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 Xuefeng didn't hesitate and ordered everyone to follow him, having nothing to worry about. There were thousands Royal Family experts gathered in front of the Ether Inheritance Trial but he still had the power advantage if any fights started.

All three hundred of Nuwa's Elvish Guards were already comparable to a Spirit Monarch expert with all having at least five elements mastered. Their enemy had only a pitiful amount of them as not many experts were stupid enough to work for someone else with such high cultivation.

If they didn't aim to ascend, they could still start their own sect and be their own boss. On the other hand, being the Queen's guard was the greatest honor for the Forest Elves.


Xuefeng glanced at the leaderboard next to the temple and grinned, realizing that Royal Family didn't stay idle.

\"The Central Region is doomed with such a useless Ruler. He never learns. Why does he keep on trying to pick a fight with us?\" Xiao Wen commented, shaking her head.

The whole leaderboard was now filled with Royal Family's scores.

\"I guess they started claiming the leaderboards from the other side of the capital. This is why we only met them now,\" Xuefeng thought out loud. \"The last three are probably already took over by them.\"

\"It doesn't matter. Their scores are so pitifully low,\" Nuwa mocked. \"I can beat those with my eyes closed.\"

\"There is no need to fight them directly. Let's just show them who is the boss by crushing all of their scores,\" Xuefeng proposed, following his original plan.

Just as he was about to order a descend, Wuying halted him, pointing out, \"Wait, let's split this time. If the Royal Family decides to attack us, we will be at a disadvantage. Half of the group can go inside first and then exchange with the rest.\"

\"Alright, let's do this.\"


Nuwa, Tianshi, Yiren, and Yi accompanied by one hundred and fifty guards were the first group to enter while Xuefeng waited outside with the rest. Although their numbers decreased, Royal Family experts didn't seem to think of attacking. They distanced themselves to the other side of the plaza and hovered in the sky, waiting for everyone to finish their runs.

The plaza was too small to fit them all so they each shared the space in the sky, leaving a small buffer between them.

It was basically a battle of stares.

\"The guy at the front has the nickname Big Johny,\" Xiao Wen described as they watched their enemy leader. \"He is at the peak of the Mortal Cultivation yet he doesn't ascend because he is the Ruler's most faithful dog.\"

The leading man was a tall buffed giant of a man, living up to his nickname. There was a smirk on his face as she looked at his men with a proud expression. He couldn't be blamed as he currently stood in the first place of the Ether Inheritance Trial. It was definitely something to be proud of.

Xuefeng wasn't bothered by that, being confident that he could beat his score with Nuwa.

\"Do you know how did he give himself such a nickname? It's not because he is tall but because he claims the spear in his pants is so big no woman can resist him in bed,\" Xiao Wen gossiped happily, having nothing else to do. \"The best part is, that's a huge lie. There is a rumor that it is as small as a pinky of a woman's hand.\"

\"Haha, really?\" Xuefeng laughed, recalling a joke from Earth.

If someone calls themselves big, they use it to hide their complex of having small manhood.

\"Yeah. An old acquaintance of mine had the unpleasantness of seeing it. She confirmed the rumor but didn't dare to spread it. He seems to be shutting down everyone who spread rumors about him, using Royal Family's influence. I couldn't be bothered to expose it so eventually, the rumor died down,\" Xiao Wen explained as she hugged onto his chest. \"Our Xuefeng is equipped with the real weapon, hehe.\"

\"It is only reserved for my wives. Others don't need to know about it,\" Xuefeng embraced Xiao Wen and suddenly thought of an idea. \"We will wait here for a little while. Why don't we all have some fun?\"

\"Huh...?\" Xiao Wen, Princess Shan, and Wuying looked at him with surprise. \"You want to do it now? Here?\"

All three misunderstood him and looked around as if they were searching for a place to stay, seriously contemplating it. \"There are some inns nearby.\" Xiao Wen suggested, biting on her lip.

Princess Shan came close and hugged him from behind, placing her head on his shoulder. \"I don't mind. I have never enough of you...\"

\"What if we can't finish before others come back? What about the guards?\" Wuying asked, thinking more practically.

\"Girls... Shouldn't it be me who is dirty? How come the first thing that comes to your mind is sex?\" Xuefeng asked speechless, wishing to smack their butts as punishment but he stopped himself.

The three didn't reply immediately and instead cuddled into his body, having little to their defense. \"It's your fault for making us feel so good every night... We became addicted now,\" Xiao Wen shifted the blame to him.

He couldn't really fight with that argument so he patted their heads and explained, \"I wanted to provoke Royal Family for fun. We are stuck here anyway.\"

Knowing their time was limited, he quickly gave out and ordered, \"Count to ten and then close your eyes. Don't open them for another ten seconds.\"

He didn't explain why and simply vanished, leaving his wives confused. They glanced at Big Johny in the distance, not willing to lose on fun but they still listened to Xuefeng, beginning their count.

At the same time, Xuefeng sneaked on the enemy forces which clearly saw Xuefeng's disappearance.

\"Where did he go? Everyone, stay alert,\" Big Johny warned seriously, not underestimating Xuefeng.


Big Johny's head got smacked from behind, sending his body forward. One could see by his expression changing that he got pissed off immediately.

\"WHO HIT ME?!\" he cried out angrily, his Spirit Awareness exploding outward.

He didn't notice any enemy near him so he shifted his gaze at the nearest subordinate of his that was distancing himself.

\"Bastard was it you?! Are you tired of living?!\" He cursed, pulling out his weapon.

\"No! It's not me! I can't move my body!\" The subordinate shouted back, horrified, making everyone realize that something was wrong.

Too bad, it was too late.

\"It was me.\"


Just as a sudden voice resounded next to Big Johny's ear, his pants ripped and slid down, exposing his crotch to all of his subordinates. Everyone who looked in his direction froze.

Xuefeng appeared a few meters to the side and laughed, \"Haha! It's so tiny! Like a little worm!\"

Some of his subordinates almost choked, trying to hold back their laughter and managed to stop themselves, seeing how red Big Johny was.

He quickly grabbed his pants, putting them back on and cursed in Xuefeng direction, no longer bothered by Xuefeng's status, \"Bastard! I will kill you!\"

Xuefeng only grinned and suggested, \"How about you change your name? Big Johny doesn't suit you. How about Small Dicky? Or Baby Carrot John?\"