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 'Congratulations, you have passed the trial. Please, claim your reward.'

\"That was way too easy,\" Xuefeng muttered with a smile, canceling his clones. 'Thank you, girls. You two are honestly awesome.'

With his clones spread out on the line, no enemy could pass through, no matter how many of them spawned. With Ming and Ling's help, he already had two overpowered Arts yet the two didn't seem to think of resting.

'Hehe, we still have more arts coming,' Ming announced with a giggle and wondered out loud, 'Ling, do you think he will give us a reward later tonight?'

As if she was colluding with her mother, Ling replied with desire, 'Hmm, I hope so. It has been a while since Xuefeng visited. I miss his kisses in the morning...'

'I can hear you guys...' Xuefeng called out speechless and made a split-second decision, sitting cross-legged on the ground. 'Bring me inside for a moment.'

He didn't need to say it twice as Ling knew very well what he wanted.


Right when he appeared in a familiar Palace bedroom, Ling threw herself at him, hanging from his neck. There has been a lot going on recently which made him neglect this beauty in his arms. Thankfully, she was the most understanding from all of his wives.

Xuefeng smiled at that reaction, already expecting it and gave her a well-deserved hug. She wore a thin white nightgown, wearing nothing beneath it as if she wanted to seduce him and she succeeded.

\"Give me a kiss,\" he whispered into her ear as he slid down from her back and squeezed on her bottom, feeling the warmth of her skin on his palm.

\"Mhmm...\" Ling moaned and listened to his ordered right away, sucking on his lips as if her life depended on it. They didn't have much time so they made the best use of this little moment.

\"Thank you... I knew you will come,\" Ling muttered softly, hugging him after her little reward.

Only with Ling pressed to her chest did Xuefeng see Ming appear in the room, sitting on the edge of the bed. She stared at them with a cheeky smile, her body arched as she leaned back with her arms as support.

\"It should be me thanking. You help me a lot,\" Xuefeng replied honestly, brushing his fingers through Ling's long white hair.

He looked at Ming and added, \"You two Ming. Your arts are amazing.\"

Ming was wearing her usual red, asymmetrical skirt that would expose her bottom if she didn't sit with one leg on another. The sides of her slim belly with little to none unnecessary fat was exposed as a small strip of red cloth ran through the middle, connecting her skirt and bra. Compared to the first time he met her, he realized her breasts increased in size.

He didn't know what she planned but Ming bit her lips playfully and asked, \"Shouldn't I also get a reward then?\"

She swung with her blonde ponytail and switched her legs to gain his attention.

\"Mom~ Why are you teasing him?\" Ling complained but Ming put her finger up to her lips and shushed her gently, \"Shhh, you had your kiss already.\"

Ling couldn't refute that and moved to the side, letting Xuefeng free but he didn't release her, pulling her back into his chest.

\"What do you want as a reward?\" Xuefeng asked curiously. \"Don't tell me you also want a kiss?\"

Ming finally stood up and walked up to them while replying, \"Won't that make it fair? I'm also your Fate Spirit now.\"

She stopped in front of them and waited for him to act, looking as if she dared him to try it.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as simple for Xuefeng. For him, every woman was the same, no matter the Race. He didn't differentiate, treating both Fate Spirits and humans equally. If he kissed her, it would mean she was already his woman.

\"You know that there is no other man than you in this world that I can be with, right?\" Ming questioned as she grasped onto his shirt. \"I'm already permanently-\"

She didn't get to finish as Xuefeng cut her off, already knowing where she was going with her talk. He held onto her head and leaned over, granting her wish.

To his surprise, Ming's lips trembled and her fists tightened as if she wasn't expecting it. Xuefeng didn't want to force anything so he pulled away after just one soft bite and questioned, \"Didn't you want a kiss? What is this reaction?\"

Ming released him and sighed, taking a deep breath to calm down, \"I was ready but It seems my little sister wasn't. Even if I'm in control now, she is still within me. She couldn't help but panic when you kissed me...\"

'Sir, please claim your reward.'

He was about to reply when the Trial Spirit hurried him from the outside, forcing him to excuse himself.

\"Well, I need to go now. The Trial Spirit is asking for me.\"

He patted both on the head and disappeared, leaving the two alone.

Ling didn't waste time and turned to her mom. \"Didn't you say that Little Ming is asleep? How come she is awake now?\" Ling exposed her with a smile and teased, \"To think the Mother of Spirits would be flustered by a simple kiss.\"

\"Hey, it's not my fault, okay?\" Ming fought back, not letting Ling bully her. \"I just didn't kiss for many years so I forgot what to do.\"

\"Hehehe,\" Ling giggled as she covered her mouth with her hand before disappearing, knowing Ming was about to grab her.

\"Don't think you can escape! Come to mom! I want to hug my daughter!\"


Xuefeng wasn't aware of the mother and daughter fight as he was leaving the trial, preparing to leave for the next one. He didn't win with Nuwa again this time but he still had seven other chances so he wasn't that worried.

As they moved to the next, Spirit Inheritance Trial, he asked Ming how she was but she assured him she was fine. He didn't want to make it awkward between them so he didn't question further, seeing she didn't mind. They could always work on their relations over the course of his life so they had a lot of time.

Spirit Inheritance Trial.

It was the most standard one from them all. He had to directly fight ten battles with Spirit Beasts which increased in power every round. The strongest, rank 7 Double-fanged Tiger, had the power comparable to a Saint but one couldn't underestimate its strength. Many sages seemed to fail in this last step.

Thankfully, it didn't apply to Xuefeng.

'I'm sending you five Sword Moves of the famous Sword God. It is not easy to grasp with each move harder than the next but it is worth to master it. You should be able to perform the first move with just our help.'

Air Inheritance Trial.

They had to fly through an obstacle course. Xuefeng thought he would be fastest this time, Nuwa's Wings being much weaker than his own but he still ended up losing to her, being short of one point.

\"You think you can beat me? Someone who has been flying since she was born?\" Nuwa giggled when he asked her how she did it and he had to give up, giving her this win.

\"Don't worry, now I will beat you,\" Xuefeng replied confidently and asked Xiao Wen on the way, \"Where are we heading now?\"

It was already dinner time but Xuefeng was determined to finish all Trials in one single day.

\"Both Ether and Earth Inheritance Trials are nearby. We can go to either one of them,\" She replied simply, having no preference.

\"Let's go to Ether one then. Both of us are still yet to master Ether Element so it would be fair,\" Xuefeng decided, giving Nuwa a glance.

She seemed to be chilling and teased, \"I don't recall mastering Metal Element yet I still won. Huehue.\"

\"We will see,\" Xuefeng smirked.

It was their sixth trial already so Xuefeng had to go all out.

Just as he thought what would be the theme of the next trial, Wuying flew up to him and called out, \"Xuefeng, I think there will be a problem.\"


Xuefeng didn't understand her at first but then looked around and saw what she meant. Royal Family's experts were flying above their next target.

\"I guess someone decided to challenge us.\"