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 "Xiao Wen, will you lead us?" Xuefeng asked as he approached the crimson beauty, glancing at all the girls next to him. "I think we are ready." He wanted finally leave the palace in case Jiao wakes up and decides to search for him but Wuying ruined his plans.

"Are we not taking Jiao with us?" Wuying suggested in confusion.

She accidentally caught Xuefeng as he was coming back last night with Jiao in his arms but she immediately realized something was wrong. Jiao wasn't moving but it turned out nothing serious. She was just drunk. Xuefeng didn't tell anything so she didn't ask, only helping him take her to the room.

Recalling how he ordered a servant to assist Jiao in anything, she thought he cares about her enough to take her with them. After all, only four of them gathered had a Fate Spirit while the rest were still waiting, so it didn't matter if she came with them.

Everyone looked at Xuefeng and Nuwa was first to approach him, questioning before he could even respond to Wuxing. "Jiao? Why? Did something happen?" She asked in quick succession.

She wore her battle outfit today, having her white dress intertwined with pieces of golden armor which made her sharper than usual. Nuwa was especially against Jiao so having her join was definitely out of the question.

Having her face right in front of him with her eyes staring at him, Xuefeng only leaned forward, planting a kiss on her nose and assured her, "don't worry, she is not coming with us. She is staying in the palace to rethink her behavior."

He tried to embrace her, wanting to please her but Nuwa turned around away from him. "Wuying, you tell us. This dummy will try to bend the truth," Nuwa proposed, not willing to listen to Xuefeng. What made it worse was the fact that everyone else nodded.

"Hey! I always tell you the truth-" Xuefeng momentarily protested but his lips were quickly sealed by Nuwa's finger.

"You stay quiet, okay? Let Wuying speak first and then you can correct her or add anything if you want," Nuwa proposed with a smile, giving him no other choice but to accept it. He knew what was hidden behind her smile. Lots of punishments.

"I agree, this way we can see the situation from two perspectives," Xiao Wen approved, also smelling something. Her female intuition was telling her something was not right.

"Yes, I think so too," Princess Shan also nodded, siding with the girls.

Xuefeng turned to Tianshi who stood next to him and acted pitifully, hugging into her chest. "Tianshi... All of them group up against me... I didn't do anything..." Xuefeng muttered, trying to buy her sympathy and Tianshi hugged his head, pressing it stronger against her soft breasts.

"There, there. I will always be on your side," she said sweetly as she patted his head, gently brushing his hair. He felt like in heaven only to drop when Tianshi suddenly called out to Wuying, "So, what happened? I remember Xuefeng came home late."

"Traitor..." Xuefeng whispered but stayed in her embrace, not letting go.

"I don't know much but Xuefeng brought Jiao home yesterday and assigned a servant to her. She seemed to be drunk to the point she passed out. I suppose Xuefeng found her leaving from a bar as he was coming back from his meeting with an alchemist," Wuying described, not making it that big of a tragedy.

Xuefeng sighed in relief and quickly added, "I did meet her in a bar after I searched for her. She has been missing for the last two days so I started looking around. She had some problems which she decided to solve by drinking alone so I scolded her. I will check up on her after we come back. I hope she will change her behavior."

Xuefeng only had to tell the truth and all suspicions would be over. He couldn't fight against all of them.

"Fine. You are forgiven. I thought you are sneaking out to drink with her. If you really did, I would beat your ass," Nuwa warned. "If you want to meet with a girl, you have to inform at least one of us, got it?"

Others nodded, agreeing with Nuwa hundred percent. Xuefeng was their treasure so they needed to keep him safe else someone else will steal him.

Xuefeng didn't exactly like this but he understood them well. He equally wouldn't feel nice if his wives started meeting other men without telling him.

"Alright. I don't think I can always predict it but I will try to inform you girls. I already did with Wu, didn't I?" Xuefeng agreed, giving them an example and proposed, "We can talk as we travel. It's already late."

The girls didn't mind that this time and everyone flew up, following Xiao Wen.

"Talking about Wu, we already scheduled a meeting with her by the end of this week. We will spend a day with her and tell you what we think," Tianshi informed, speaking directly into his ear. She was the one who got to fly with him this time. She happened to have Xuefeng in his arms as they departed so she stayed next to him, latching onto his chest as they launched into the sky.

"Oh, I see. Thank you for telling me," Xuefeng replied, squeezing her waist with care. Tianshi took this opportunity when his focus was on her and kissed him on the lips before going back to hugging without saying anything.

"What was that for?" Xuefeng asked, thinking she wanted to say something but she only rubbed his chest with her cheek.

"I love you, Xuefeng," she whispered in the end and didn't disturb his flight any further.

His heart couldn't help but skip a beat at that moment. She was his first crush, his first love. How could he stay calm in such situation? He heard her say it many times before but for some reason it hit him differently this time.

He felt guilty. Each time he added another women to his group, less and less space was left for her in his heart. She was supposed to get all of his love yet now she had to share him with others, not getting much time with him alone. Only those moments where they flew in each other's embrace could their love flow without obstacles.

He hugged her tighter and whispered back, "I love you more..."

Tianshi didn't argue about that, knowing Xuefeng already proved it by sacrificing his life for her.

They flew in silence until they reached their destination but that was enough for them, their synced heartbeat being the token of their love.

"Why both of you have such goofy smiles?" Yiren asked as they all halted in the sky. Once they let go of each other, Xuefeng still looked at Tianshi with a smile.

"It's nothing. Can't I smile to the girls I love?" Xuefeng replied happily, kissing Yiren on the forehead before focusing on his surroundings. They were in the dangerous territory so they couldn't act so casually

They hovered above a thick mist that made it impossible to see the ground.

"The portal is inside the mist. Let's stay grouped so no one gets lost. The mist is special and blocks Spirit Awareness," Xiao Wen explained as she gathered everyone.

Both Yiren and Tianshi looked at each other and grabbed onto Xuefeng's arms to not get lost. Xuefeng had to cancel his wings else they would all bump into each other.

"Everyone, follow Xiao Wen closely. We are going in," Xuefeng called out as he began to lower his altitude, diving into the mist and everyone followed.

They landed on the ground a moment later and saw thousand stone pillars everywhere. Even Xiao Wen didn't know where she was but she pulled out a small golden token and soon confidently led them.

There was no one around them once they stopped in front an innocent-looking plain rock.

"So here is the plan. Once I open the portal, everyone has to enter inside as soon as possible else it will close," Xiao Wen explained, patting the rock in front of her.

"I will enter last," Xuefeng immediately decided, wanting to make sure no one is left behind. He and Yi had the tokens to enter inside as well so he could always reopen the portal if they don't have enough time.

No one protested and Xiao Wen nodded, opening the portal without waiting. There was a high possibility that they would meet a Fate Holder by waiting here so it was best to hurry.

The rock turned golden as soon as she touched it with the token and she immediately jumped inside while calling out in reminded, "Jump in!"

One by one the girls entered until only the last three of them were left. Xuefeng caught Yiren and Tianshi waists and hopped inside. They closed their eyes in worry but hugging Xuefeng made them assured.

Just as the portal closed behind him, the mist that was empty just a moment ago suddenly began filling with people. One by one cultivators started appearing with grins on their faces.

"Fresh meat, hehe," one of them giggled, making others laugh. It was impossible to use Spirit Awareness inside the mist so it was easy to hide and observe. Seeing so many low ranked beauties going inside, everyone got excited.