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 No one from the crowd noticed Wuying, who was standing by the side and watched the situation play out. She wanted to see Xuefeng in action and at the same time teach him a lesson in life. She expected that a whole event would go on like that, so she already prepared herself to end the man life.

When she saw him drawing another knife, she instantly slashed with her sword cutting his head off. What she didn't expect was the shock Xuefeng suffered seeing the headless body. She forgot he has never seen something like that.

They approached the fountain and Wuying cleaned his face from the blood. Feeling the cold water on his face, he somehow cleared his mind and looked at her with a questioning gaze.

"Why did you kill him? Couldn't we just imprison him or something?" That was his plan from the beginning, he didn't want to kill.

"We don't have mercy for people like that. Scum will always be a scum. We are not going to waste resources just to imprison him. There is no point." She answered seriously. Even the boy who followed them nodded in agreement.

"But..." He tried to reason but this time it was Ling who stopped him.

'Xuefeng, in this world you either kill or get killed. This guy just tried to kill an innocent boy, do you think a man like that should live and kill more innocents?' She asked trying to convince him.

'No...' He replied recalling his anger seeing that man actions.

'I'm not telling that killing is the right thing, but in the future, you will definitely kill a lot of people so you better get used to it. Even if you don't want to, they will try to kill you.' She gave him no choice but to accept it.

"Let's go to the restaurant, you will feel better when you eat something." She grabbed his hand and gave it a small doting rub.

"Mhmm." He couldn't be mad at her for doing what she did. Now that he thinks about it calmly, she actually saved his life.

"Where are your parents?" Wuying turned towards the boy and asked.

"I don't have parents. They are already in heaven." The boy lowered his head in sadness.

"Oh, so we are the same. I also don't know my parents. How about you eat dinner with us? We can later visit the shop and buy Spirit Awakening Liquid for you." Wuying smiled at him gently and patted him on the head.

"Thank you, big sister." The boy smiled as he enjoyed her attention.

'Eh, I guess that mission come in handy. If I want to survive in this world, I have to learn how to kill.' Xuefeng sighed deeply giving up his resistance. He decided to not think about it at the moment.

'Btw where is that herb? I had it in my hands but now it's gone. Did you take it, Ling?' He didn't hide it and Ling didn't complain. The only explanation was that she yoinked it.

"Yeah, I was afraid that you will destroy it, so I took it into my space. It was a decent meal.' She admitted.

'Was that herb any special? Should I ask the boy where he found it?' He asked.

'Fate Spirit Herbs won't appear in the same area. You can ask in stores to show you their collection, they might actually have one by luck.' She proposed.

'Okay, we will do that after dinner.' They arrived in front of the Golden Phoenix Restaurant in the next minute and noticed a long queue to go inside. It was dinner time so many cultivators were waiting for their turn to eat.

When they saw them dodging the queue and going straight for the entrance, many of them frowned. The boy with the pair had dirty clothes which were even stained with blood. They instantly looked at them with disdain.

"Welcome guests, as we are fully booked now, I suggest you wait in the queue for your turn." Young male waiter responsible for meeting the guests stopped their advance and asked them to wait with everyone.

"We will just take the usual room. You can ask Manager Wu, she knows who I am." He didn't want to bother with him as his humour wasn't the best. Does he have to prove his identity every time he comes to eat?

"Uhm..." Hearing Manager Wu name, the waiter got tongue tight. From Xuefeng tone it seems like he knows her and even been to the private rooms. Not everyone can eat on the 3rd floors.

"Ah, Young Master Xuefeng it's nice to have you back. Come inside." Suddenly a female voice sounded from the inside of the lobby and Cu Riu appeared in front of them.

"Thanks." Xuefeng and the rest passed by the waiter and followed Cu Riu.

Hearing the name Young Master Xuefeng the disdainful faces of people in the queue disappeared.

She was kind of worried when she heard about Liu Clan cooperation with Trade Union. As an employee, she knew that the Golden Phoenix belonged to them. She left a bad first impression on Liu Clan Young master and couldn't wait to change it. When she saw them by the door, she knew it was finally her turn for redemption.

"Young Master, there is a room already reserved for you. Follow me." She tried to look as polite and gentle as she could and led the way for them. She didn't mind the boy in dirty clothes as it was after all Young master Xuefeng companion.

"Just give us everything tasty from the menu and a bottle of good wine." When they arrived in the room she asked what they want to eat and Xuefeng ordered.

After Cu Riu excused herself Wuying asked: "Since when were you drinking wine?"

"Since today. Don't worry, I just want to relax my mind a bit." He smiled telling her not to worry, but that made her even more concerned.

'Did I start too early? I hope he will be alright after a while.' Wuying thought with unease.