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 Seeing the other girls walk out of the temple, the middle-aged man in the sky couldn't help but smack his lips in dissatisfaction. He looked at his partner and noticed he also looked as if someone added too much salt into his meal.

"This is unbelievable," the Middle-aged man grunted.

"This time I agree with you. I can't stand it," the Old man nodded, wrapping his arms in distaste.

"I know, right? How could Nuwa even think she is the first wife? It's obviously Wuying who was the first to claim his heart. She should be the first wife, one hundred percent!" the Middle-aged man called out proudly but was quickly debunked by the Old man.

"What? Wuying? You must be joking! It's obviously Tianshi who should be the first wife!"

This wasn't the first time they argued, playing the favorites game for a while already. There was nothing for them to do every day as they watched over Xuefeng so they unconsciously picked their favorite girls and started cheering for them. It became their daily entertainment.

"Pfft!" the Middle-aged man snorted with laughter. "This weakling?! She can't even pass the trial. How do you expect her to be the main wife?"

"Strength doesn't matter. She knows Xuefeng the longest so she should be the first wife. Without her, he wouldn't even meet the rest," the Old man argued. "She is kind, gentle and loves him wholeheartedly. There is no one else suited to take that role. Nuwa is too shameless to lead them."

"No one else, huh? What are you talking about?" the Middle-aged man looked at him as if he didn't know him. "It's obvious that Wuying should take the lead! She is the most loyal of them all and she would do anything for him."

He looked at Wuying and added proudly, "Her battle abilities are amazing as well and she handles everything for Xuefeng, from the guards to all other operations. He doesn't even know how much work she puts behind the scenes to hold everything together. Look how humble she is."

"Wuying is only strong because you gave her Heaven Realm Arts. Without them, she would be lagging behind," the Old man countered with a frown. "If I were to give Tianshi any arts, she would leave everyone behind!"

The Middle-aged man knew his partner was only bluffing so he dared him, "Ha! No one is stopping you! For now, Wuying is stronger. She wins."

"Fine!" the Old man snapped. "It seems you won't believe if you don't see. I will show you who is the best wife for Xuefeng."

Hearing the Old man this serious with his fists tightened, the Middle-aged man's confidence disappeared quickly. "You don't really plan to give her arts?" he questioned cautiously.

The Old man smiled and asked with a smirk, "What? Do you think I don't dare? This time I will shut you for real. You will see."

"Aren't you scared that father will punish you?" the Middle-aged man questioned worriedly. He didn't want to lose his advantage.

"We have already screwed big time anyway so I have nothing to lose. Mother of Fate is staying with Xuefeng and providing him with forbidden arts. Our deeds are not even close to that," the Old man assured with a shrug.

"Yeah... We are not really needed anymore but let's hide it from father. I don't want to go back to Middle Heaven. I like it here," the Middle-aged man muttered.

"Yeah... Let's do it."

Reaching the quick compromise, they looked back to the scene, continuing their game. They finished arguing right when Yi left the trial.


Seeing everyone already waiting for her, Yi sighed, guessing she was last. She worked hard in this trial to prove her strength to Xuefeng but it wasn't enough.

'I need double my training...' Yi thought determined and skipped towards the rest. On the way, she noticed something was wrong. It didn't seem like Xuefeng was satisfied, scolding the girls.

Didn't they finish better than her? This only meant she would also receive a scolding.

Just as she felt bad for being so weak, Xuefeng noticed her and beckoned her to come over. To her surprise, he was smiling at her.

Yi didn't know what was going on but still approached them and called out apologetically, "Xuefeng... I'm sorry. I will work harder to get a better score next time..."

She expected a soft reprimanding but instead, Xuefeng reached out and hugged her. Instead of scolding, she received praise, "What are you talking about? You did great!"

He patted her on the head and asked the girls, "Couldn't you all be good girls like Yi? Why is there a need to compare each other?"

"Huh... Compare? But didn't I finish last? I'm sure the rest got a high score," Yi replied confused and turned around, looking at the leaderboard.

27. Liu Clan Yi

She quickly found herself on the list and looked up, searching for the rest. When she reached top ten, she finally found them.

She pointed at the leaderboard and called out, treating it as proof, "See? They are all in top ten. Much better than my score."

"Look at their names," Xuefeng explained but Yi still didn't get it.

"Is there something wrong with their names? Shan is the sexiest, Wuying the most loyal, Wen is the strongest and Yiren is the cutest," Yi described it for him, finding it obvious. "Are you mad about Nuwa's number one wife name? Don't worry, she probably did it for us. We are all number one in your heart, right?"

Hearing Yi, all girls smirked and looked at Xuefeng as if saying, 'See? She knows it better.'

Xuefeng rubbed his temples and gave up, "Fine, do whatever you want. I just don't want to see any internal competition. We should be acting as one. Am I clear?"

"Yes~" Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Alright. Listen now. I have an idea. We already dominated top ten but that's not enough. How about we overtake everyone on the Leaderboard and fill it completely with Liu Clan members?" Xuefeng suggested.

"You want to use my experts?" Nuwa questioned and he nodded, looking at her and Wuying. "Can you two call them over? I wish to dominate all nine trials, hah."

"Sure, give me a moment," Wuying replied, taking out the Communication Crystal. "Team one and two, report."

Taking the chance as they were busy, Yi walked up to Tianshi and hugged her, placing her head on her shoulder.

"Hmm? What's up Yi?" Tianshi asked confused.

"I hug because you are sad," Yi whispered, tightening her hug. "Your fake smile won't work on me. I know when you need a hug."

"Thank you..."

Tianshi returned the hug, not commenting on it. The two understood each other well without words.

"Don't worry, one of those days you will improve quickly and surpass us all. I believe in you," Yi cheered her up but Tianshi didn't seem to believe it, "Hah, I would need a miracle. Don't worry, I'm here to be Xuefeng's support."

Yi smiled when she heard it and suddenly pulled Tianshi towards the temple while calling out to Xuefeng.

"We are going to repeat the Trial!"