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 "It doesn't matter what he did. You killed him under my watch which I cannot allow," the judge argued but Xuefeng only shrugged.

"Is that my problem? It's you who should worry. As a judge, you couldn't stop me from killing him. How is that my fault? You said it yourself. You will be responsible if anything happens. Isn't it too shameless of you to punish me for your mistakes?" Xuefeng countered, speaking with facts.

"You..." the judge looked like he wants to get angry but he couldn't find words to dispute Xuefeng's claims. It was because Xuefeng was right. The judge failed to stop him so the whole thing was his fault.

"Anyway, Quickshot is already dead. No matter what we do now, he can't be brought back to life and I don't see anyone complaining about his death. If you are weak, you die. This is the world, we Fate Holders live in," Xuefeng added before the judge thought of any comeback.

Checking the second stage, Xuefeng sighed in relief, seeing Xiao Wen alive and victorious. He walked up to the barrier and asked without turning around, "Sir, open the barriers if you don't want me to destroy them."

"Tell me how you broke through my shield and I will let you go." The judged demanded instead, trying to understand his loss.

Xuefeng gave him a stinky eye and rejected without hesitation, "You want me to reveal my secrets in front of hundreds of people that would want to try and kill me next day? Not a fat chance."

Even though they couldn't see the cheering audience once the barrier locked the stage, the viewers could still hear them.

The judge only waved with his hand in response and replied back, "Now they can't. Tell me. No one under the Heaven Realm shouldn't be able to break it. Did you use an artefact from the Heaven Realm or something else?"

Xuefeng didn't have much time, knowing the Fate Spirit he just got was losing strength with each second so he had to hurry. He spread his signature Golden Wings and called out, "You should ask your Milady that runs this space. If Liena wants, she will tell you. I don't have time."

Hearing Xuefeng mention the Milady's name so casually without worry about the consequences, the judge frowned. There were very little people who know her name so if she told him, it meant she considered him someone important.

"Fine, leave," the judge finally agreed. He couldn't keep Xuefeng any longer after Liena was mentioned.

When the barrier disappeared, Xuefeng immediately launched in the sky, flying towards second arena and landed right next to Xiao Wen. He embraced her without asking any questions and jumped once again, this time heading to where all of his girls were standing.

"Congrats! You both won!" Yiren called out happily the moment they landed and quickly dove into Xuefeng's arms, hugging the two.

"Of course. There was no other option," Xuefeng replied as he patted her head and embraced her as well. They walked away from the stages, finding a corner with no one to eavesdrop and the blond-haired beauty, "Yiren, are you willing to accept a Fate Spirit?"

"Oh!" Yiren exclaimed excitedly and questioned, "A spirit? Like the one Tianshi got?"

"Yes, exactly. Nuwa you don't mind? It can passively improve the power of your elements and I think it will work best on you." Xuefeng explained and glanced at Nuwa to check if she agrees.

She nodded at him so he didn't hesitate anymore. He wanted to pick Yiren as she was the gentlest of the girls and that would help the Fate Spirit which apparently got abused in some way.

Yiren was quick to decide it but she gave out her condition, "I only want it if it's a girl. I don't want any other guy in my head other than you."

"This is exactly what I want as well. I can't let other males see everything we do," Xuefeng said while patting Yiren's head and gave Xiao Wen a glance. She quickly realized what he meant by that and assured him, "Don't worry, Lang knows when to disappear. If I need him, I call him, else he locks himself up to not see anything."

"Mhmm, good," Xuefeng nodded and returned to Yiren. "Don't resist Yiren. She agreed to be your Fate Spirit so just communicate with her."

They couldn't wait any longer so Xuefeng placed his hand on Yiren's stomach. A golden flash shot out from his fingers before it sunk into her belly. She giggled from the tickles before opening her mouth in surprise.

"Take your time. Talk to her," Xuefeng advised and Yiren nodded, focusing herself on the conversation in her mind.

