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 'Congratulations, you have passed the trial. Please, claim your reward.'

The Trial Spirit announced, seeing his last round boss drop dead. The giant golem had nine sockets in his chest with different colored crystals inside, giving him the power of nine elements.

Unfortunately, it was still not enough to beat the Xuefeng's Judgement Vine. The golem was laying on the ground with the vine wrapped around its torso and body crushed under its pressure. It didn't stand a chance.

'Thank you Ming. You too Ling. Without you two, it wouldn't be possible,' Xuefeng said in gratitude, standing up with his own body. Ming provided him with an art while Ling made it possible by providing Qi.

'This is just the beginning. I have a few more forbidden arts prepared for you. I made some tweaks so you can use them. There are eight other Inheritance Trials so you have time to test them,' Ming responded casually. 'Although you are my son-in-law, I'm now stuck with you forever so I might as well be useful to you.'

'Mom-' Ling began softly but Ming cut her off, 'Don't worry, I'm fine. As long as I can be together with my little girl, I will be happy. I stopped having a husband the moment he tried to kill you so I have no man to go back either. If I'm too lonely, I will just ask Xuefeng to satisfy me.'

Cough, cough!

Xuefeng cleared his throat loudly. He already had Nuwa who was endlessly horny. He could already imagine Ming wouldn't be different.

'How did this conversation come to this?' Xuefeng questioned. 'I thought were were talking about arts just now.'

'Haha, am I too old for you?' Ming asked back in laughter. 'Even though I don't even know how old I am, my body is still fresh and juicy, ready for the picking. If you want, there is still my little sister if you like younger bodies.'

'Mom! He won't be coming to visit me anymore if you tease him like that...' Ling called out to stop her mom but Xuefeng assured her, 'Don't worry, I'm already used to it. You are my wife. Nothing will stop me from visiting you.'

'Xuefeng...' Ling called his name lovingly and was about to follow up when Ming cut her off again.

'Awww, you two are so cute.'

Xuefeng smiled, liking the sudden warm atmosphere between them and walked up to the new platform in the middle of the arena. It appeared right after Trial Spirit announcement about his win.

"What's that?" Xuefeng asked out loud as he picked the three objects on the platform.

A translucent vial with a thick grey liquid inside of it and two manuals.

'It's a Metal Essence in its liquid form. Very good for beginners while mastering Metal Element. By getting high score, you received a much bigger vial than others,' The Trial Spirit explained. 'In addition to that, the rewards contains a manual describing Metal Cultivation and a random Metal Art.'

"Sweet. What was my score?" Xuefeng asked curiously, quite satisfied with his run. "Did I get the first place?"

Before starting the trial, he already planned to fill the leaderboard with Liu Clan members while taking the lead, representing his clan. If they could replace all top spots with his group, it would bring them even more fame and respect.

Unfortunately, his dream got quickly crushed with Trial Spirit next words.

'I'm sorry. You placed second with the score of eighty thousand, three hundred and four.'

This answer baffled him as he quickly recalled the top one spot.

'Didn't the top one have around thirty thousand? How come-" Xuefeng was sure he would be first when he stopped himself, realizing he wasn't alone. 'Wait, did someone new score higher than me? Like just now?'

'Yes. Someone finished the Trial before you with the perfect score of one hundred thousand score. That name will be forever on the top spot as no one can surpass it anymore.'

The Trial Spirit added right after, 'You were slow in the first two rounds which lost you nearly twenty thousand points.'

"It's okay, I'm don't mind," Xuefeng replied with a grin, keeping the rewards into his ring and asked curiously, "I wonder, who was it that overtook me?"

He already had his guess but he still asked to be sure.

The Trial Spirit didn't mind sharing and responded before kicking Xuefeng out.

'The person chose an unusual name but I made an exception, accepting it. She named herself Liu Xuefeng's Number One Wife.'

Before Xuefeng could respond in any way, he found himself back in the temple.

Xuefeng still gave out a solid eye roll, already knowing who would be so shameless to put such a name on the leaderboard.


He walked out of the temple and sure enough, the leaderboard had two new names on top.

1. Liu Xuefeng's Number One Wife

2. Liu Clan Liu Xuefeng

The crowd exploded when they noticed the change, everyone looking at Xuefeng who just came out of the trial. Naturally, he wasn't interested in them but in the two girls that sat down on a white cloud in the middle of the plaza.

He immediately approached them and to his surprise, when Nuwa saw his expression, she hid behind Tianshi. She already expected Xuefeng would have such a reaction.

"Why are you hiding? Aren't you my number one wife? Come to your husband and give him a hug," Xuefeng called out sarcastically, already imagining the spanking she would receive at home.

"No, thank you, I'm good. You already satisfied me tonight," Nuwa shook her head, already decided on avoiding him. "We are in public, you can't."

Xuefeng smiled hearing that and approached her, walking around the cloud but Nuwa rotated it using Tianshi's shoulders.

"Of course, I would never do anything to my number one wife," Xuefeng confirmed, emphasizing the last three words. He didn't stop chasing after her though and finally reached out, grabbing onto her wrist.

Nuwa didn't run away anymore and instead looked at him pitifully, "Hey... It was a joke. You don't need to be so mad..."

Unfortunately, she didn't avoid punishment as Xuefeng pinched her cheek and said smiling, "Oh, I like jokes. Let's laugh together."

She didn't resist, taking the punishment but still complained cutely, "Au... You are a bad daddy..."

Xuefeng wanted to make her understand he didn't have favorites or number one wives when Tianshi hugged him from behind, running to Nuwa for help.

"Xuefeng, you can let her off. She made this name for us all. We are all number one wives," Tianshi pleaded for Nuwa. "She didn't put her name on the title after all."

"Yesh... Thatsh true..." Nuwa confirmed with a nod, her speech altered as he didn't stop squeezing her cheek.

Only then did Xuefeng let go of her and hugged them both. "I love all of you equally. I hope you don't fight with each other for such superficial titles," Xuefeng confessed.

"Mhmm, we understand," Tianshi replied for them both.

"I'm glad," Xuefeng said and stopped their public display of affection. He hoped such talks would never happen again but just as he thought about it, rankings started to change, causing an even greater rumors across the crowd.

He glanced at the leaderboard and his hands lost strength.

Metal Trial Leaderboard:

1. Liu Xuefeng's Number One Wife

2. Liu Clan Liu Xuefeng

3. Liu Xuefeng's Cutest Wife

6. Liu Xuefeng's Strongest Wife

9. Liu Xuefeng's Loyal Wife

10. Liu Xuefeng's Sexiest Wife