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 Tianshi didn't sound sure with her words but Xuefeng could see a huge determination in her expression. He guessed that she probably saw her future and her inability to destroy the plate. Xuefeng understood Drakos' thought process but he didn't want to leave anyone behind.

Everyone started checking the plates that Drakos gave them but Xuefeng walked up to Tianshi instead and lifted her chin. "Hey... I believe in you," Xuefeng assured her as well before giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "We can do it all together."

As he pulled away, Tianshi hugged him tightly and promised into his ear, "I will work hard to break it..."

"I know. you will." Xuefeng replied and embraced her while petting her on the head. Turning to the girls, he asked curiously, "Who is confident they can break it?"


"I am," Nuwa replied first, breaking the plate in two with just the fingers of one hand, making it look extremely easy. Naturally, even though she did, others weren't so naive to believe it was just her physical strength.

"I guess we will need to move to a different place else we will destroy our bedroom," Xuefeng proposed, knowing he couldn't repeat Nuwa's feat. None of the girls looked like they wanted to go back to sleep either.

"Sure, I want to crush this plate as well," Xiao Wen agreed eagerly and the rest also nodded, accepting the challenge. Only Nuwa fell down on the bed as if she really didn't want to go. She already won so there was no point for her to leave.

"I will wait for you here~" Nuwa announced as lazily cuddled into one of the pillows.

"Let's go," Xuefeng whispered to Tianshi, but she shook her head. "I'm also not going. I know I won't break the plate now but there is a chance if I cultivate really hard. I need more power if I want to learn a new skill."

He looked into her eyes and quickly decided, "You girls can go first, I will catch up in a second." It was safe in their territory thanks to all the guards so he didn't mind letting them roam on their own.

"Alright!" The girls replied at the same time and flew out of the balcony while Drakos stayed behind, waiting for Xuefeng. He seemed to sense something was coming.

"How confident you are to make it in time? We still have a week." Xuefeng asked Tianshi, expecting an honest answer and a troubled expression appeared on her face.

"About ten percent..." She replied quietly. Her determination was still there but her chances were really low. "I asked my Spirit and she said there is a future where I succeed so I will not give up."

"Don't worry, you will go with us. I already promised that I will never leave you behind and I plan on keeping it," Xuefeng assured as he caressed her cheek and called out to Drakos, "Isn't Tianshi's ability very useful for us? She can warn us against any potential dangers. Even if she can't provide us with much firepower, she can still be useful overall."

"Xuefeng..." Tianshi muttered, already expecting him to say those words yet she was still touched.

Before she said anything else, Xuefeng placed a finger on her lips to shush her, "Shh, I already said I'm not leaving you."

Drakos only sighed and commented, "You want to protect Tianshi yet what you are doing is literally against that. Yes, she will be useful but the place where we are going to have dangers everywhere. Her ability won't make a difference at all. She can predict an attack yet If she can't protect herself against it, she will get hurt and probably die."

Xuefeng didn't want to hear such an answer but that didn't change his decision. He still wanted everyone on the board for this adventure, not knowing how long it would take.

He couldn't blame Tianshi for her shortcomings as the two only had less than a year to learn to battle, cultivation and understand the rules of this world. Seeing how well she was doing, he could only be proud of her.

"What about her second main ability after her Fate Spirit advances?" Nuwa suddenly asked. She has been watching the ongoing drama from the side and couldn't help but finally butt into it. Knowing Xuefeng, she knew what he would do.

Getting attention on her, she added, "Even if Tianshi learns some new skills and improves her cultivation, she still doesn't belong to the frontlines. She won't learn such battle instincts in a week. In that aspect, she is a total newbie."

Tianshi didn't even get upset at Nuwa's words as everything she said was the truth.

"My Spirit doesn't remember anything about her second ability aside from the fact that it's also a supportive ability without much fighting power," Tianshi admitted what she knew.

Nuwa smiled and laid on her belly while playing with her graceful legs. "I think you are looking at it from a wrong perspective. I think it's perfect that not everyone has similar fighting capabilities. Even though Yiren has the ability to break the plate, she won't be a good fighter. Both she and Tianshi should act as support at the backline instead. I don't want to leave Yiren alone as we battle so the two can help each other," Nuwa presented her thoughts.

Xuefeng was quick to smile and call it the end of the discussion. "Then it's decided. Tianshi will become our support," Xuefeng announced and placed a ring in Tianshi's hand. "Take those Fate Stones and focus on breaking through."

Even though Tianshi could foretell the future, there were things she couldn't predict and that was the unexpected human change of mind. She accepted the Storage Ring with genuine happiness and hugged Xuefeng as hard as she could.

His repeated actions of love was proof that she made the right choice following after him.

"I will watch after her as you go to the girls," Nuwa proposed generously. She didn't expect Tianshi would also run-up to her and give her a hug while laying on top of her. "Thank you Nuwa. You are amazing."

"Ah, it's nothing. I'm already used to being awesome," Nuwa shrugged humbly and suddenly flipped Tianshi to the side, getting on top of her. "I also prefer to be on top."

Nuwa sat on Tianshi's belly, pinned her wrists to the bed and the two froze, staring at each other from up close. Xuefeng opened his mouth to depart but his brain was faster than him, imagining something else.

His images only intensified when Nuwa let go of Tianshi's arms, flipped her hair to one side which exposed the two and looked up while tracing her finger in the middle of Tianshi's chest. "Xuefeng, I thought you are leaving? Or are you staying and planning to join us?" Nuwa asked alluringly.


Xuefeng cleared his throat and didn't fall for Nuwa's trickery. He knew she was only teasing him yet based on his dry throat, he could feel that part of him wanted to join the two. The combination of just Tianshi and Nuwa was too interesting to miss.

He grabbed the little dragon and commanded, "Drakos, we are leaving and you girls stop playing around." He couldn't let Drakos continue watching.

"Alrighty~ I will be gentle with her."