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 Lisa's eyes widened, not knowing what Xuefeng was doing but his demand was unreasonable so she shook her head, rejecting him. She tried to push him away to the safe distance but he didn't stop, embracing her by the waist and ordered seriously.

"Spit it out! I won't let you risk your life like her. You are not ready for this."

"Mhmm?!" Lisa questioned with her mouth full, still not getting him.

What risk? What life?

'What do you mean?!' Lisa cried out in her mind as she pushed on Xuefeng's chest.

Because her dress was thin and she had nothing underneath it, she felt as if his hands touched her directly on the skin. He didn't seem to care about that was he gripped her strongly, increasing the effect.

How did he expect her to spit out a pill like that? Doesn't he know how embarrassing it would look like? Lisa was raised in a respected family. Even if she was naughty  from time to time, it didn't mean she would dare to spit left and right.

"Okay, you give me no choice," Xuefeng announced before grabbing both of her hands and pulling towards the doors. He gave her no chance to resist at all, using more strength than usual.

He raised her arms upwards and pinned them both right above her head, using only one hand to hold her. Lisa gave up on resisting as she trusted he wouldn't do anything to her so he locked her in place with little to no effort.

'What does he want...?' Lisa thought as she looked up in search of his eyes when she felt his warm hand holding onto her cheeks, squeezing them.

"This is your last chance. Are you going to spit it out or not?" Xuefeng asked sternly, creating a small bowl out of his hand right in front of her mouth.

'Does he want me to spit onto his hand...? Nooooooo!' Lisa instantly rejected this idea and shook her head, knocking his hand away.

Her lips pressed tightly, entering into complete lockdown and she glared at him, flushing all around. Both her cheeks and ears creeped with redness as hearth pumped more blood, beating faster than ever. She has never been so embarrassed in her life than at this moment.

"Fine, you asked for it," Xuefeng muttered and suddenly held onto her chin, stopping her tantrum. She thought he will try to squeeze the pill out of her mouth but instead Xuefeng leaned over and pressed his lips against her own.


Lisa wanted to move, do something but her body suddenly froze and mind turned blank. She couldn't feel anything other than the softness and warmth pressing against her.

'He kissed me...' Lisa's finally thought, realizing what was happening. His right hand was pinning her hands to the door while the other held her chin firmly, allowing little to no movement.

Xuefeng didn't pull away from her for even a second and instead pushed harder, trying to part her lips away with gentle kisses. The more time passed, the harder it was for her to resist.

As the last line of defense, she swung the knee at his crotch but he suddenly moved forward and caught it in between of his thighs. His body was now completely covering her own, from her legs up to her arms and face.

'What's up with him...? If he wanted to kiss me, he didn't need to force himself like this...' Lisa muttered in her mind, not understanding him. If he asked her properly, she would probably give in. There was no need to create such a play just to kiss her.

It was her last contemplation before her body finally broke and her lips parted.

"Ah..." Lisa let out a weak sound of defeat when a slimy object slipped into her mouth.

She immediately identified it as Xuefeng's tongue and flushed even more, not knowing what exactly she should do. It was her first kiss yet Xuefeng expected so much from her right off the bat.

He pressed against her tongue, teasing it from all sides before lifting it up, revealing a small pill underneath. To her surprise, his tongue wrapped around the pill and he pulled it out of her mouth. Right when the pill was out of her mouth, Xuefeng released her chin, drawing away.

She instinctively followed after him but because he held her hands, she was forced back.

'Did he just kiss me for the pill...?' Lisa finally realized something was wrong with Xuefeng's behavior. The whole time she thought she was his goal but he was holding onto the pill he just pulled from her mouth and stared at it with interest.


Lisa was momentarily speechless. She watched him lick the pill as if testing its purpose and suddenly felt like crying. He played with her feelings from start to finish. He didn't care about her from the very beginning.

"This is not an Ascension Pill, right?" Xuefeng asked troubled. "It doesn't contain a lot of Spirit Essence inside..."

"You..." Lisa tried to scold him but she was lost for words. Her mind got quickly overwhelmed by a mix of emotions, making her upset, embarrassed and most importantly angry.

