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 "Hey, I also didn't know anything about it," Xuefeng called out and grabbed Lisa's wrist to stop her. He wanted to explain but she didn't seem to care.

Lisa turned her head around and glared at him, ordering sharply, "Let go. I don't want to talk to you."

"Will you please listen to me?" Xuefeng pleaded without releasing her. He already guessed she placed all the blame on him so he tried to clear his name.

Lisa looked at him conflicted and replied, "No. We were meant to enter the Heaven Realm together, as sisters, yet she was determined to leave now because she wanted to improve herself for you. She thought she can do it all by herself and impress you when you two meet again. How foolish is that?"

"Then why are you blaming me? Do you think I wanted her to leave?" Xuefeng questioned, pulling her closer and locked her second hand. "When I came back in the evening, I saw her in the process of ascending, already in the God Stage. Guess what I did?"

"What?" Lisa got her attention grabbed. "If she already advanced, it was already too late."

She stopped struggling so Xuefeng let go of her and described what happened, "I tried to stop her and learn why she was leaving without telling me anything. I even accidentally entered into the passage with her where I almost died from the Heavenly Chains. Don't blame me for her decision. I tried to help her."

Lisa's eyes widened as she suddenly turned even angrier at him.

"You did what?!" Lisa cried out and pulled him into her mansion, slamming him against the doors. "Dummy! What were you thinking?! What if something happened to you?! You could die there!"

"Ah, I was already scolded by everyone, please don't be another one. I heard enough," Xuefeng sighed, not in a mood to listen to another lecture.

His response made her even more annoyed but there was nothing she could do. Who she was to him to receive the right to scold him. Lisa only glared at him and finally stomped with her foot, walking away upset.

"Hey-" Xuefeng tried to stop her again but before he said anything, Lisa threw a ring at him which he caught on instinct.

"There is a letter inside addressed to you. If you want to learn why she did it, you should read it," Lisa commented as she halted in front of her workshop. "I don't blame you for her decision. I blame you for not stopping her before it was too late. Don't worry, I blame myself too. I was the one who gave her the pill. Now there is nothing we can do to save her unless we follow after her."


Lisa closed the doors behind her as she entered the workshop, leaving Xuefeng alone in the corridor. He could only sigh to himself and look inside the ring. He took out a white paper from it and saw neat writing on one page.

With his strengthened sense of smell, he immediately smelled Jiao's perfumes on it which confirmed it was her writing.

'Hi, Xuefeng...

If you are reading this, I am probably gone by that time. Long story short, I left for Heaven Realm. I know you probably can't believe it but I had to do it.

Please, don't blame yourself. It's all my fault and my decision in the first place. I was never someone who deserved even one sun ray yet I wanted the whole sun.

Because of this, I decided to leave. I don't really know what I'm hoping for but I want to change. I want to become someone worthy of your trust, friendship, and love...'

At that moment, Xuefeng paused, touching the paper. He noticed the paper was puckered at a few spots. He quickly realized what those spots meant.


Jiao was crying as she wrote this letter. Xuefeng quickly checked the second part of the letter.

'I'm really sorry...

I'm sorry I'm leaving without saying goodbye...

I'm sorry I failed to earn your trust...

I'm sorry I didn't live up to your expectations...

When I didn't deserve to see you at my best, I don't deserve to see you at my lowest too...

I'm really sorry... I can't...

I really can't gather the courage to meet you...

I was never good for you but that will change. I will work hard to prove myself. Prove I can stay by your side and be with you.

Please forgive me for leaving. Just this last time. Forgive me.

I will come back stronger than ever. Don't forget me.

Look, I'm shameless again... Anyway, thank you for your kindness. Despite my ugly character, you didn't push me away as everyone suggested. Thank you.'


Xuefeng couldn't help but sigh when he reached this part. He still believed Jiao was one big dummy but it was too late to lament about it. His opinion didn't change after he read the letter. He hoped she will succeed and actually improve.


Just as he wanted to continue to read the last part of the letter, he heard a small explosion from the inside of Lisa's workshop. He immediately entered inside and got hit by an intense pill aroma. It was strong and earthy but at the same time refreshing.

"What?" Lisa asked from her crouched position as she was reaching out towards her cauldron. It was obvious she was creating some strong pills but that assured him. At least she returned to her job instead of worrying about her sister.

"Nothing, you can continue," Xuefeng responded and returned to the letter.

'Even if I am the last person would like to give favors to, I hope you can accept one of my selfish wishes.

Can you take care of my sister, Lisa? I know that she loves me dearly even though she doesn't show it on the outside but this is why I'm worried about her. She is even more stubborn than me so I am afraid she will follow me to the Heaven Realm. I hope you can stop her.'

Xuefeng side glanced at Lisa but he didn't notice any strange behavior. She was packing pills she just made into a small vial so he looked back at the letter.

'If you read this letter, you should be read her. If you notice any red pills with a strong, earthy smell around her, please stop her. It's an Ascension Pill. One needs to keep it under their tongue for better effects so even if she takes one, you can still stop her before she reaches breakthrough.

I'm sorry and thank you!'

Xuefeng didn't believe that Lisa would actually do it but the aroma he felt from before made him worried. He looked back at Lisa and suddenly paled.

She had a red colored pill in her hand which she put into her mouth right in front of him. It was the very same pill with a strong and earthy smell she just made.

He immediately rushed to Lisa as he cried out, "Lisa! Stop it!"

She looked at him with a questioning gaze when he grabbed her shoulder and ordered her.

"Quickly, spit it out!"