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 "Oh, sure. I don't mind but don't you want to look around the city first? We can visit the market and fight in the arena later," Xiao Wen proposed. She also was eager to fight but they didn't need to rush like that.

"Wen, do you know the term Monthly Arena Day?" Xuefeng asked curiously, knowing they should probably maximize the profits from it. They were no one around them so it was safe to talk.

"What?! It's Monthly Arena Day today?" Xiao Wen exclaimed with a small smile awakening on her face. "It explains why there are so many people active in the city."

"It seems we are lucky. Can you tell us something about it?" Xuefeng asked, pulling the girls into the side of the road.

"Yeah, we are lucky. This day happens only once a month. It is a dream day for all of those who like battles on the arena and betting. Naturally, it's also one of the most dangerous days so anyone inexperienced wouldn't risk joining," Xiao Wen explained. "I know we will go anyway so let's move. I will explain the rules on the way."

"Sure," Xuefeng nodded and they followed closely after her. There were eight of them all together so they needed to stay in a formation where they could protect each other.

Xuefeng was in the middle with both Yiren and Tianshi who had the least fighting experience. Yi and Princess Shan were protecting the sides while Nuwa and Wuying were behind them. Xiao Wen walked in the front, leading the way while describing the rules of the Arena.

"Monthly Arena Day has a different set of rules compared to a normal day. It happens once a month and it basically deletes any limitations on the challengers. Once you sign up for the arena, you can't leave on a whim. You have to win at least ten battles or lose three. The only other way around it is to pay a hefty penalty of ten thousand Fate Stones," Xiao Wen explained, throwing the numbers.

Xuefeng wasn't worried about that part as they were beyond the rules of this Realm. He disliked how Liena manipulated every Fate Holder which was why he had no problems with abusing his advantages.

She wanted to use him as well so he could do the same.

"It's okay. We don't need to worry about that," Xuefeng assured her, knowing Liena wouldn't ask him to pay anything.

"Mhmm, I know," Xiao Wen nodded as she turned her head around to show him a smile. "Usually in the arena, there are limits of who you can challenge but today you can challenge anyone who registered and both your ranking and strength don't matter."

"Interesting..." Nuwa muttered, grinning to herself. "But won't people abuse it? You could easily challenge the weakest participant and win."

She was already thinking of how to abuse the system.

Xiao Wen giggled and replied, "You are not the first person to think of that. It's hard to avoid being bullied as most cultivators here are cruel but you can reject a challenge three times in total. You will be removed from the arena after that but at least you won't lose your matches."

"How about bets? Can I bet on myself?" Nuwa asked curiously, ready to suck the arena dry of its Fate Stones.

"Yes. There is an automatic betting system provided by the arena which is creating your winning chance based on your performance. The more you win, the lower are your rates," Xiao Wen explained and pointed in the distance with her gaze. "We can see the arena from here."

They all followed her gaze and saw a medium-sized stadium a few hundred meters away from them. Earlier they had buildings blocking it but now that they reached the main road, they could clearly see it. The increase in traffic alone indicated they were closer to the arena.

As if they reached a mutual agreement without any words, they stopped talking and instead focused on their surroundings. There were many people around them who could hear their conversation so it was best to be cautious.

To their surprise, as they reached the Arena, they heard loud cheering noises coming from the inside. Xiao Wen quickly explained, "Those who can't fight because they are either too weak, injured or don't want to risk it, come to watch the event instead. It's a good opportunity for them to learn about their future opponents."

As it was already late, when they reached the registration lobby, there were barely anyone inside. Most participants already signed up while the rest headed inside the arena through the spectator passage.

Before they walked up to the registry, Xuefeng stopped them and told them seriously, "We came here to train so I want everyone to join. Naturally, we will stay cautious. If anyone is challenged by an opponent they can't fight, we will reject the challenge."

Seeing everyone nod, he turned to both Yiren and Tianshi. "Can you two battle? I know you trained hard but I want to know how you two feel," Xuefeng asked with a caring gaze. He didn't want them to get hurt.

"I believe I can fight," Tianshi replied determined but she knew she wasn't too powerful. "Though, there are limits to my power output."

Yiren, on the other hand, clenched her fist and raised it into the sky. "If it's for you, I can beat anyone!" she called out cutely.

Xuefeng couldn't help but pat both of their heads and assured them, "Don't worry, we will find you a nice opponent."

He didn't ask the rest as he knew they had their fair share of fighting experience.

The registration was simple as it seemed like Liena already informed the Arena management about them. By entering the Fate Organisation, one was already pre-registered in the system but they weren't even part of them. They were signed in as the temporary members but Xuefeng didn't mind it, knowing they weren't bound by any contracts.

"It should be best if we stay low once we enter the Challenger Lounge. We don't want to be targeted by any other groups," Xiao Wen warned as they walked towards the preparation room for participants. It was the place where everyone waited for challenges.

"Do you really think we won't gain any attention with you all? You all are so pretty that you gather male gazes wherever you go. I can bet the moment I push the doors open, the whole room will turn quiet and they will look at us," Xuefeng said confidently, placing his hand on the door handle.

"Usually everyone is busy watching the battles. I don't think-" Xiao Wen thought he was exaggerating but Xuefeng didn't let her finish and opened the doors.

A quiet squeak resounded throughout the noisy room only to quieten in the next few seconds. The room resembled a restaurant with many tables filled with drinks and food. Just as Xuefeng guessed, every individual in the room stopped what they were doing to check who came.

He looked at Xiao Wen with a smile and muttered, "I won."

Keeping a low profile didn't work anymore so since he came to the capital, he already planned to stay high-profile till the end. He grabbed both Tianshi and Yiren by their waists and walked inside with the rest following after them.

There were no free tables inside so he approached the fanciest table which could fit them all and called out to the four people sitting by it.

"Move. The table is ours now."