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 "Carry me please." Yiren whispered her first order, wrapping her legs around Xuefeng's waist. She was rarely shameless so this time she decided to go all out.

After what happened today, she deserved some pampering and special attention. She didn't tell him exactly how much pain she felt but she almost felt as if her organs were being ripped apart. If not for Xiao Wen's quick help, she would have passed out immediately.

He seemed to know that as he immediately agreed and played along while leaning over, "My Princess, please embrace me tightly."

She coiled around his neck and grasped onto his shiny white hair just as he suggested. Her face closed in without waiting for his permission until their noses rubbed against one another, their lips just inch away from connecting.

Her sisters gawked at her, stopping their chat and Nuwa joined them, looking with surprised gaze at her daughter but Yiren didn't care about them, only thinking about him. She wanted Xuefeng.

"I want a kiss..."

Yiren's lips trembled as she whispered her wish, too quiet for anyone to hear yet Xuefeng seemed to understand it.

He pressed on her back and kissed her, gently at first but he added intensity which made her grasp onto his warm body as if he was the last thing that kept her from melting.

"One more..."

She repeated her order when he dared to pull away and Xuefeng attacked without hesitation, parting her shaking lips which sent tingling sensation across her skin, the pleasure she almost forgot how much she loved.

She wanted to dominate him, for the first time in her life, she wanted him to think only about her. Just for this short moment.

Yiren didn't realize when but her tiny tongue suddenly slipped into his mouth, kidnapped by the whirlpool of his passion which exploded her heart from within. At one moment it was gently inviting her to dance before demanding more and more, causing her to finally melt into his body.

Despite that, she still gripped onto his hair and rubbed on his long ears, sharing the waves of flames that filled him.

She wanted everything he had, to lick, breathe and eat him whole. With just one whiff she inhaled it all, his shampoo, their special oils she rubbed on him this morning or his manly scent that only he had.

He stood up, carrying her with him and their lips stayed connected. She felt wonderful, forgetting about the pain from before as the touch from his hands masked it with their warm, roaming freely on her back.

"Where are you two going?" Nuwa asked, seeing they didn't seem willing to share their plans and Yiren halted her passion, announcing to the rest.

"We will take a shower. Xuefeng is only mine for the next thirty minutes."

Yiren was always first to share and sacrifice her own sweet time for others but sometimes even she wanted to be selfish.

Xuefeng couldn't comment as his lips were covered once again. His only option was following her desires till she was fully satisfied and pay back the rest on a later date.


The doors to the bathroom closed and she dropped down from him, separating from his lips while looking at his stars from up close.

She was out of breath yet happy, feeling his heart beat as fast as her own.

"Yiren..." Xuefeng whispered her name yet she placed her finger on his lips.

"Don't talk..." Yiren replied back, playing with his lips. "Let your body and emotions speak for you... I can feel anything you do..."

As she spoke, her finger traveled down on his chin and landed on his chest as she grasped into his shirt. It was already ruined so she cut it gently in the middle, sliding it off his torso.

His hands were still gripping onto her dress, feeling as if he was a moment away from ripping it away.

Yiren couldn't wait anymore. She stood on her toes and kissed his neck, licking it as her hands roamed on his body, caressing every corner of it as if to save his imagine permanently into her mind. She sucked and bit on his skin, leaving one mark after another until his whole neck was covered in her scent.


He moaned softly when she kissed his earlobe which caused her desire to the peak.

"Make me scream your name..."

She didn't need to ask twice as his pants fell down on their own and her body lifted, carried by him effortlessly across the room. His passionate gaze made her feel weak, forced to cling onto him as he placed her beneath the shower.

Droplets of hot water began falling down on their heads, wetting his naked body and her dress which he left for last to take off, moving around her body with an unhurried manner. He scooped her golden hair off her face, and leaned down, kissing her deeply, unbothered by the falling water.

His hands trailed down on her neck, then shoulders, lowering her dress as they traveled down, stopping by her breasts. His tongue mimicked the actions of his fingers as he pressed, twisted, dancing round and round.


Her first sound of pleasure tried to find an outlet but he blocked all exits, pushing her limits again and again. One hand lingered on her breast, teasing and pulling while the other moved further, dropping her dress on the floor. The next thing she remembered was his fingers entering inside her, stirring and rubbing.

She wanted him to hear her cries for more, so she caught his ears, pulling his hungry lips away and placed them on her neck. Each time she rubbed his special spots, her body shivered, legs stiffening. Being this close to him sent his pleasure straight onto her without any delay, making her bless their connection.


Her loud moan was like music to his ears, his moves intensifying each time she cried her lungs out. He lifted her leg up right after she came, barely able to stand on her own as her muscles shuddered constantly and dropped down on the floor. She leaned on the wall for support just in time to receive another explosion to her already broken mind as his tongue drove inside her.


He fulfilled her wish but he didn't stop, squeezing her thigh that he placed on his shoulder and listened to her raw, uncontrolled cries of pleasure as he claimed her with his tongue.

Yiren was already on the brink, gushing out while grasping onto his hair, pulling and pressing him closer before showering him with high-pitched moans each time he reached the right spot.

When his face leveled up with her own, staring into her exhausted eyes with desire and love, she knew it was just the beginning. She lifted her trembling arms and embraced his neck, returning the same loving gaze.

"Please... Feel good with me..."

With how hard he has gotten, rubbing and knocking against her entrance, she knew he would push inside her very soon.

"You are only mine... Just this once..."


She screamed with pleasure as her entrance parted and he slid inside her with ease, reaching all the way to her end, pulsing and throbbing. She has never been this ready to receive his love like she was that day, taking him whole each second as he plundered her insides.

At one moment he pushed slowly, teasing her entrance while waiting for her to beg for more before giving her full, hard thrusts that she couldn't handle anymore, her legs bending under his force. He grabbed her second leg and lifted her without slowing down the movement, pounding in the rhythm of her moans.

Even though their bodies were connected with soul, mind and flesh, all she thought was... him. She was weak, already exhausted but she didn't let go of him.

She would never let go.

Her body shivered each time they came together but she stubbornly clung onto him, her lips next to his ear. Each time she moaned, Xuefeng thrusted with new energy, creating a vicious circle of pleasure that none of them wanted to end.

He was hers and she was his. Forever and ever.

"Xuefeng, I love you!"

Her one last cry, aimed straight at his heart, left her mouth and a tremor run through Xuefeng's body, exploding with ecstasy.

He felt the same.

Yiren could feel it clearly.

"I love you too."