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 "Who dares?!" the Ruler of the Realm shouted angrily, releasing his pressure out of his body as he started to float. To his surprise, he couldn't localize the enemy which meant he was either stronger than him or had some kind of concealing artefact. He was more eager to believe the latter, knowing his own powers.

"Hahaha, I already told you! I'm your daddy!" The same voice from before yelled out once again, laughing the whole time. From the darkness, a small creature was walking forward. It had dark blue scales and looked like a lizard. It walked on its two claws like a human with its small hands behind its back.

He could see a smirk on the lizards' face as it walked proudly ahead with his chin lifted.

The Ruler thought it was a deception as he didn't believe a small beast could talk and called out, "A lizard? Don't play games! Come out and fight me!"

He couldn't know that his words added a lot of pain to his future beating.

"Lizard?! You are a lizard you dumb fuk! Your whole family are a bunch of lizards! I'm Drakos, the Legendary Dragon!" Drakos cursed angrily and suddenly stomped, causing cracks to appear in the black stone floor. "I will beat your ass for real now!"

The Ruler of the Realm was shocked knowing that even he couldn't destroy the floor. What was even more surprising was Drakos ability to talk but he had no luxury to actually contemplate on that as Drakos already launched himself in his direction like a rocket.


Drakos' small body instantly reached the target and he headbutted the Ruler of the Realm in the chest. He was sent flying and crushed into the wall with a loud resounding bang. The guard who watched it all from the side couldn't even see the dragon move. It was too fast!

Just as the Ruler was about to drop to the ground, he tried to teleport away yet his eyes widened when he found himself unable to.

"I locked the space around us. You think I will let you run?" Drakos informed just before his flaming tail slammed against the Ruler's body. He just wasn't able to react at all.

All the barriers that appeared to protect him broke upon impact and the strike landed without losing force.

The Ruler was sent flying once again, this time breaking through the window.

"You are not going anywhere!" Drakos cried out and followed right after, jumping out of the palace after him. He caught him midair, grabbing onto his neck with both hands and swung his body to smash him into the ground with even bigger force.

Even though Drakos was small, his physical strength was off the charts compared to human race. He didn't need his flames to beat anyone.

Gliding with his small wings, he reached the ground and saw the Ruler attempting to stand up from the crater he created. Naturally, Drakos couldn't let that happen and landed right on top of him, sending him back to the dirt.

"Who is a lizard now, huh?!" Drakos asked as he pressed the Ruler's chest with his small claws, applying pressure. "Say that to my face once again!"

The Ruler could barely breathe let alone talk but he didn't seem to give up. As if he started channeling his skill, he sent his fist at Drakos but to his surprise, it was stopped by Drakos' tail effortlessly.

"What... did you do... to me?" The Ruler asked with trouble, his eyes finally showing signs of panic. It wasn't that he didn't try to fight back but he couldn't. His greatest fist skill he just used carried no power as his Spirit Qi supply was cut off.

"Oh, you mean your useless skills? Simple, I took them away," Drakos shrugged as he put even more pressure with his leg, making the Ruler's ribs crack. "Call me daddy and I will tell you how. What do you think?"

There were hundreds of guards already gathered some distance away from them, rushing for help but seeing the Ruler was taken hostage, they could only watch the situation. Some almost choked when they heard Drakos' demands.

The Ruler got red from shame, being beaten by a small lizard but he didn't say anything, only glaring at Drakos.

Drakos was standing on his chest which blocked him from challenging his Spirit Qi throughout his body. Even though his Dantain was intact, he still needed to transport his Qi into his fist to perform a skill.

"Haha, did I hurt your pride?" Drakos asked in laughter and assured him, "Don't worry, you should be honored to be defeated by the Legendary me. Call me daddy and I won't kill any of your men surrounding us, is that a better deal?"

Too bad, it didn't bring his desired effect. The Ruler was still tight-lipped, making everyone suddenly worry about their lives.

Glancing at all the people around them, Drakos grinned and announced, "Can you see your Ruler well? He is nothing but an useless man. I am being nice and offer to let you all off yet he rejects me. Even though he knows I can easily kill anyone here, he refuses to let go of his pride. Is this the Ruler you all love and worship? For me he doesn't care about any of you."

Many people frowned to that but they did believe in Drakos' words. If he could break into the palace and almost kill the Ruler of the Realm this effortlessly, it means they were nothing for him. What was even more depressing was their Ruler's attitude but they didn't take it to heart too much. Drakos could kill them anyway afterwards.

"I guess I will simply kill everyone while starting from you. My claws will slowly increase the pressure on your chest until it's crushed, together with your heart. Is your pride worth more than you life?" Drakos asked and seeing the stubborn expression on the Ruler's face, he did as he claimed.


The Ruler grunted as blood began oozing out as five claws dove into his chest, slowly reaching his heart.

"D-daddy..." The Ruler finally broke, speaking out with last bits of air in his lungs. His life turned out to be

"Oh, did I hear something?" Drakos asked happily as if he didn't hear and stopped adding to the pressure. "Can you repeat it for me?"

"Daddy..." The Ruler repeated, his body shivering all over.

"Hehe, that's right. I'm your daddy," Drakos giggled, provoking him further before smashing his tail at the Ruler's legs.


Both of his legs broke instantly, twisting in unnatural angles yet the Ruler didn't cry out in pain anymore. Only afterwards did Drakos realize the Ruler passed out.

"Meh, you are no fun. I'm leaving," Drakos commented and flew away casually. No one stopped him but immediately rushed to their Ruler instead.

Looking down at the Royal Palace, Drakos recalled Xuefeng's words to make as much damage as possible but the palace was still there, almost untouched.

"I can't leave it like that, can I? Is it the time to test one of my finishing moves?" Drakos thought out loud and he already knew the answer to his question when it left his mouth.

His small body started burning with blue flames and he folded his wings, slowly dropping at the Palace like a flaming meteor.