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 "So, we will appear randomly somewhere outside of the Capital, right?" Xuefeng asked just before they stepped on the teleportation platform to the outside world. He wanted to make sure everyone will be safe after they return.

After everyone finished their battles, Xuefeng gathered them and left the arena with his pockets full of winnings. Although the arena was a good training ground for them, if they stayed for too long, everyone would start to hate them.

They visited the shop afterward and Xuefeng was shocked to find out how cheap all abilities were. Most decent abilities were priced at twenty to thirty thousand high-tier Fate Stones which in his situation wasn't much. Everyone knew that he had a lot of money so he didn't mind spending some of it.

Each of his girls who had a Fate Spirit chose their own sets and he spent close to a million on them. It was more like an investment so he didn't mind that at all. He cheated the money from the Betting House anyway so.

"I'm not sure exactly how the portal works in groups but each time I left, I would be teleported somewhere else," Xiao Wen explained from her experience. "It's meant to help those who desire to stay anonymous while using the Fate Organization Realm."

"Alright. Let's all go inside at the same time then," Xuefeng finally decided to proceed and stepped on the platform. They could naturally become targets of other Fate Holders so from now on, they had to be always cautious.

According to the rules, Fate Holders couldn't kill each in the Central Region but Xuefeng wasn't bound by those rules. If others were to find out that none of them had any restrictions, they could easily become a target of a group attack.

They all walked in after Xuefeng and Xiao Wen placed one Fate Stone on the small stand to activate the platform. Golden symbols lit up on the floor and soon the light consumed their bodies, sending them away.

Thankfully, all of them appeared together with no one missing. They found themselves in some unknown lush forest but they only needed to fly to the sky to find their directions so Xuefeng wasn't worried.

Just as he thought everything was alright, Xuefeng heard Yi's scream.

"Ahh! Spiders!"

Before he knew, a soft body dove into his arms. He immediately reacted by hugging her into his chest and scanned his surroundings in search of the enemy. Sure enough, they couldn't have landed in a different place other than the territory of giant spiders.

One, two, three spiders walked out of the forest and pounced on their group as soon as they got close. Xuefeng had Yi in his arms, tightly coiling around his neck but he didn't worry, knowing he wasn't alone.

Princess Shan, Wuying and Xiao Wen launched themselves at the spiders without fear, cleaning them up with one strike each. They were just some low-tiered Spirit Beasts that they didn't need to be scared from yet Yi was still shivering and hugging into him.

"Hey, they are already taken care of. It's okay," Xuefeng rubbed Yi's cheek to calm her down but she still stayed in his embrace, not willing to leave. He could only sigh and let her hug him.

"Yi, since when are you scared of spiders?" Xiao Wen suddenly asked as she returned from killing. "You are not faking it just so you can hug Xuefeng, right?"

"Of course not! That would be cheating, wouldn't it? Only someone who didn't receive much love recently would do that," Yi defended herself, not letting Xuefeng go.

Everyone could tell she was talking about herself.

"Yi, if you want a hug, you can just come and hug me. You don't need to pretend you are scared to receive one," Xuefeng explained calmly as he pulled Yi away. He wasn't mad at her as he was really neglecting their relationship.

"So I can hug you whenever I want...?" Yi questioned hesitantly and received a nod from Xuefeng.

"Okay! I will do so more often then, hehe," Yi decided with a giggle before adding sweetly, "Though, I wish you can hug me on your own too... I fought well after all..."

"Mhmm, I will. You all worked hard recently so you deserve some rewards," Xuefeng nodded, patting Yi's on the head. "But not now. We need to get out of here and return home first."

'Wait! Don't leave! This is a good place! Give me the Fate Stones and I will create a body for myself. I won't be able to do that in the city. I need space,' Drakos countered right after he decided.

'You sure?' Xuefeng questioned and immediately got a positive response.

"Nevermind. Change of plans. We will stay here," Xuefeng announced to the girls. "Drakos wants to create his body once again so we will do it here. Let's clear the area of any beasts so they won't disturb us later."

He could still sense a few smaller spiders walking around their surroundings so it was better to finish them off at the start.

'How much time do you need?' Xuefeng asked Drakos so he can plan ahead.

'Give me half an hour,' Drakos replied confidently which wasn't that bad. Ling would be handling the trade between them so Xuefeng had to busy himself for some time.


As Drakos was absorbing stone after stone, Xuefeng found out they were quite far away from the Capital. It would take them five minutes of flying to reach it which was relatively a big distance considering their speed.

It was also an advantage as they could avoid alarming anyone in the Capital once Drakos finish his creation. Recalling that he was a Legendary Dragon before, Xuefeng expected a giant beast.

To kill time, they began testing the abilities they got from Fate Organization. Xuefeng only got himself two from the shop and he received one unknown orb from Nuwa.

The first one passively improved his senses and perception which was pretty valuable in battle. The second one was also passive and it increased his flexibility and endurance. He wouldn't need to regenerate after a whole night of fun. He received a series of smiles from his wives when he bought it and he could guess what they were thinking about.

"Oh! A barrier." Right after activating the third ability, a translucent golden barrier in diameter of six meters surrounded him. As Yiren was close to him, she got closed off as well. He walked up to touch it but the barrier didn't follow him, remaining stable like a statue.

"Yey, now I'm alone with you and no one can disturb us," Yiren called out excitedly as she hugged into his arm, making Xuefeng laugh. He turned to the girls and said, "Anyone who breaks this barrier first will get a kiss."

He didn't need to ask twice as the girls stopped what they were doing and sent their attacks. They immediately realized something was wrong when none of their blades left a mark. They switched to Elemental Qi but the result was the same.

"This barrier seems quite sturdy. Congrats Xuefeng," Tianshi commented, quite happy for him but Xuefeng only smiled.

"It doesn't break cause I'm using a Fate Qi to absorb your attacks. It seems to be a toggle. If I stop providing it with Fate Qi, it will simply break," Xuefeng revealed the secret and asked Nuwa, "How did you win against this on the arena?"

Nuwa showed a cheeky smile and walked up to the barrier. She was the only one who didn't attack as if she knew the result.

"Yiren, you should move away from Xuefeng," Nuwa suggested and just as Yiren let go of her hug, a sudden force hit Xuefeng's body. He found himself running straight into the wall with his fist extended and smashed into the barrier.


The barrier momentarily cracked before breaking apart into thousands of pieces.

"This way. The barrier is weak on the inside and my Soul Power can pass through it. Anyone who uses it against me is doomed," Nuwa explained as she walked up to Xuefeng and caught his jacket.

"I'm claiming my kiss," Nuwa announced before pulling him closer and kissed deeply, taking many seconds as her reward. Xuefeng had to give her even more as she actually found out a valid flaw of his new ability.

He embraced her, pulling on her waist when a sudden cry in his mind disturbed him.

'I'm done! Hahahaha, let me show you my mighty body!'