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 Xuefeng's choice wasn't random but rather carefully picked. By staying low profile he could naturally trick people into battling him and win but seeing the challenger board on the wall with his names popping up, he knew his identity would be exposed very soon.

He could only gain control over the room by beating the strongest opponents from the very start. Many would think twice before they try to bully them.

Two middle-aged men and two beautiful ladies sitting by the table were the only ones who didn't care about them, not even glancing as they entered. It was an obvious choice for him.

The four were surprised at first, looking at each other as if to check if all of them heard the same. All four burst out laughing right after.

All other people in the room joined them in laughing, making it feel like they were on a comedy show.

Xiao Wen glanced at Xuefeng in worry, knowing exactly who they were but she stayed quiet in the end, not willing to show any weakness. If she tried to stop Xuefeng, he would look bad in front of everyone. She couldn't ruin whatever plans he had.


One of the two men banged against the table, making it shake and called out while laughing, "Hahahahaha! You are both funny and stupid. Do you even know who we are?"

His head had brown spiked hair and two earrings, making him looking like a bad guy. Everyone agreed with him, nodding their heads but Xuefeng couldn't care less.

"I really don't give a damn who you are. Get lost," Xuefeng ordered arrogantly and extended his hand in their direction.

The eyes of two men momentarily widened but it was too late. Xuefeng swung his arm and the two men few blasted away, smashing against the wall on the other side of the room without a chance to resist.

Pin drop silence engulfed the space after two thud sounds of the buff men dropping to the ground reached people's ears. They didn't expect it at all, leaving a huge impact on anyone.

Being done with the two men, Xuefeng approached the two pretty ladies who were still gently sitting by the table. There was a slight frown on their foreheads but they didn't move yet, knowing that no one wouldn't be stupid enough to throw them like the other two men. It would definitely create a public outrage and everyone would fight them.

"Are you going to throw us into the wall too?" One of the ladies asked, wearing a full black dress that matched her hair.

When people around them heard her, they momentarily stood up, glaring at Xuefeng. If he did anything improper to the beauties, they wouldn't hesitate to attack.

"Oh no, of course not. I'm a gentleman. I wouldn't attack a lady," Xuefeng shook his head, showing a smile before pointing at the girls. "I won't do anything but they will."

Nuwa and the rest smiled evilly at the two beauties, showing they were ready to battle. The men who stood up earlier as protection felt awkward now. They were only against Xuefeng but it was fine for them if the women battled it out with themselves.

The two girls scanned Xuefeng's group with their gazes and finally stood up, not risking the challenge without any knowledge of their opponent. "Fine. We will move," the beauty in black dress spoke up on behalf of them both. "Though, I want to hear what is your name."

Xuefeng didn't mind that at all, wanting to introduce himself in a big style anyway, "I'm Liu Xuefeng from Liu Clan. If you want to know more about me, ask Saber Devil. He tasted my blade the other day."

When the name Saber Devil fell, everyone exclaimed, finally realizing who he was.

"So you are the one who defeated him in one strike?" the woman in black asked with interest, no longer feeling much resentment for being kicked out from their table. Everyone wanted to meet him after learning that Saber Devil was defeated.

Xuefeng only smiled at her and knowing it was obvious, he didn't reply, turning to his women instead. "You all can sit down first. I will order some drinks," Xuefeng suggested, waving at the waitress.

Unfortunately, they weren't given a chance to relax as a sudden shout reached them from the other side of the room.

"Damn you bastard! How dare you toss me into the wall like that?!"

The man with earrings already recovered from the mental shock he received but his confusion turned into anger. He immediately stood up and began walking to Xuefeng with a hammer in hand. He suffered no injuries but it was shameful to get hit like that.

The second victim was much calmer, walking behind him and observed the situation instead. Even though he was a cultivator, he wore a set of glasses which were something unusual in this world.

Xuefeng didn't even spare a glance at them and focused on the waitress that approached them. He pulled out a pouch and ordered, "Please give me eight cups of best wines you have."

"Sir, we have one of the best wines in this world, though each cup will cost one high-tier Fate Stone," the waitress informed politely, knowing it was a costly order.

Xuefeng pulled out ten Fate Stones as if it was nothing and said with a smile, "Keep the change."

"Thank you Master! I will bring the wine shortly!" the waitress called out excitedly, keeping the stones into her ring and skipped towards the bar to prepare the wine.

The man with earrings got even angrier at being ignored and acted up to everyone's expectations. "I challenge you for a battle!" he called out, aiming his hammer at Xuefeng's head.

"I reject," Xuefeng replied right away without hesitating. "I'm going to enjoy my wine with my wives. Wait patiently until I'm done and then I can consider fighting you."

"Hahaha, using one of the three rejections right off the bat for such bullshit reason! I knew you were stupid but this is on another level," the man with earrings laughed out loud, insulting Xuefeng. "You think that just cause you defeated Saber Devil you are big shit? I can defeat him with one strike as well!"

Xuefeng continued to ignore him and smiled at the waitress who brought them wine. "Thank you Miss."

"Anyone, challenge him right now! He thinks this is some kind of restaurant or place to relax!" The man with earrings called out to the crowd and bumped his friend in glasses. "Quickshot, go challenge him too. He can't reject forever."

"I challenge Liu Xuefeng for a battle!" someone from the crowd shouted, brave enough to test if Xuefeng will reject them more.

"I reject." Xuefeng replied calmly and took a sip of the wine. It had a sweet favour while also being strong, burning his throat lightly as he swallowed the liquid. It made his body warm just from one sip.

"Good wine," he complimented and hurried the girls. "You should try it too. It's really good."

The girls couldn't help but get worried a little but seeing that Tianshi didn't mind Xuefeng's behavior, they knew he would be fine. Knowing Tianshi, she already asked her Fate Spirit to check the future. She couldn't predict what exactly happens yet but if she targeted just Xuefeng's well-being, she could easily check that.

They already agreed earlier than Tianshi would inform everyone right away in case anything was bound to happen to Xuefeng. He was too important for them to lose.