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 Just as Xuefeng crossed the portal, the golden-robbed youth inside the Fate Organisation's Palace panicked. He was the medium in this Hidden Realm and sensed it each time someone entered or left it. When he noticed Xuefeng inside, entering with all of his women, even those that were not Fate Holders, he didn't know how to react.

In normal cases, according to their rules, if someone deliberately allowed entry into Fate Organization Realm for a normal mortal cultivator, the latter would be instantly killed while the Fate Holder would be forced to fight ten consecutive battles on the Arena. If they are alive after the punishment, they were pardoned.

Naturally, it was almost impossible.

Seeing the group already looking around the realm as if they were at home, the golden-robbed youth finally moved. Instead of going to stop them as he would usually do, he rushed towards Liena office. Only she could decide in Xuefeng's matter.

Knock, knock!

Even though the matter was urgent, he still knocked on her doors and only entered after her permission. He didn't want to barge inside in case she did something she didn't want him to see. Her room was after all blocking away his vision.

Seeing her behind her desk, looking through some papers, the youth sighed in relief and called out, "Milady! We have a problem!"

Liena's face was behind the mist, making him unable to see her but he heard her confused voice, "Hmm? What happened?"

"Xuefeng arrived in the Realm just now!" He announced right away. "He brought his women as well!"


Liena hit the table, standing up and cried out happily, "Yes! Finally! Why are you panicking? This is great news! We should immediately welcome them!"

Golden-robbed youth quickly stopped her, explaining the severity of the situation, "That's not it Milady! He brought inside those who aren't Fate Holders as well. Based on the rules, all of them should be dead by now!"

Just as he thought, Liena froze. She also understood how problematic that would be if any Fate Holders learned about it. They obviously couldn't kill Xuefeng's women else he would go on rampage and destroy the whole Realm. Because of Drakos, they wouldn't be able to stop him that easily.

"How about you ask him to visit me? Maybe we can talk with him and solve it. If he doesn't agree, I will appear and talk to him myself," Liena proposed, acting cautious.

"I also think this would be a good idea. Devils wouldn't be satisfied if they see the special treatment we give to Xuefeng," the youth agreed, ready to leave to carry out the order.

"Don't worry about the Devils. Let's hope Xuefeng is in a good mood instead. He already defeated one Devil, he can do that with others as well," Liena muttered, sitting on the table to wait for him while placing one leg on another.

The youth gulped his saliva and immediately disappeared from where he stood. The smooth legs of Liena got exposed as she moved pulled them out of the cut in her dress. If he stayed, he would definitely stare which was equal to courting death.


"I thought there would be less people in here," Nuwa commented, looking around the plaza they spawned at. A whole city appeared around them with cultivators walking back and forth the alleys.

"There are more of us Fate Holders than you think. This is the main hub for all of us and most spend all of their time here," Xiao Wen explained as she glanced at the crowds. "Though, there is much bigger crowd today than the usual. Maybe there is some kind of event today. I wasn't here for a while so I'm not up with the news."

Yiren and Tianshi looked up from Xuefeng's chest to also check the city but they quickly hid back, both realizing something. "We are being watched by everyone..." Tianshi muttered, informing Xuefeng and closed her eyes, busy with something.

"I know, I already noticed. Something is blocking my Spirit Awareness as well," Xuefeng replied, making his own investigations and whispered to the girls, "Stay on alert. We don't know what kind of people hang around here."

"I agree. It is dangerous. We should probably move before people start to get interested about us. We are like fresh meat for them to challenge," Xiao Wen proposed and Xuefeng agreed right away.

Before they could move, Tianshi finally opened her eyes and informed out of nowhere, "It's fruitless. We will be stopped by a golden-robbed guy in a few seconds."

They knew about her new ability, one that could tell the future so they stood still, not surprised by that. Xuefeng already expected they would be disturbed as they were practically doing something illegal here.

Just as Tianshi foretold, a familiar face appeared in front of them in the next few seconds, having a big smile on his face.

"What do you want?" Xuefeng asked indifferently, letting go of both girls to free his hands. He didn't plan on being nice to him.

The youth didn't mind that at all and greeted them with a bright smile, "Welcome guests! You finally arrived in our Realm. My Milady has been waiting to meet you."

His arrival naturally gathered a bit of attention from the crowd as everyone knew him well. He was the great Milady's right man with a great power in this Realm. Not many recognized Xuefeng as most knew him from his golden wings instead of his appearance.

Xuefeng looked left and right before asking, "Then where is she? I can't see her."

The youth tried his hardest to keep his expression mask and explained, "Milady is currently in the Palace. She is inviting your group for a meal if you are-" Too bad, he couldn't finish talking as Xuefeng stopped him.

"It's early so we ate already and we just arrived a moment ago so we would like to explore the city first. If your Milady wants to meet, we can do that later," Xuefeng rejected in a simple fashion, not acting overly aggressive but it didn't look like that from the crowd.

The people around them were already shocked that Milady was willing to meet with them but when Xuefeng rejected, they immediately got mad. Many stopped what they were doing, staring daggers at Xuefeng when a sudden flash of light distracted them.

To their surprise, a lady they dreamed to see live suddenly appeared outside of the Palace.

"It's Milady!" Everyone cried out, forgetting about Xuefeng in a blink. He wasn't important when the Milady herself was on the scene.

"Hello Young Master Xuefeng. We meet again. I'm sorry I'm disturbing your visit," Liena apologized from the start and went straight to the point. "We stopped you because we are worried about your group. Because you entered with everyone, including those who doesn't have a Fate Fragment, you put us in a difficult spot. The whole system will crumble if we can allow that."

"Whenever I go, they will go with me. There are no exceptions," Xuefeng replied, receiving looks from others. He realized no one heard Liena's voice other than him.

"I know I can't stop you so just be careful then. Today is the Monthly Arena Day. Anyone can challenge anyone so you should avoid registering your women into the Arena today. Some people may target your group because it's new in the Realm," Liena explained further and decided for him. "I will teleport you guys into a different location of the City to lessen the attention on you guys. Have fun."

Just as he said it, she waved with her hand and they were soon surrounded by a golden ball of light. Before they knew, their surroundings changed and they appeared on a less crowded road with little to no one around.

"Don't worry, we are fine," Xuefeng assured the girls, knowing they had no idea what was going on. "She moved us away so we don't gather too much attention."

"That's good. It's always crowded in the main plaza," Xiao Wen sighed in relief, recalling the angry gazes of the people.

"It seems she has some power in this Realm. I could fight back if I wanted to but it was hard to resist her powers," Nuwa reported, finding it disturbing. She rarely had any opponents in this world.

"Mhmm, it's alright, she won't touch us. If there is a need to fight her, I will take care of her," Xuefeng assured her, getting the report from Drakos.

"Anyway, I learned something good from her. We will be spending some time in the arena today."