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 "This should be around here..." Xuefeng muttered as he followed Lisa's directions, scanning the city below.

It was already an evening with darkness swallowing the last bits of the sun rays at the horizon. Despite that, the streets were still filled, Cultivators ready to experience the nightlife of the Capital.

Many bars and taverns were open whole day but night was the time the business actually bloomed. Xuefeng had the name of the bar but seeing so many of them close to each other, he couldn't find the right one from the sky. He had to go down and search from up close.

'Bloody Cherry Bar... Ling, can you see it? There should be sign somewhere,' Xuefeng asked in his mind as he lowered his altitude to the level of house roofs. He wanted to search with his Spirit Awareness but unfortunately, all houses had barriers on them which he didn't want to ruin and create chaos.

'Hmm, I don't think it will be a problem to find her,' Ling said as she scanned the area. 'Just go to the place with the most noise.'

He didn't know what does she mean at first but once he spread his awareness, he heard the sounds of battle and surprisingly, the bar it came from was the one he was looking for.


The doors of the bar blew up and two young men flew out from inside like rockets, smashing against pavement. It alerted everyone on the streets but they were not surprised to see a brawl. It was an everyday occurance on those streets. They walked around the two men or stopped to watch the show, realizing the person from the inside was probably not done with them.

Xuefeng glanced at them and seeing they were covered with ice all over, he knew he found the right place.


He activated his invisibility and flew down to observe the situation from up close. He didn't want to stop Jiao in case the two men deserved punishment. Though, he knew it was best to avoid unnecessary drama so it was best if the situation didn't escalate too far.

Just as he landed, a beauty walked out from the bar, a gentle smile on her face greeting everyone. Jiao's golden hair lost its buckle and it was all released. It didn't fall on her shoulder but instead waved as if wind blew on her face.

Many males were immediately stunned by how pretty she was and sided with her without knowing the facts, thinking the two men assaulted her. Some even thought about rushing out to help and stand up for her to earn some merits but they stopped themselves, realizing she wasn't normal.

With each step she took, ice covered the street, creating large snowflakes. Although her walk wasn't steady, her eyes were sharp and extremely cold.

"Miss! We didn't do anything! Please spare us!" The two men begged after struggling to stand up. Their bodies were too stiff to move properly.

Jiao only glanced around at the crowd before walking up to them. "So you wanting to do all those naughty things with me was nothing? So you didn't ogle me at all?" Jiao asked with a grin.

She extended her hand forward and a small ice shard formed on top of her hand. Jaio spinned it with her fingers as she waited for their answer.

"We didn't! It was our boss! We know our place!" one of the men shouted, his eyes opened wide and body shaking.

Jiao didn't seem to find that responce satisfactory as the shard suddenly launched from her hand, smashing right in front of the man's crotch. It was only inches away from reaching the target.

"Hehe, oops, my hand slipped," Jiao giggled to herself and created another shard. "I sometimes can't control my power when I listen to bullshit."

Glancing at the shard that was half-way in the rock of the pavement, the man couldn't help but get scared shitless. He wasn't that scared of death but losing your own family jewels was something no men wanted to experience.

The two men immediately covered their balls and bowed down, almost kowtowing with their foreheads on the ground. "Miss! We are-" They tried to beg once again but a sudden glass-shattering sound stopped them.

Jiao released the ice shard, aiming it straight at one of the men's head but out of nowhere a white-haired man with golden wings appeared in between of them and caught the shard, breaking it with a squeeze.

"It's enough. We are going home." Xuefeng spoke out, staring at Jiao sternly, shocking everyone on the streets. They were not surprised by his appearance but rather because they recognized the man right away.

Handsome young man. Golden Wings. Black jacket. White hair.

There was only one man in the capital with that appearance.

"Young Master Liu! It's him!" One of the girls in the crowd called out happily, ignoring the scene of murder than almost happened just now. He was an overnight celebrity so anyone was excited to meet him.

Jiao's pupils were already widened from the alcohol but when she recognized the face of the man in front of him, they reached even bigger size. He was the last person she expected to appear right now. After all, she already convinced herself that he didn't care about her.

"Xuefeng..." She muttered in disbelief but Xuefeng turned his gaze away from her and looked at the two men on the ground.

"I will take care of my friend now. If you want to live, scram now," Xuefeng advised indifferently and flicked with his finger, sending the two back on their feet. He didn't wait for their thanks and instead returned to Jiao. He knew they would leave as soon as possible after gaining the chance.

"Shall we go home?" He asked, reaching out for her hand but Jiao stepped back to dodge it, turning her gaze away.

"I'm not going back..." She replied quietly, her head down. He could feel her voice shaking. Instead of arguing, Jiao turned around and planned to walk back into the bar but Xuefeng couldn't let that happen.

He teleported in front of her again and blocked her way. "Well, you are definitely not going back to the bar," he called out with a frown. "You had enough drinks today."

There were many people watching them, so he made a swift decision of taking her away to resolve her problems privately. He knew he might have be the reason for her behavior.

He didn't expect she would once again brush his hand away and this time glare at him with red eyes on the verge of crying. "Why do you care?!" She cried out, her usual soft voice turning harsh. "Am I even your friend...? I'm just a temporary servant you don't even need..."

Led by the alcohol, she spoke out what was bothering her in front of everyone.


People on the scene took a deep breath, realizing what they might be witnessing. They could see the pain in Jiao's eyes. There was also no hatred in her eyes as she looked at Xuefeng but instead a feeling most of them felt at least once.

They couldn't help but theoretize as they looked at the two.

'Is Young Master Liu having an affair with a servant...?'