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 Just as Drakos cried out, Xuefeng's body got surrounded by dark blue fire that he couldn't control, forcing him to jump away from the girls to not burn them. The flames surrounded him completely until they were tens of meters high and almost twenty wide.

He expected Drakos to be enormous but that would be an understatement. If he was too big, they wouldn't be able to hide him in the Capital which would be quite a problem.

'Hahahahahahahahah! Kneel before the Legendary Dragon!' Drakos continued to laugh as the flames started to take the shape of a giant blue dragon. It's wings spread wide and its eyes made of fire started coldly at the ladies, scaring some of them.

Just as they thought the dragon will let out a resounding roar and its body will leave the flames, they suddenly dispersed and a cute sound reached their ears.


Xuefeng felt there some additional weight on his shoulder and realized it was a small blue lizard, trying to look as scary as it could but obviously it didn't work. The lizard had the appearance similar to the big dragon made from flames yet the size didn't match at all.

"Rawr~ I will eat you!" Drakos' voice left the lizard's mouth which made Xuefeng burst out laughing, "Pfft! Hahahaha, is this your mighty body?! Hahahahaha!"

"Shut up!" Drakos cussed at him and explained himself as little bit of blue fire escaped his small nostrils, "This is the most I can recreate with this little bit of Fate Stones! My dragon bloodline is still the purest!"

Drakos gesticulated with its small claws like a human and glared angrily at Xuefeng for laughing when the girls finally walked up to them,

"Ah! He is so cute!" Yiren exclaimed, being the first to approach and patted Drakos on the head. "Its scales are so soft. Is this our new pet? How is it called? Can I hold him?"

Yiren bombarded Xuefeng with questions, each triggering Drakos more then the previous one. He dodged her hand by extending his new long neck and shouted at Yiren, "I'm Drakos, the Legendary Dragon! I ain't no pet! No one can hold m-"

Too bad that Yiren didn't care about his titles and cut him off by picking him up against his will. She turned to the girls and called out happily, "Look how cute he is! It's our new pet! It can talk too!"

"I'm not a pet! Don't touch me!" Drakos cried out but the girls didn't mind his complaints, petting and feeling up his soft body.

"Ah! Don't pull on my wings! Take your hands away! Nooo! Xuefeng, save me!" Drakos called out for help, having no power to escape from them.

"Hahaha! Karma!" Xuefeng replied in laughter, treating it as payback for the earlier blackmail.

When they finally decided to stop playing and fly back to the Capital, Drakos was already shivering in fear each time he recalled the girls' treatment. "Monsters... They are monsters..." He muttered as he sat on Xuefeng's shoulder. "Why did I leave my space... At least I was safe from them..."

"Hah, who asked you to turn into a cute dragon. They won't leave you alone now," Xuefeng commented, enjoying Drakos' suffering and asked, "How much Fate Stones you need to recover completely? I really thought eight hundred thousand will be enough."

"Nope. It was barely enough to create this small body. I did tell you I will recreate my physical body, I didn't say what size," Drakos replied, shaking off the painful memories. "To regain my full strength I will probably need about one hundred Million or even a bit more. Not sure. In the Dragon Realm the Fate Essence is easily accessible from the air so it's like a cultivation for us."

"So you basically returned back into your childhood days?" Xuefeng asked curiously, realizing it would be nice to have a full-fledged dragon in his team.

"Yeah, but this time I don't need years to grow. I can boost myself artificially with Fate Stones which will speed up the whole process," Drakos nodded before adding proudly, "Though you shouldn't underestimate a real dragon. I can still easily overpower anyone in this Earth Realm. This is why dragons are one of the strongest creatures in all Realms. Whenever dragons battle, the ground burns and skies fall."

"Hah, I find it hard to believe," Xuefeng called out, planning on tricking Drakos while using his huge ego.

Drakos immediately felt offended and challenged, "Let's battle and you will see how weak you are!"

"I would but I am sure my women won't let us battle," Xuefeng rejected as he glanced at the girls and suggested instead, "How about we try a different way to test your current strength?"

Drakos naturally had to prove himself, being a member from a proud dragon race and immediately agreed, "Sure! What is it?"

"You mentioned that I will need to leave for a while to get an Elemental Stone, right?" Xuefeng began.

"Yes. There is only one Elemental Stone that you can access from the Earth Realm and its located in another a special Hidden Realm that no one knows off. I can lead you to it anytime soon," Drakos explained and asked, "What about it?"

"If I'm to leave for a longer period of time, I need to make sure my Clan will be safe. We have three hundred finest warriors that Nuwa brought but there its never bad to secure yourself further. One of my ideas was attacking the enemy base before they attack us," Xuefeng explained as he glanced at the Capital in the distance and proposed, "How about taking care of the Royal Family for me?"

"You want me to destroy the Royal Family in the Capital?" Drakos asked with a smile, not feeling any pressure from Xuefeng's request.

Xuefeng smiled, knowing that Drakos was already hooked and revealed all details, "Not actually destroy. The word, 'weaken,' would be better. I want you to enter the Royal Family Palace, destroy as much as you can and then beat up the Ruler of the Realm to the point he can't show himself for some time. You can bring me his crown as the proof."

"Easy. I can do it with my eyes closed, but didn't you want to take care of him yourself?" Drakos asked just to confirm, rubbing his small hands excitedly. One could imagine he now wanted to test his skills badly.

"I would love to but if I do it myself, they will recognize me and all regions will join forces to destroy us. They don't know you so they won't suspect us. This will weaken them and once we are back with the Elemental Stone, I can simply eradicate the whole Royal Family and replace them with our forces."

Drakos could accept such reasoning and agreed while adding his own terms, "Alright, but we are leaving this week. That place is rich in resources so I wanted to visit it anyway to regain some of my strength. The sooner the better."



About thirty minutes later,  a series of explosions resounded from the Royal Family Palace's direction. It was already evening when a sudden creature attacked the palace. It broke the protective barrier with one attack before destroying everything on its way.

"What is happening?!" The Ruler of the Realm yelled the moment a guard came back with a report. "Are we being attacked?"

He didn't move from his bedroom even through he heard explosions outside. If he had to take care of everything, why would he even keep his guards around.

"Ruler! We are being attacked by one small creature! It's so small we can't catch it and it breaks everything. It seems it is heading in the direction of the palace!" the guard reported, horrified by the situation.

Just as Ruler of the Realm wanted to scold him for being useless, someone broke the entrance doors to the Royal Bedroom and cried from the distance.

"Prepare your ass for a beating! Daddy's home!"