"Her name is Stella. Ah, she is so cute. I want to cuddle her so much," Yiren explained after a moment, making everyone laugh. "She said her ability is perfect for me but we will be only able to see its effects after leaving from this pocket realm. There aren't many elements here."

"It seems the two are good match then," Nuwa commented, happy for her daughter before changing her attitude as she glared at Xuefeng, "You promised me a fight."

The two had the opportunity to fight yet she didn't, forced to watch from the sidelines.

Xuefeng scratched his head and quickly decided before Nuwa gets more upset, "Alright, let's go get our winnings first and then you all can pick an opponent for yourself. I don't think anyone would fight me or Xiao Wen anymore but there shouldn't be problems with you girls."

"Yes!" Everyone agreed excitedly. Nuwa wasn't the only one thirsty for blood.

Just as Xuefeng expected, the arena didn't give them too much problems while claiming the winnings. All together, he received a whopping four million and six hundred thousand Fate Stones. That was an astronomical number for any Fate Holder but for Xuefeng it wasn't that big of a stash. After all, he had to take care of more than just himself.

"Sir, the management would like to notify that your odds of winning got below one, becoming negative. I'm afraid we won't be able to take any bets placed on Sir," the young cashier informed as he gave him the Storage Rings filled to brim with Fate Stones. "Miss Xiao odds also increased, but by beating the strongest fighters, I doubt anyone would risk the challenge."

"It's okay. I expected that. Thanks," Xuefeng replied with a smile and too the girls away to the challenger room.

He wasn't quite bothered by cashier words as everyone could see that even the judge can't stop him. Who would even dare to fight him?

Unfortunately, not many knew it was only thanks to the Drakos' help.

Just as they walked inside the challenger room, they could finally see first hand what did his battle proves caused.

Everyone turned silent and gave way to them, trying to avoid eye-contact with them. It was to be expected but it really pissed Nuwa off.

She glanced at one buffed guy from a random group and called out to him, "I challenge you!"

"I r-reject!" The guy quickly rejected, having clear panic in his eyes.

She was forced to change the target but whoever she challenged, they would instantly reject her, increasing her annoyance.

"It's all your fault!" Nuwa blamed Xuefeng for everything after returning to their table. "I'm mad at you. Who asked you to scare them all away."

"It's because you are doing it wrong," Xuefeng smiled at her reactions and decided to show her how it's done.

He stood up and announced loudly as he pointed at Nuwa.

"Anyone who beats her will receive one million Fate Stones from me. I will not keep any grudges with that person and won't try to take my revenge afterwards. You have my word."

In just a second, everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction Xuefeng was pointing. Even though they were most likely to lose, one million Fate Stones was enough to make anyone change their mind instantly.

"I will challenge her!"

"No, I will challenge her!"

"I said it first!"

Tens of challengers called out almost at the same time, giving Nuwa many options to choose from.

"Once your bait is good enough, you can easily catch the fish," Xuefeng muttered with a shrug. Nuwa walked up to give him a thank you kiss and looked around to take her pick. She wanted to get the strongest opponent possible.

At the same time, Drakos suddenly called out in Xuefeng's mind, 'Let's give up on those weaklings. Now that you have a lot of Fate Stones, I can recreate my body! Once I have it back, I will show you a much better place where all of you can improve!'

'Really? Let me guess? You want to ask me for more Fate Stones? Not happening,' Xuefeng rejected that idea, thinking that Drakos wants to scam him again but the one quickly countered him.

'No, that's not it. Did you forget about your bracelet already? You have to find Elemental Stone in the first year else the bracelet will damage you. I just happen to know the location of one. I just need to recover my body to open that place. It will be much better training than those weaklings.'

Just as Drakos finished, Nuwa shouted to the buffed man she remembered, the third of the devils that still didn't fight.

"I accept your challenge! Come to the arena now!"