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Xuefeng closed the door of the balcony, leaving the two alone, still laying on the bed. Nuwa glanced down with a playful grin on her face which made Tianshi alerted.

She reached out to Tianshi's waist and her hands slipped inside Tianshi's dress. "The body of a female really can't be compared to a male. We are so much softer. To think Xuefeng enjoys it every day," Nuwa muttered to herself while checking out Tianshi's belly.

Her fingers gently scanned the surface of Tianshi's fair skin, first rubbing and caressing her seamless abs, before squeezing her sides as she sneaked upwards.

"Ah! Nuwa, it tickles..." Tianshi exclaimed while complaining and caught Nuwa's hands. "Let's focus on training now before Xuefeng comes back."

Too bad that Nuwa didn't listen and charged forward against the pressure, sliding her fingers underneath Tianshi's bra and squeezed her breasts. Her hands were too small to embrace it full yet she didn't mind, sinking them into into the softness.

"Nuwa, we can't..." Tianshi protested, grabbing onto Nuwa's wrists when Nuwa lowered her head and whispered from up close, only centimeters separating them, "Do you think Xuefeng imagined us three together and will join us soon? You should know what will happen in the future, right?"

When Tianshi heard the question, she blushed and finally pulled Nuwa's hands away. "He will come back later..." Tianshi replied, regaining her freedom. "That's why I need to start now and finish my breakthrough before Xuefeng returns."

"Hehe, alright. I will protect you then," Nuwa giggled and jumped of Tianshi.

The two didn't get off the bed but instead sat down cross-legged. "Thanks for being on my side earlier," Tianshi muttered as she closed her eyes. "My chances of mastering my new skill were really low..."

"Oh, don't worry. You would go with us anyway. Drakos' plan was flawed from the start. He doesn't realize that Xuefeng would never leave anyone behind," Nuwa assured her before adding honestly, "Also, I did it cause I'm selfish and I want to spend time with Xuefeng too. If he cultivates with you the whole time, he won't have time for us."

"..." Tianshi didn't initially know how to react to that but knowing Nuwa's character, she nodded. "Fair enough."

It wasn't uncommon for them to use underhanded tactics for their advantage. They already agreed that everything is allowed as long as no one gets hurt.

"Let's start."


As Tianshi began her breakthrough, Xuefeng reached the training grounds, right outside their palace. It was surrounded by a round, transparent barrier and illuminated with lantern-like white crystals. The girls had a spot for themselves as they attacked a small plate attached to the rock pillar.

"It seems that Xiao Wen and Wuying already finished with their own challenge," Xuefeng commented as they landed, seeing both of the ladies cheering for others instead and helping from the side. "How about creating a stronger plate for them so they won't get bored?"

His suggestion made Drakos' eyes lit up and he immediately nodded, "Sure! Let's see how far they can go. This plate is a bearable minimum but of course, the place we are going to has much stronger beasts as well."

"Xuefeng!" Yiren called out the moment she saw him walking into the training grounds and immediately ran up to him. At the same time, Drakos flew to Xiao Wen some far away.

Yiren extended her hands while holding the plate in both hands and looked at him pitifully. "I can't break it. Help me," she pleaded.

Xuefeng patted her on the head and suggested, "Have you tried using the power of your bloodline? I don't think you will be able to break it while using your elements. You can try to use your new ability to increase your power output and see if you can break it while using different elements."

Yiren tilted her head, looking like she was thinking it through and finally smiled, calling out, "I got it!"

As if she was enlightened by his suggestions, she grabbed the plate and closed her eyes.


She let out a focused sound, squeezing the plate with her hands but even after a few seconds, nothing was happening. "I think I'm doing it wrong," Yiren commented upset, checking out the plate before suddenly smiling brightly. "I did it!"

"What did you do?" Xuefeng asked, not sure what she was referring to. "The plate is still intact."

"No, no, look!" Yiren called out excitedly as she shoved the plate in front of his face. "I bent it!"

She let him hold it and indeed, there was a small dent in the middle. Though, it was hardly enough to be considered a success. Naturally, he wouldn't tell her that.

"Good job!" Xuefeng gave Yiren a quick hug and a kiss on the head before explaining, "You are on a good way, you just need to change your strategy. Instead of applying a global pressure on the plate, you should try to minimize the area. Imagine that you control a blade, thin and sharp, then try to cut the plate in half."

He was thinking about such method for a while already. If he can control anything with his bloodline, can't he do the same with air and other particles as well?

"Can you show me first?" Yiren asked sweetly, hugging into his chest and Xuefeng actually got tempted to give it a try.

He gave everyone a look, checking how they were doing as seeing Xiao Wen and Wuying received new challenge, he focused his mind on the plate. Grabbing the plate with one hand, he began feeling it up and performed according to his own suggestion.


He cut at the plate with an invisible force yet nothing happened aside from the small indention in the middle. It quickly regenerated itself which made Xuefeng speechless.

"How about you try first?" Xuefeng proposed as he passed her the plate and she didn't argue aside from one condition. "Okay, but you have to hug me from behind."

Xuefeng didn't mind that and embraced her while placing his chin on her shoulder. His eyes were focused on her plate and his Spirit Awareness was active, trying to learn from Yiren first. His Bloodline Power was still too weak to perform such actions.


Just as Yiren dove into his hug and changed her strategy, the plate broke in an instant shocking both her and him.

"Wow, it broke so easily," Yiren commented amazed and turned to Xuefeng excitedly, throwing herself on his neck. "Thank you~! It's all thanks to you!"

"Congrats! Don't thank me, it is all your own strength." Xuefeng praised and asked curiously, "Did you follow my advice?"

"Hehe, yes! I did exactly what you said. I focused all of my pressure on one line in the middle and it simply broke," Yiren giggled as she explained and suddenly kissed him deeply. "I know what you did, hehe. You can't lie to me."

"Cough, cough..." Xuefeng cleared his throat, realizing he got busted. "I guess you got me. It was honestly too hard to hide."

Although he was a bit ashamed she could do it so easily while he couldn't, he didn't mind it. He was happy for her and wished she improved even more.

"Yeah, to think you would let me try it first so I don't feel bad," Yiren exposed him with a smile and hugged him tightly, "This is why I love you."


Xuefeng got a bit confused, but he was quick to react and change the topic before she questions him more, "Mhmm, I love you too but that's not the end. You should try to improve more. Drakos is creating stronger plates for others so let's join them. You can give it a try too."

"Yes! Let's go!" Yiren agreed right away and hugged into his arm as they walked.

Xuefeng felt guilty for hiding the truth and decided in his mind, 'I need to train harder... I can't lose the trust she puts in me..."