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 While the dishes were arriving, they learned more about the boy. His name was Li Kun. His parents died two years ago while they were looking for herbs in the mountains. One day they left and never came back. After he spent all of the money his parents left on cultivators to search for them, they found his parent's clothes ripped apart on the ground with blood on them.

They left with the conclusion that they were eaten by the spirit beasts. From that day on he was left alone. He picked his parents job and day by day searched for Spirit Herbs to sell so he could survive.

A few days ago he found this really weird herb and he instantly thought it would sell for a lot. Unfortunately, after he tried to sell it on the bazaar, he met the black-robed man who tried to steal it from him.

The next sequences of events were known to them. Although his story was sad, at least he didn't give up and worked hard to survive. Not many 10-year-olds would preserve their lives in times like this.

After drinking the whole wine jar, instead of feeling better, Xuefeng felt even worse. Cultivators had a strong metabolism so the wine he drunk wasn't a normal liquor. It was a Spirit Wine that could make even an expert fall if drunk too much.

This was also his first time drinking, so the effects were even stronger. Hearing Li Kun story he suddenly started to miss his own parents. He was not filial, as he left them without support, and only gave them problems. They worked hard their whole life so he can have a brighter future, but he had to die on a random fucking cliff.

But when he thought of Tianshi, he couldn't help but blow all regrets away.

'As long as you are safe ...' He looked at Wuying who also happened to turn his way. Her sweet smile reminded him of Tianshi for a moment.

"Is something wrong?" She asked with a caring gaze.

Looking at her blinking eyes he suddenly felt an urge to hug someone. He took her by the hand and pulled into his arms. Although he surprised her, she didn't reject him.

It was just a normal hug but it gave him a peace of mind.

Li Kun clapped happily seeing them hugging. He suffered a lot which made him mature earlier, but deep down he was still a kid.

"So big brother Feng and big sister Ying are a couple. No wonder she looks at him like that." The boy commented before taking another dish and starting to devour it. It was his first time eating delicious food like this.

Hearing Li Kun comment Wuying blushed but felt happy inside. They only separated after a few minutes. Just as they did, they heard a knock to the doors.

They opened and Manager Wu appeared on the doorstep in her usual sexy dress.

"Hello, Young master Xuefeng. I got informed about your arrival and I had to visit you." Manager Wu was waiting for Xuefeng visit for a long time. She even told Liu Xiaobei but she waited for a week and her wish didn't come true.

"Oh hello, I was training for the last week and I didn't have time to come earlier." Xuefeng wasn't drunk to the point he couldn't speak, so he greeted her normally. Meanwhile, he asked Ling to clear his body of alcohol.

"No problem, I just wanted to deepen our relationship." She waved with her hand telling she didn't mind. She then looked at Li Kun and asked: "And who might be this boy?"

Xuefeng told her the story of Li Kun injustice before asking "I heard that miss is also a president of Trade Union branch, are you perhaps looking for an experienced herb picker?"

"Miss Wuying did the right thing. Scam like that doesn't deserve to live on this world. And actually I do, you want to recommend someone? I'm also searching for an alchemists for our medical pavilion." She expressed the same feeling as Wuying towards this issue.

"Actually the person I want to introduce to you is actually here. Li Kun was gathering herbs for 2 years already. If you could find a job for him, that would be great." He pointed towards the boy who just finished another dish.

"Hmm, if that's what Young master want I can make that happen. But you know you already owe me one favour? This will be the second one." She glanced once at Li Kun and agreed without forgetting to send him another favour bill.

"Well, I don't mind. Oh, and I promised him Spirit Awakening Liquid. I can cover that." He recalled and wanted to pull out some spirit stones, but was stopped by Manager Wu.

"No need, It's just a Spirit Awakening Liquid, its nothing much. Your favour is much more valuable." Manager Wu show her high opinion of him.

Li Kun listening to their conversation understood what Xuefeng was trying to do and he felt extremely grateful. If he received the Spirit Stones for the herb on the bazaar, he would still be at risk of getting robbed, but now he could get a stable job to survive in the future.

"Are you also going for Rank 4 Nightmare hunt? The news already spread and many cultivators are departing right now." She asked as she sat down by Xuefeng side.

"Yeah, we plan to leave tomorrow morning." Xuefeng didn't mind her, but Wuying increased her vigilance.

"Hehe, how about I use one of your favours tomorrow?" She asked out of the blue as she giggled. Her mature elegance made her laugh seem natural.

"What kind of favour?" Xuefeng felt nervous. It didn't seem like he could refuse if she asks for something impossible.

She looked at Wuying before saying "I want to add one person to your team."

"Uff, I thought you would ask for something crazy." Xuefeng breathed a sigh of relief. Wuying wanted to make this mission with just the two of them, but their world wouldn't collapse if they took one more person.

'Noooooooooooooooo...' Wuying cried internally as her whole plans were ruined.

"Then it's settled. I will bring her to your clan in the morning." She stood up after hearing his reply. It looked like it was the main deal she wanted to settle with him.

"Wait a minute? "Her"? The person who will accompany us is a female?" He stopped her trying to confirm the fact.

"Yeah, It's my niece. She is quite rebellious so I wanted to temper her a bit. You don't mind, right?" She asked playfully, causing him to be unable to reject her. He could feel his hand being squeezed into a paste by fuming Wuying.

"Well, I guess I can't refuse right?" He tried anyway, just to please "Wuying the Hammer Hand" or else he might die by tomorrow.

"No, you don't. Come, boy, aunty will take care of you." Manager Wu denied him and turned towards Li Kun, beckoning him to come with her.

He turned towards Xuefeng, but seeing him nodding, he followed Manager Wu out of the room.

"Bye! Thanks for everything." Li Kun said excited for his new life.

"See you tomorrow." She closed the door after saying goodbyes.

Wuying glared at him without saying anything. She could finally spend some time alone with him, but another girl suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She wasn't mad at him just upset.

"How could I know this would happen, it's not my fault..." He tried to defend himself but as expected, whatever he said didn't work.

'Eh, I guess I will have to slowly smooth things over.' He sighed.