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 Tianshi thought about Nuwa's proposal for a little while but in the end, she shook her head, creating her own counter suggestion.

"How about we have a healthy challenge without betting anything? This way we can have a competition without risking anything."

"Ah, but wouldn't it be boring?" Nuwa sighed, being the one who enjoyed betting the most.

Tianshi smiled and hugged into Nuwa's full chest. "Isn't it fine the way we are right now? Everyone can give their opinions and we can decide all together. You are already using your experience as the queen and help manage the group better but I think everyone should have a part in that."

Tightening the hug, Tianshi added softly, "Having a leader would only ruin what we have now. We are all a family."

"Mhmm, I understand," Nuwa didn't push her points, agreeing in the end. "Let's have a normal competition then."

Just as she spoke, the portal behind them trembled and another person spawned from it. Even without turning around they knew it would be either Xuefeng or Xiao Wen.

"Oh, you two beat me," Xuefeng called out, looking a bit surprised. He approached them and joined the group hug, grasping their waists. "Tianshi? How did you get here so fast?"

Although he and Tianshi came late, the girls waited for them so they can enter all together. Xuefeng still knew nothing about Tianshi new abilities but he didn't assume the worst case scenario, looking at her with hope.

Tianshi grinned and poked his nose, "What do you think?" She couldn't help but be in a good mood after securing first place. She wanted to enjoy the proud look he will give her once he learns of her proves.

Xuefeng first looked at Tianshi and then at Nuwa. "Don't tell me you finished first?" Xuefeng asked, guessing based on her mood.

"Yup," Tianshi replied simply, pursing her lips with satisfaction. Xuefeng showed amazement and immediately hugged her tighter, kissing happily.

"Congrats!" Xuefeng called out ecstatic, "I'm so proud of you."


As Xuefeng busied himself with Tianshi, the other lady in his arms reminded him of her presence. She didn't make it too obvious like hitting him but instead looked away, pouting.

Thankfully, Xuefeng noticed it in time and announced, "I'm proud of you too, Nuwa."

"Hmpf, when I get first place, I only receive scoldings but Tianshi gets kisses. You are so unfair..." Nuwa muttered unhappily, having her cute moment. "And I even changed my leaderboard name especially for you..."

"Ah, you know I cherish both of you..." Xuefeng explained, giving her a gentle kiss. "You are always on top so it is normal for you but for Tianshi it's a special day. I am just happy for her improvements..."

"Come here," He muttered as he rubbed their backs with similar care and placed their heads on his chest.

He didn't notice how Nuwa winked at Tianshi at that very moment.

"Xuefeng, let's bet," Nuwa proposed. "If you can't get a perfect score in any of the trial and beat us, you owe us all a special date. I know a place where we can go."

"Special date?" Xuefeng repeated interested. "What if I can beat you?"

"Heh, we will talk about when you can actually beat us," Nuwa replied, smacking his butt. "What do you think?"

"Sure, but If I win, I want you to be nice and kind like Tianshi for at least a month," Xuefeng smirked, walking out of the temple with them. Xuefeng left some experts waiting for them outside just to provide them with an additional safety.

"Why is it only me having a punishment?" Nuwa complaint only to hear Tianshi reply instead of him, "Because I'm already a good girl."

"Hmm, fine. If you can win, I be good for one full month," Nuwa agreed after a moment of thought and shrugged confidently, "It's not like you will win."

"Does it matter? It's a win-win bet for me. A date with my lovely wifes? Count me in," Xuefeng replied with a grin, finally able to trick her. "Though, I would also love to join you all for the girls day tomorrow. Can I switch my rewards?"

"Nope," both Tianshi and Nuwa replied at the same time. "We won't be able to test their true behavior if you are there with me."

"What if I follow you invisible?" Xuefeng smiled and suddenly disappeared, leaving no trace behind him. "What do you think?"

They could hear him yet there was no sign of him. A second later, he appeared back again.

"I don't really mind. As long as you don't show yourself, it should be fine," Tianshi confessed honestly. "It's also a chance for you to know them better."

To Nuwa's surprise, Xuefeng ended the discussion at that, without asking her to agree, "Alright, then it's decided."

"Shameless, you didn't wait for me," Nuwa pointed out but Xuefeng had a quick response for that.

"Not as shameless as you, my dear wife. Or should I say, my kindest wife?"


Nuwa didn't have a response to that.


The story repeated itself with the Fire Inheritance Trial as Liu Clan took over the Leaderboard yet again. The only difference was top ten which now had one additional member in the form of Tianshi.

As they entered another trial in line, Water Inheritance Trial, Xuefeng received the message he was waiting for.

'Xuefeng, I have an art that will work perfectly for this Trial.'

Ming was working behind the scenes to develop as many Arts as she could which made Xuefeng really happy. It was exactly what he needed.

'What is it?' Xuefeng asked curiously, excited for Ming's new idea.

The Water Inheritance Trial was a strange one, testing the speed of his attacks. He was once again at the arena, much bigger than the previous one but this time he wasn't supposed to fight the enemies.

This time the goal of his enemies was to pass through him to the other side of the arena and his mission was to stop them by killing. The only rule he had to follow was standing on the two meter wide line in the middle of the arena. If he were to step out, he would be instantly eliminated.

'You mentioned your clone art would be good for it so we improved it with Ling. It's not really efficient as you have to create clones one by one so we connected a few arts and created one that speeds up the process. I'm transferring it into your mind right now,' Ming explained and a new information appeared in his mind.


The third round started at the same time as he scanned the new art. Sixteen new water clones appeared randomly throughout the arena and rushed forward.

'Thousand Clones Art...'

The girls didn't do a great job thinking about the title but reading the contents, he knew it was not good to judge the book by it's cover.

He followed the guide and emptied his Water Qi in an instant, spreading it in line across the arena.

"Arise!" Xuefeng called out for fun and immediately after, sixteen of his clones made of water rose from the ground. Compared to the complex clones from before, those were almost empty inside, making it extremely easy to control.

Each of his clones rushed at the nearby enemy and punched, killing the water avatars with ease. The water from the avatars spilt into the ground only to transform into another sixteen clones he could control.

"This is what I'm talking about!"