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 "Ah, you are such a dummy sometimes..." Tianshi muttered with a sigh after hearing the explanation from Xiao Wen and hugged Xuefeng from behind. "She is not worth your pain. Don't think about her anymore."

Even though she was upset with his decision, she couldn't get mad at him for too long. Xuefeng was cuddling with Yiren as Ling was checking up on her injuries so she pulled away and massaged his tense shoulders.

"I could see that Jiao was slowly improving her behavior but in the end, she chose to resolve her problems on her own. You can't be blamed for that. We can only hope she will be fine and find someone who can protect her," Tianshi commented.

Looking at the girls, she added, "Though, I disagree with everyone. Canceling her will not bring us any good. If by any chance she survives in the Heaven Realm, she would be a good asset to have. We should still remain friendly with her."

It wasn't a popular opinion but once everyone valued the pros and cons, they realized it was still an option.

"I would only agree to Jiao being our friend and only if she changes her attitude," Nuwa responded first. "I disliked her from the very beginning so I don't think I will get along with her anyway."

"I think we should put this decision on hold but I agree with Nuwa. Either she changes or it's a big no," Wuying chose her side and Princess Shan joined them as well. "I'm of the same opinion."

"I'm fine with it. We can wait and see but I still don't like what she did," Xiao Wen expressed as Tianshi's gaze fell on her and Yi nodded when it was her turn.

Tianshi didn't disturb Ling and Yiren before announcing with the majority of the votes, "I guess we are mostly decided. We will put this matter on hold. We can't change anything now and thinking about the matter will only make us upset. We have more important things to do now."

With Tianshi taking the stance for everyone, they nodded, making it official. For a short moment she felt as if she took the leading role from Nuwa or Xiao Wen and she had to admit, she didn't dislike it. Being the first woman Xuefeng ever liked, she had some responsibilities.

Not leaving her temporary position, Tianshi kissed Xuefeng's neck to gain his attention and muttered into his ear, "And if you, mister 'I like to do things without thinking', decide to risk your like in such a stupid manner once again, I will personally find a rope and bind you to my hand so you don't do anything foolish again. Are we clear?"

Her words were harsh yet soft approach didn't seem to work with Xuefeng so she had to use other methods to persuade him to be a good boy. She didn't want to lose him for the second time in her lifetime.

"Cough... Yes," Xuefeng agreed as he cleared his throat and asked her to change the topic, "How was your breakthrough?"

Tianshi grinned when she heard his agreement and resumed her massage as she replied calmly, "Everything worked well. My foretelling ability improved a lot and just as we expected, my second ability doesn't provide me with any attack abilities but rather acts as a supporting ability."

"Oh, what is it?" Xuefeng asked curiously. He wanted to fully turn to Tianshi but he had Yiren on his lap as Ling examined her.

"Still not sure but it seems to be some kind of mental ability," Tianshi explained vaguely and grasped his head gently, "Let me test it on you. Don't resist."

When Tianshi caught his head, he immediately felt as if someone was knocking into his mind, wishing to enter. He had connected his mind with both Yiren and Nuwa before but this sensation was much different compared to his bloodline connection.

'Enter?' Xuefeng spoke in his mind, wishing for Tianshi to enter his mind and out of nowhere, he heard her sweet voice, 'Yey, I came inside you pretty easily. Can you hear me?'

'Yeah, I can. It feels weird, you sound as if you were creating thoughts in my mind,' Xuefeng commented on the strange feeling, sensing as if he had no full control over his mind anymore.

'Don't worry, I don't have access to your mind. It's more like a chat room between us. I can convey my thoughts to you and vice-versa," Tianshi assured him and suggested, "Try opening your eyes."

To his surprise, he heard her voice normally, outside of his mind. Xuefeng opened his eyes and felt Tianshi let go of his head before speaking again in his mind, 'Isn't it cool? Now our minds are connected and we can talk as we do other things. We can communicate without anyone knowing anything and surprise our enemies or even use it to talk about our secrets.'

"Tianshi, this is amazing!" Xuefeng called out excitedly, realizing how many advantages such ability gave them and quickly added, "Wait, how big of a distance can we separate with this connection? Can you connect multiple people at the same time? Does it consume a lot of Fate Qi?"

Tianshi smiled and said, "The first two can be easily checked and the cost is minimal, at least if it's just the two of us."

The girls who were listening to them were confused and curious about what they were talking about but Tianshi didn't keep them waiting as she reached out to them, "Everyone, come sit around me."

They didn't question her and all sat on the bed where Tianshi repeated the process, connecting everyone.

'Whoa... Isn't that kind of broken...? This ability would be great in times of war.' Xiao Wen commented shocked.

All of them heard each other's thoughts as if they were sitting in the same room, talking to each other.

'It seems only if we form words with thoughts will they come through. We can't send images,' Wuying reported after a couple of tries.

'I think the best part is that we can talk about Xuefeng without him knowing,' Xiao Wen said with an evil smile and everyone shared it. Sometimes they wanted to discuss something just between them so such ability came in handy.

Xuefeng rolled his eyes and asked, 'About this, is there a way to cut the connection?'

He knew his mind would explode if he listened to them all at once.

'Let me try,' Tianshi muttered and suddenly his mind got clear. He was just about to report it when the girls started to laugh.

"What happened?" He asked curiously but Tianshi only shook her head, "Nothing~ We were just joking around."

"Fine, don't tell me, I have Yiren with me to keep me company." Xuefeng pretended to pout and hugged onto Yiren, asking Ling, "How is she?"

At the same time, Ling let go of Yiren's hand and described, "Her dantain is also damaged but not as bad as in your case. I was able to heal it already. I still need to work on yours for a bit."

She didn't stay for long as she gave him a quick kiss and returned to his body. He immediately felt a warm feeling heaving towards his dantain which meant Ling got to work right away.

'I love you!' Xuefeng expressed his love but Ling wanted more, presenting her demands. 'I want cuddles and your body as payment. I will claim it when I'm done with you.'

He couldn't reject her, recalling how much she helped him this time and agreed, 'Sure, It's a deal.'

"Xuefeng..." Yiren muttered as she finally could relax, no longer in any pain and rotated her body on his lap. He quickly leaned over with his lips and kissed her lightly while apologizing yet again, "I'm sorry... You had to go through a lot of pain because of me..."

Yiren accepted the kiss and bit him on her own while embracing him by the neck. "It's okay... It doesn't hurt anymore. Your kisses steal all the pain away."

He still felt bad for his actions and asked, rubbing her warmly on her back, "Is there anything you want? I want to fulfill your wish."

Xuefeng thought she will need time to consider what she wants yet Yiren was quick as she leaned over to his ear and whispered her wish.

"That's it?" Xuefeng asked to confirm and Yiren nodded happily, "Yes... and you have to do what I ask you to..."

"Alright, let's go."