Big Johny's eyebrows twitched, showing he was already on the verge of exploding. He didn't rush forward, seeing one hundred and fifty experts already preparing to attack if he got any closer. Royal Family guards also prepared their weapons, getting ready to pounce to assault.

The tension between the two groups increased to limits when Xuefeng finally spoke, \"Alright, I won't be so cruel. I am in a good mood today. If you can defeat one of my guards, I will fight you. I need you to prove you are worthy.\"

Big Johny didn't hesitate, needing an outlet to release his anger, \"Fine! Bring it on!\"

\"Alright,\" Xuefeng nodded, turning to the Elvish Team Leader and asked, \"Who is the weakest? Tell him to come forward!\"

\"Pfft!\" the crowd laughed yet again, this time already expecting something funny from Xuefeng. The excitement could be seen on their faces.

If Big Johny couldn't even win against the weakest expert from Liu Clan, wouldn't that be everyone else from Royal Family was useless?

Xuefeng thought it would be hard to find the weakest member but a second later, one of them flew up to meet him, announcing himself, \"I'm the weakest of my brothers, Sir!\"

Elves were not ashamed to be the weakest but rather used it as a motivation to improve. The short cut middle-aged man was still proud of being chosen to join this mission and able to explore this new world.

\"Good! If you can win, I will reward you one million high-tiered Spirit Stones,\" Xuefeng promised. \"Don't hold back at all.\"

\"Yes, Sir!\" the guard called out excitedly before focusing his eyes on the enemy.

Everyone was no longer excited but rather shocked. One million for one battle? How much money did Liu Clan have?!

Big Johny only smirked at that, his sword already gaining power and called out in angry laughter, \"Haha! Money won't help him-\"


His speech got cut off as the Elvish Guard didn't waste time, launching an offense right away. His two lightning fists exploded at the spot where Big Johny hovered, missing at the last moment when he teleported away.

\"Wait! We didn't start!\" Big Johny called out, not expecting his opponent will attack without any warning, breaking the common rules.

Too bad, this was not the arena match.


The Elvish Guard followed him swiftly without hesitation and this time hit him hard, taking the sword out of his hands with one hit and blasted his body with another.

\"W-what just happened?\"

This was the question everyone asked themselves, not expecting such an outcome.

\"Cheater!\" Big Johny called out angrily, caught by his subordinates some far away. \"I couldn't even move!\"

He wasn't injured but his armor absorbed most of the damage, being almost wholly crushed.

Elvish Guard didn't look at him and instead approached Xuefeng.

\"Sir.\" He presented the sword to him but Xuefeng shook his head, rejecting it. \"You can keep it. If you don't want it, you can sell it.\"

\"Thank you, Sir!\" Elvish Guard bowed in gratitude and claimed the sword as his, keeping it into his Storage Ring.

Big Johny raged at that move but before he could say anything, Xuefeng pointed at him and announced loudly, his voice aimed at the crowd.

\"Is this really what you all believe in? One of the strongest members of the Royal Family can't even win against Liu Clan's weakest expert? Can you even feel safe knowing such useless crap is protecting your Capital? Is this really where your taxes are going?\"


Although many cheered for the underdog from Liu Clan, most of the people were still behind Big Johny, connected with Royal Family one way or another. Seeing he lost, it felt as if they lost as well. Although they laughed, they didn't think too deeply about it.

It was Xuefeng who opened their eyes.

\"Royal Family is losing power with each day and their downfall is near! They are no longer the strongest in the Capital!\" Xuefeng's clear voice resounded throughout the plaza. \"Tell your friends, tell your family. It's time to choose.\"

He paused, before finishing his words with a banger.

\"If Royal Family can't even protect themselves, how can they protect you? Do you wish to listen to a Ruler who can't even take care of his own palace or do you want to join us, Liu Clan and Xiao Family alliance, two strongest entities in this world? There won't be a second opportunity like this. Switch sides now and be rewarded or lose everything when it's too late.\"

\"Choose wisely! Time is limited.\"