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It was already late evening in the Capital when a sudden tremor alerted everyone. Xuefeng and the girls were already preparing to sleep, Yiren snuggling into his chest and Wuying claiming her goodnight kiss when they all felt vibrations. The whole building started shaking as if an earthquake hit the Capital.

The girls looked at each other, and pulled away from Xuefeng. "Should we check outside? Maybe something happened," Yiren proposed innocently and sat up on Xuefeng's hips while looking outside the windows.

She couldn't see anything so she moved left and right while extending her neck to maybe spot the explosion yet nothing could be seen from her angles. The only result she got was Xuefeng's erection slowly growing right in between of her buttcheeks and suddenly poking her in her panties with its hardness.

"Ah, Xuefeng! It's not the time," Yiren scolded and grabbed the poking head of the beast to make it calm down. "What if we are under attack?"

Xuefeng only smiled as his hands squeezed both Wuying and Princess Shan's thighs before sliding off them to embrace Yiren's bottom, assuring her, "Don't worry, it's probably just Drakos creating a mess in the Royal Palace."

His fingers slipped inside of her panties and grasped directly on her soft skin which made Yiren forget about the explosion for a second. Her soft hands squeezed his erection that was already breaking out of her jail. It was a sight that every girl in the room wanted to see.

"I agree! We should just enjoy tonight!" Yi called out as she sneaked next to Xuefeng's head and leaned over for a kiss. With so many competitors for Xuefeng's attention, she had to act first to receive something special.

Yi caught his head from behind with both of her hands and rubbing his cheeks, she kissed his bottom lip. She pushed down strongly, clumsily pulling and numbing on it before dancing with her small tongue inside his mouth. Yi wasn't experienced but after watching others for so long, she learned the whole process.

To her surprise, Xuefeng extended one of his hands and entwined it within her silver hair. Grasping it gently at the back of her head, he pushed her down against his face while taking control of their kiss, biting and sucking on her tongue.

He didn't know but Xuefeng was making this day her best so far just with one kiss. She thought she would only get one or two kisses yet he was causing her to lose breath.

"It seems Xuefeng is quite horny today," Princess Shan commented with a smile as she pinched Xuefeng on the chest. "He made us battle whole afternoon. We should make him exercise too."

They were all stripped down to their underwear and Princess Shan's was surprisingly sexy today, wearing her new light blue set that matched the color of her hair. It was made of a thin fabric and her nipples poked through it with ease. There was already a bite mark on one of her breasts as if Xuefeng already seized her earlier.

Feeling girl's touches all over his body, Xuefeng finally pulled Yi away from his lips, letting her breathe, but looking into her eyes, he could see she wanted more.

"I-I liked it..." Yi muttered with hurried beath, confirming Xuefeng's guess but he didn't lean on for another kiss which disappointed her. After all, he couldn't just focus on her with everyone waiting. Xuefeng had to multitask.

He lifted himself up and immediately caught Princess Shan's bra, pulling her body up to his face with one finger while he moved the other hand to Yiren's front.

"Ahhh..." Both let out a soft cry, Princess Shan as her chest got exposed and her breasts sucked on with passion while Yiren when her insides got stirred.

Yiren let go of his erection to catch his arm and Nuwa was about to take the control or it when Tianshi suddenly called out, "I think we should stop for now. I doubt some of us will be able to sleep tonight."

"Huh?" Everyone stopped moving, glancing in Tianshi's direction with confusion.

"Little Blue will come back in a bit and announce something," Tianshi explained with something bothering her and the girls understood, suddenly breaking up from Xuefeng to wear their dresses.

Since Xuefeng told them Drakos is actually a grown ass man in the body of a cute dragon, they stopped obsessing about him. They didn't want to be seen by anyone other than Xuefeng.

"Ah, how about I kick his butt so we can continue?" Nuwa asked reluctantly, holding onto Xuefeng without the will to leave him.

"It's okay, I think you won't have problems to pass the test," Tianshi assured her.

"What test?" Everyone asked back when they heard something landing on the balcony and call out, "I'm back! Open the balcony!"

"Damn you Drakos," Xuefeng cursed to himself, but he knew it was inevitable. It was good that he asked Ling to place a barrier around the room else Drakos would see his wives' sexy bodies once again. He couldn't allow that.

"I guess we have no choice but to stop for now," Xuefeng muttered as he lifted Nuwa by the waist and placed in bed with an addition of a kiss.

"I'm not done with you for tonight," Nuwa announced and clicked with her fingers. A traditional elvish dress instantly covered her body and Xuefeng smiled in response.

Xuefeng wore his pants and walked towards the balcony, disabling the barrier placed. He saw Drakos with his chin up in the sky which was Drakos' way of saying, 'I will brag now!'

Just as Xuefeng opened the doors, Drakos entered inside and commented, "I knew it. I risk my life fighting to death yet you are home playing with your girls."

"I wasn't the one who claimed to be the strongest under heavens," Xuefeng rolled his eyes, knowing Drakos was exaggerating and asked, "How was it? We heard an explosion."

"Hehe, it was one of my skills called Butt Drop. Unfortunately, my skills are less powerful compared to my physical strength. I was only able to blow up half of the palace. If I had my full strength, I could wipe up the whole Capital with it," Drakos explained proudly before producing eight golden plates out of thin air.

When Tianshi saw the plates, her face turned hopeless but a moment later it turned into determined one. She was the only one who knew what would happen thanks to her Spirit but she didn't want to reveal it.

Drakos smiled and sent the plates to everyone, including Xuefeng and said, "It's fine that you are all relaxing but most of you are still too weak for that. We are leaving to a dangerous place this week. If anyone can't break those plates then they can't come with us."

"Huh?" Xuefeng frowned as he caught the plate. "You didn't mention it before."

"Isn't that obvious? The place where we are going to is not a joke. If anyone is careless, they will die. If they can't even break this plate, then they won't be able to damage any beasts inside, making them useless. You don't want to take anyone with you who can't break those plates. They will just drag us down as the smaller group the better." Drakos explained with brutal honesty.

Xuefeng immediately understood why Tianshi was unhappy earlier. He looked at her direction but he found her smiling as she assured him, "Don't worry... I will break that plate."