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 "Tianshi? Yi?" Xuefeng called out after them but the two already entered the temple, disappearing inside.

He knew Tianshi failed her trial so he wanted to cheer her up away from everyone else. Just as he wanted to pull her away, she ran away with Yi.

"It's okay. We have to wait anyway. They probably want to improve their ranking," Xiao Wen assured him. "Once the Nuwa's army visits the trial, they would push them out of the leaderboard if they don't improve."

"Yeah..." Xuefeng nodded but deep down he already decided to focus on Tianshi even more.

He didn't want her to be down just because she lagged behind everyone else. It wasn't her fault, to begin with.

As he wondered how he can help her, Yiren tugged on his sleeve and called out, "Look! They are coming."

A cloud of expects flying through the sky in the broad daylight was definitely something unusual. They also had a set formation which made it a sight that pleased any pair of eyes. None of the crowd members knew though that they would soon witness the biggest Trial Crackdown in this era.

"Alright. Let's start the operation."


As they were carrying out Xuefeng's plan, Tianshi was once again stuck, struggling at the third round of the Trial. She got convinced by both Yi and her Fate Spirit that she should try again. Yi said it would be good training for her but her Fate Spirit was different.

Just as she decided to repeat it, her future also changed and her Fate Spirit quickly alarmed her. She claimed a big fortune awaited her during the trial.

Too bad, she didn't see it.

'He is not going to last much longer... I knew it...' Tianshi thought, seeing her golem was already weak, its body full of holes.

This time she picked the biggest golem with Spirit Crystal, hoping there would be some change but it was even worse. It could no longer escape the enemy attacks thanks to her Heavenly Steps so it suffered much more damage each round. The only advantage she had was her golem's endurance which was much better compared to a middle-sized golem.

'Don't worry, I can feel it. Your blessing should be coming soon,' Her Fate Spirit repeated but Tianshi had eyes. There is no way she could escape the next barrage of attacks.

"It's over buddy. It was a nice run," Tianshi said out loud, seeing her golem was about to fall. Tens of Air Bombs bombarded it from each side, giving it no chance to resist.

'I guess I'm fated to be a support. If that's the case, I will become the best support I can be!' Tianshi announced, already accepting it as it was.

She was Liu Xuefeng's Most Supportive Wife!


A loud explosion resounded throughout the arena followed by other tens of loud bangs. She knew it was over but there was a smile on her face.

'Huh? My golem is still standing?'

Just as she scanned the golem condition, she realized he was still fine and standing which surprised her. There was a white translucent armor surrounding the golem, seemingly protecting him from all the attacks.

At the same time, a massive headache hit her as if someone just created a hole in her mind. She searched for the cause of it only to find a massive log of new information she never remembered learning.

'Heavenly Support Arts...' Tianshi muttered the three words that stood out the most and froze, hearing her Fate Spirit excited voice. 'It's the blessing I was talking about!'

She didn't question her and quickly scanned through the arts, getting more astonished with each second. She received a whole bundle of arts out of nowhere.

Heavenly Shield, Heavenly Barrier, Heavenly Recovery and many more.

'They come from the same branch as my Heavenly Steps!' Tianshi suddenly realized, seeing a deep familiarity with her own arts. 'How is this possible?'

'Don't question it!' her Fate Spirit called out, waking her up from the shock. 'The armor is wearing off. We will worry about where the arts came from later. Let's use them first and pass the trial!'

'Yes!' Tianshi agreed and followed the instructions saved in her mind, recreating the armor on the golem. No matter how many Air Qi Bombs landed on the golem, he wasn't even a bit affected.

She didn't wait and finally attacked on her own, using the sudden opportunity to fight back.

A minute later, four metal corpses laid on the ground, beaten up and defeated.

'Congratulations on the win. Round four will start in three... two... one...'

The Trial Spirit voice reached her, announcing another round. She couldn't believe a  fortune like this would happen to her but the evidence was right in front of her. Someone granted her wish.

'Whoever helped me... Thank you...'


"Sigh, I guess I only improved by three places...' Yi lamented, walking out of the Temple. "I thought this time I will enter the twenties at least.

Although she tried even harder, she only ended up at twenty-fourth place. She naturally wished for more.

Yi left through the exit and looked at the Leaderboard, being proud of herself nonetheless. To her surprise, almost half of the board was filled with the names with the addition of Liu Clan.

"Good day Milady."

Someone called out to her from behind. She turned around and saw Elvish guards leaving through the winners' exit and new names popping up under her on the Leaderboard. Each time someone left the Trial, a new person got pushed down from the list.

"Good day..." Yi replied with a smile, enjoying the subtle change. Just recently she was still a maid yet now everyone treated her like a Milady.


Her body exploded into thousands of stars which flew towards Xuefeng who was now surrounded by tens of guards in similar outfits. They filled almost one-fifth of the plaza but she easily passed through them.

"Xuefeng! I finished twenty-third!" Yi shouted as she materialized behind him and hugged him excitedly. She would be much higher if not for Nuwa's experts so she felt much better about her score.

Xuefeng turned her around to the front and she saw the uneasy expression on his face. Only then she realized there was no Tianshi with them.

"Is Tianshi still in the trial?" Yi asked confused, not expecting she would last this long.

"That's what we try to figure out as well. Are you sure she entered the Trial with you?" Xuefeng questioned, holding onto her. "You two ran off together."

"I'm sure. She entered inside first," Yi nodded firmly. "Maybe she found her own way to pass the trial?"

"Hopefully that's true..." Xuefeng replied, lost in thought.

They waited for five more minutes and saw the last Elvish guard leaving the trial while there was still no sight of Tianshi.

One of the Team Captains looking the most aged from all the guards approached Wuying and reported, "Miss! Everyone finished the trial successfully. Would Miss like me to collect the rewards we won and give it to Miss?"

"No, tell your men to keep the rewards," Wuying replied calmly, acting like a leader. "You all should study the art and master Metal Element as soon as you can."

"Yes, Miss! Thank you!" the Team Leader responded happily, acting quite satisfied with the reward.

Xuefeng looked at them and proposed, "How about you all move the group to the next closest Trial? I will wait alone for Tianshi."

"The nearest one is the Fire Inheritance Trial. Are you sure you don't want us to wait with you?" Xiao Wen asked, rubbing his shoulder.

"It's okay. We are creating a commotion with so many people gathered together. I will wait for her and join you all. Don't worry," Xuefeng confirmed, assuring them.


Xiao Wen explained to him the location of Fire Inheritance Trial and led everyone, leaving him alone. Yiren didn't want to go but he convinced her with a kiss.

He didn't know how long he waited but it had to be more than five minutes when a beauty he was waiting for finally appeared.

"She did it..." Xuefeng muttered amazed, seeing her leave from the winner's exit.

"Congratulations!" Xuefeng called out excitedly, walking up to her and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you," Tianshi replied softly and asked happily, "Won't you ask how I did it?"

"How you did it?" Xuefeng repeated after her, already planning to ask.

Tianshi grinned and teased, "Not telling you now~"

"Hah, it's okay. I'm still glad you are improving," Xuefeng laughed, not minding that at all and picked her up, flying to the sky. "Let's go. Everyone is waiting for us."

"Wait!" Tianshi stopped him mid-air, turning his head to the side. "Look!"

There was only a Leaderboard in that direction so he scanned it and to his surprise, a new name appeared at the last spot. He didn't play favorites but he knew it was her.

100. Liu Xuefeng's Most Supportive Wife