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 When Yiren and Xuefeng finally left the bathroom, there was something different about them. Or rather, something changed in Yiren. Her gaze at Xuefeng while hugging onto him was filled with love and devotion, much stronger than the usual.

All others naturally spotted that difference and stared at the two with their hands wrapped under their chests. They were all undressed in bed, waiting for Xuefeng to come back but now they wanted to know the details.

Xuefeng noticed the strange gazes and questioned with a smile as he walked up to the bed, "What? Why do you all look at us like that? We were quick."

"What trick did you use to make Yiren so lovestruck? We can all see it clearly," Xiao Wen asked, pulling him onto the bed where all the girls got hold of him. "Speak up, we want the same."

"Huh, I didn't do anything different than usual..." Xuefeng got confused and looked at Yiren. "Am I right?"

The girls switched their target at Yiren but she only smiled mysteriously, hopping on the bed and nodded, "Mhmm, just the usual... Isn't it natural I look at him with love? He is after all the man we decided to spend the rest of our lives with. There is no one else I love more."

The girls were still suspicious but before they could question him more, Xuefeng pushed Xiao Wen onto the bed and reached out to the closest girls, Wuying and Tianshi. He slipped his hands in between their legs and smiled, still full of energy.

"You wanted the same, let me give you the same."


Although Xuefeng was willing, it was actually hard for him to satisfy all of them in a single night. It was already late already and there were only so many hours of the night they could use. Xuefeng already forgot how it feels like to sleep as each night for him was a constant marathon of passion.

"Is it morning already...?" Xuefeng asked as he pulled his lips from Tianshi. Sun rays were already piercing through the windows yet he only noticed them now, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the steamy kiss.

"Ah, I'm not done yet. Let me finish..." Nuwa complained while her hips continued to move rhythmically, riding on him to her heart content. It was finally her turn so she wouldn't let him go easily.

"Don't worry, it's still early..." Tianshi assured, placing Xuefeng's hand back on her chest and stole his lips once again.

Having her fill, she pulled away and his lips were immediately seized by Wuying who was in charge of lending her legs as his pillow. The third in turn was Yi who wanted to get at least something, being the only one who still didn't get to taste Xuefeng in bed.

She noticed his apologetic look and Yi requested, "I want our first time to be special... There is no need to hurry." He squeezed on her nipple as if he understood and suddenly let go of the girls, sitting up.

"It's time to get to work. Everyone needs to improve diametrically for our next expedition. We will rest and enjoy ourselves plenty after we come back," Xuefeng decided, grasping onto Nuwa's bottom. "It's time to end the party."

"No!" Nuwa refused and hugged onto his chest so he wouldn't let go of her. "I want more."


"Ahh!" Nuwa cried out in pleasure after Xuefeng slapped her butt as punishment for talking back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

A red mark of his hand appeared on her skin but Nuwa didn't care. Each of his smacks gave her even more pleasure as his manhood throbbed inside her.

"This is your second round. Look how patient others are," Xuefeng scolded as he squeezed Yi's thigh, showing that he talked about her.

Too bad, Nuwa was a really hard nut to crack.

She looked up, entangled her hands around his head and complained unhappily, stalling for more time, "You promised to give me a lot of pleasure. I'm just claiming what you owe me..."

Nuwa didn't let him speak back and kissed him deeply while invading his mouth with her tongue. Xuefeng already knew she would simply do what she wanted if he didn't do anything so he acted.

Nuwa landed on her back out of nowhere and Xuefeng thrust with power, weakening her defenses.

"Ahh! Yes! More!" Nuwa cried out, allowing Xuefeng to slip away from her embrace. He immediately used this chance to pin her wrists to the bed, temporarily taming her.

Sex with Nuwa was a never-ending battle and a trap she set up for him. She was never fully satisfied. No matter how much she came, she wanted more and more.

"You are a bad girl," Xuefeng scolded lightly but Nuwa wrapped her legs around him and agreed with him playfully, "Yes, I'm a selfish, bad girl. You need to punish me~"

Xuefeng rolled his eyes at her shamelessness and gave up arguing with her. It was an endless back and forth with her. Unless he got stronger, he would never tame her. The only way to defeat her was to make her come.

Without saying anything, Xuefeng grabbed her arms for support and started pounding as he announced to the rest, "I will visit Lisa today, study under her until lunchtime before we all gather and visit the Inheritance Grounds. I want to complete all of them."

"We can stay here and cultivate until then," Tianshi proposed, sneaking in behind him. Although he was occupied with Nuwa, it didn't mean she couldn't disturb them a little.

As she expected, Xuefeng freed one of his hands and embraced her. "Yes, you all need to increase your cultivation bases, especially you. I expect you to break through to Saint Stage before we depart. You still have a few days," Xuefeng informed, finishing with a kiss.

Tianshi already knew what he would say so she smiled and replied, "Mhmm, I will work hard. Though, I only recently entered Emperor Stage so I still need a whole stage to cross."

As if she thought of something, she kissed him gently and asked, "Will you maybe help me with Dual Cultivation?"

"Mhmm!" Nuwa cried out at this very moment, looking like she was reaching her ecstasy. Her lips were tightly shut, trying to suppress her sounds and only gushing juices acted as a sign of her eruption.

Tianshi saw he didn't finish yet so she sat across Nuwa's belly and hanged herself on his neck, staring into his eyes with a smile.

"Sure," Xuefeng agreed and performed a quick switch which widened Tianshi's eyes.

When he burst inside her, Tianshi was focused, already planning on absorbing every drop which would get her even closer to her goal. She didn't have Elven Bloodline and only recently acquired a Fate Spirit so her cultivation was lacking behind everyone.

"Focus on absorbing it and continue pushing through. I will help you later."


Even though they decided to leave the bed, it took Xuefeng more than an hour to free himself from the girls, constantly getting teased and assaulted by them. Just a moment ago he could still hear them chatting in his head but he suddenly lost the signal.

"It seems the distance for communication is at most a few kilometers. Still something," Xuefeng commented as he headed towards Lisa's mansion.

He already learned from the girls that Drakos left to find the Hidden Realm entrance so he was now moving solo. He already considered him a buddy, despite his cute and little form.

He spotted Lisa in front of her mansion exchanging goods with the manager but when he landed, the man excused himself, leaving them alone.

"I'm back early," Xuefeng announced with a smile, thinking Lisa would be happy to see him yet she only glanced at him casually, looking as if she had something on her mind.

"Did something happen?" Xuefeng asked as he approached and Lisa shrugged, no longer paying him attention. "You tell me. Aren't you the reason she left to Heaven Realm like an idiot because she tried to prove heaven knows what?"