"Of course it's not! It's a chill pill to calm my mind!" Lisa cried out, the anger taking over her other pent up emotions. "Did you think I would randomly eat an Ascension Pill?!"

"My bad then. I'm sorry. I thought you are trying to follow your sister and risk your life as well..." Xuefeng apologized and let go of her, showing signs of regret. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

"You think I would go to Heaven Realm on my own? Do I look like an idiot?" Lisa questioned annoyed. "I would become a slave in the very first day. I know my limits."

Xuefeng scratched his head and passed her the letter, "Jiao mentioned an red pill with a strong, earthy aroma. She said there is a chance you would follow her so she asked me to stop you in case you consume one. I thought-"

"You thought what? Tell me, I'm interested in your answer. Go ahead," Lisa cut him off. "Couldn't you just ask me? Do you know how many pills with a strong earthy aroma I can make? More than a hundred!"

"I'm sorry, I overreacted as usual... I didn't want to lose another friend..." Xuefeng replied softly, rubbing his eyelids with a deep sigh. He seemed to be tired from everything but it didn't change the fact that he messed up again.

Lisa quickly read the letter before burning it. "So now what? You think I will be satisfied with your sorry?" Lisa asked upset, her anger slowly diminishing. "You forced yourself on me and took away my first kiss. Can you explain that?"

"It wasn't my intention. I just wanted to protect you from making a mistake. That was all that was on my mind." Xuefeng tried to explain but Lisa didn't' buy that.

"And? Doesn't it matter now? You already did it and we can't go back in time. Tell me rather what you want to do now. I'm waiting," Lisa demanded, her eyes getting wetter as she spoke.

"I..." Xuefeng started speaking when Lisa wiped her eye and saw tears on her hand, making him stop.

"Oh, perfect. Now I'm crying. Thank you. I have not cried in years," Lisa commented, showing a fake smile before opening the doors for him. "It's best if you leave. I'm not in the mood to teach you today. You got your kiss so you should be satisfied."

She didn't look at him anymore, turning with her back to him and tried to stop crying, covering her face with her sleeve.

"Lisa..." Xuefeng muttered as he started walking up to her but she stopped him. "Don't bother. I'm just your friend anyway. You have so many women already. Why would you care about me."

All she received was silence, confirming her guess. She was just a normal friend for him.

'Once he leaves, he will forget about me quickly...' Lisa muttered to herself and called out to chase him away, "Forget about this kiss. I don't care anymore. We are at most friends and I'm your teacher. Come back tomorrow. I should be fine by then and we can continu-"

She didn't get to finish her words as Xuefeng didn't seem to stop his movements and she felt his chest pushing against her back. His arms embraced her tiny body and he just hugged her without saying anything.

Lisa didn't know why but her chest started hurting and tears fell even more intensely.

"Let go of me. Your women are waiting. Go hug them instead," Lisa ordered as she tried to shrug him off, contrary to how she really felt.

She just knew it was the right thing to do. Too bad, Xuefeng didn't listen, tightening his hug instead. He caught her wrists so she doesn't struggle and they just stayed like this is silence.

"Why? I said you shouldn't worry about me. I'm fine," Lisa finally spoke but Xuefeng countered, shutting her down.

"Then why are you crying?"

Yes, why?

She didn't know.

Maybe because there was no one in her life for a long time. She was all alone. Only her and the pills. There was no one she could talk to and no one that could brighten her day.


Xuefeng appeared. They didn't know each other for long yet his humor, his smile and his banter made her every day happier. She would wake up excited to meet him, looking forward to their lesson.


She was quick to realize it would end soon. The moment he left for the first time, it struck her harder than she thought. Wouldn't he leave for good one day? She would be alone once again.

She thought she would at least have her sister after they finally reunited yet she also left. Her plan to follow her for adventures as duo got ruined as quickly as it arised.

Why was she crying?

Yeah... He was the reason...


"Please... If you plan to one day leave me... Do it now... I don't want to get attached only to lose you... Please... Just leave now..."